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  • Anonymous

i got an update notification of 7.1.2 ...and i was damn happy and excited for it. the very next day i updated it ...my phone got hangged ..it is not switching on by any means .i have tried all the steps in "thearticle" for nexus they dint work. finally went to a lg service centre and explained him everything. he said to change the mother board it costs 10k.....why such updates are given if the device cant handle it....i hate u nexus alot n alot... it is my brothers gift to me...

  • Anonymous

Alex, 22 Apr 2017I'm using with following: Pure nexus latest, Kernel ElementalX ... moreThanks for your response. I don't want to try even rooting option because it is risky for me and can make the device sleep forever.
I don't use the mobile data (3G,4G) at all. My device is connected to wifi all the time.Should i try some battery saving apps?

  • Fahad

I hate this phone, I was skeptical about the ram before buying but now after using it for a year I can't use it like normal phone.
Always lagging and the memory is not enough.
Battery life is worse than ever.
Note I am a very very light user .
I miss Nexus 5 from LG.

  • Leos

I am satisfied with all Nexus 5x features except camera. It is fast and convinient phone. I ha used it for 15 months already. I may have wrong piece but my indoor photos are bad and exteriors as well (too much light or too dark). Especially when I travel to places with lots of sun.

  • Alex

Anonymous, 22 Apr 2017I am surprised that why people are complaining About boot loop i... moreI'm using with following:
Pure nexus latest, Kernel ElementalX 4.06, CPU governor HawkTail 1.2 and have awesome autonomy: ~ 1.5 - 2 days normal use: 4G, web browser, Screen On Time(mostly browser with 4G): ~ 4.5 Hours,

Maybe you can try on rooted stock software (ElementalX with HawkTail 1.2) and come back with your results here

  • Anonymous

I am surprised that why people are complaining About boot loop issues. I am using Nexus 5X and its awesome device. Especially its smoothness and awesome camera. I am a power user and using Samsung A5 2017 too. Nexus Battery is not good enough. It gives me 8 hours maximum on full use while A5 battery is impressive. Its lasts more than a day with proper use. Any suggestion to make the battery life better?

  • nexus

I hope Google and LG will make another one. Brilliant phone, the camera, the feel, the touch, everything. Let it with the stock rom and you will have no issues.

  • Rohan

Please stop giving negative feedbacks about this phone.I am owning a 5x for 9 months..No boot loop issues before or after 7.1.2 update..Battery life is good.Awesome camera performance..Buttery smooth stock android experience.Yes the ram is a factor but excepting that it's probably the best and the last nexus I've used till date.

  • nexus

nexus, 07 Apr 2017After the 7.1.2 update, my nexus 5x started to have charging pro... more After a complete discharge-charge cycle everything seems to be back to normal

  • nexus

After the 7.1.2 update, my nexus 5x started to have charging problems. The battery is getting warm (theoretically it's charging) but the percentage is not raising. Or, sometimes, when I plug in the charger the percentage is raising very fast (1%/2-3 seconds), settles down at ~90%, after about 1h it's completely charged. After a complete charge discharge cycle it seems to be ok, but now it takes ~30min longer for a full charge and the phone doesn't get warm at all while charning, On 7.1.1 while charging it was getting a little bit warm

  • AnonD-659590

AnonD-659590, 06 Apr 2017dont update guys boot loop or finger print issues i got both but... moredont do it bootloop or brick

  • AnonD-659590

dont update guys boot loop or finger print issues i got both but luckily managed to get out by flashing manually after the update of 7.1.2 to android O the fingerprint on nexus 5x stops working and the phone keeps rebooting every 10 minutes. trust me i wasted 4 hrs and got back to android 7,1,1 so be safe
i manually flashed android 7.1.2 and O constant reboot and bootloop
then flashed 7.1.1 everythings perfect.

  • AnonD-392533

I got the official 7.1.2 update today should i install it or it has some issues !??

  • Anonymous

Had it for a whole year and it worked perfectly. Then all of a sudden got into a bootloop and became a brick. Not LG not Google take responsibility, even though they acknowledge that the hardware is defected.

  • AnonD-494390

I believe so. The only exception is battery life. Which rom are you using? Can you share your battery stats?

  • AnonD-260735

Been using it for over 7 days now. i switched to 5x after the nexus 5, i can say i love the phone, its perfect, battery lasts great. Truly a worthy successor to a nexus 5! Still more reviews to come from me.

  • Etescartz

My LG Nexus 5X died from the boot loop issues after upgrading to the 7.1.2 Android . I was using my phone and about to charge my phone, then the screen froze and turn off. After few minutes. I tried to shutting completely tuning it off , even from recovery (pressing volume down + power ) but nothing worked. Boot loop hell

  • fan

Planning to change my nexus 5x for htc one a9 can't fix it should i go for htc one a9 or stay with it?

  • pasha

Don't consider buying it. LG never again in my house.
I was using this phone for 12 months and it went to bootloop after OS update.

Google support is redirecting users to LG, and LG is asking users to pay for repair even this is design issue.

  • Nexus5 Cx

My Google Nexus 5x just died to Bootloop issue after updating to Andriod 7.1.2. Past warranty, google sends people to LG who charge the same price to fix the damn phone.