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  • pino

wingsman, 03 Mar 2013"indded and as for heating ive done some testing and i be... morenono do NOT change my words that really angers me.

i said it has some heating but its NOT a issue its just a quad core fact.
and the info was purely posted to show that changing to 2 cores or lowering the cpu mhz might not change the heating much.

i really dont care for the fact that it gets warm my tablet with a single core 1008 mhz and a mali 400 gpu gets hotter then the tegra 3 and there is IS a issue as the tablet gets errors as it heats the tegra 3 does not.

and if you cant see the difference then its good for you but i clearly say a difference in sharpness and realistic colour display.

and yes amoled is better on contrast because it just dpables the lighting behind pixels so its logical that it has higher contrast.
however its also what makes it less realistic looking to me and to be honest even in daylight the 4x hd screen on 50% brightness really good contrast wise.
but as said many times before this is mostly down to preference sadly people gotten to love over saturation and inaccurate contrast.
this is mainly because of the full HD marketing there they started to really oversaturate contend and displays.
so if you like the high saturation and contrast and dont see the lack of sharpness on the amoled paners i guess your happy with that screen but if you like actual realistic colours and contrast that screen just isnt for you.
i just have really good eyes and a calibrated screen for photo editing so i see how incorrect these amoleds are as i test them with my own photos.

and i have no doubt the s3 will be a good phone overal but in my personal opinion i want perfection and thescreen just isnt.
when i can be bothered imm gonna have a loot at the note 2 screen tho as they use a new amoled layout with 3 subpixels per pixel that might actualy make it sharp again.

the s3 is selling fine so i guess noone is to warried about these things but i will not pay top dollar for a phone with a lesser screen or anything other that i dont like.

the LG L9 for example is just a pethethic phone for a stupid price.
it costs 285 euro here which is only 55 less the the 4x but it has a dusl core and a pethethic 800x480 screen which i would never consider.

oh and stop calling the 4x problematic its not people on the web are problematic because they listen to cry's and praises of others that have no clue and they lack the brains to check the facts :)

i can keep going on about this but really there is no point...
some people will do everything to kick down lg just to justify there own poor choice in hardware and make themselfes feel goed about there overpriced piece of hardware.
jealousy or regret is a powerfull thing and really how many LG users with the L serie or the 4x hd do you hear complaining?
barely any and thats because theres no hardware problems with this phone and theres no significant software probles either.
the same cant be said for the s3 and one x which suffer from yellow leds braking housings due to cheap plastics poor wifi signal due to a poor build (htx) and s3 motherboards faling leading to dead phones.

so end of the day my point still is buy what you want but do not think a higher price is a better product or that a overhyped phone is actualy the best.

amyway im off im getting tired of this

  • pino

Sunny, 03 Mar 2013Thank you for the information. I did look up step by step direc... morei understand :) if it aint broken dont try to fix it.

theres only some minor camera improvements and a security patch there for you nothing else so its not really important anyway.

  • wingsman

pino, 02 Mar 2013indded and as for heating ive done some testing and i believe th... more"indded and as for heating
ive done some testing and i
believe this comes not from
the cpu part of the soc but
the gpu part of the soc.
as even with 2 cores on
lower mhz the phone gets
just as warm making me
believe its the gpu part that
heats the phone"

Did i hear that right?
So finally the 4x has serious heating issues but from de Gpu part. Well u urself just affirmed it, finally.
Although Galaxy s3 may not have true 720p screen but i tell u truthfully, u can barely tell it's a pentile amoled display...it offers just de needed colors.
Moreover, I haven't seen users crying over poor screen in de s3.
The 4x is clearly better, but i don't consider just screen pixels to be a determinant to making a purchase.
By contrast,however de Galaxy s3 undoubtedly is better in various ramifications than de problematic 4x!
But if one can take the s3 with a pinch Of salt, definitely it will not let u down.

  • AnonD-57790

Jelly Bean?

  • Sunny

pino, 03 Mar 2013seeing your in the US you most likely imported it. so first t... moreThank you for the information. I did look up step by step directions on XDA. That forum seems to be for the "high" end users. but it offers "high" level suggestions and they would rather answers to those who really understand the ANDROID system. I don't have much issues and rather stick to 10e as I am not losing out on any improvements that may make my phone better.

but thank you for your guidance. I am quite happy as I bought my phone for $365 USD. Can't beat the price for a high end phone like this. Software could have been a little better but you give up something for the low price.

  • Sunny

Hernwiskert, 03 Mar 2013Flashing ROM isn't as complicated as you might think. Plus, y... moreThank you so kindly. I appreciate your response. I don't have any problems as far as phone operation is considered. It does crash when i am on the phone and am using navigation. but thats part of the gig. it is random so i don't think its a total bust. that happened when i had SG SII too.

  • pino

AnonD-106365, 03 Mar 2013omg i dnt think ur in middle east !!! only in middle east dey d... morenexus 4 and optimus g arent intended for european stores.
there are some stores that sell them but they did import a lot of them from the us or asia.
the nexus 4 is availeble here but stupidly expencive but the optimus g hasnt bin imported i guess as i havent bin able to find it yet.

and if your going to china anyway you really might want to look into some huawei or ZTE phones.
they have realy silly insane specs at times for half the price of most phones.

i would so wish tickets to china where only 100 bucks i would go ever few months to stock up on tablets phones android sticks and gadgets.
theyhave so much cool stuff there thats not even availeble here haha.
android tv sticks there cost like 28 euro for a dual core @1200 mhz android 4.1 or even 4.2 stock rom !1gb ram 8 gb rom.
those exact same sticks here cost 110 euro...

anyway moving offtopic hehe.

as for making the review i think in thise now verry long topic ive said about everything there is to be said that i know so far about this phone hehe.

i still like the idea of a list with things they can improve on and things they should leave it as it is as sometimes making changes just to make changes can be a bad idea.
i personaly dont like what they did on the optimus g theres to much crao onthere i i would rather have seen a split screen option or something.

  • AnonD-108056

AnonD-106365, 03 Mar 2013omg i dnt think ur in middle east !!! only in middle east dey d... moreLol im in europa (Bulgaria) and we still dont have official optimus G or nexus 4....

  • AnonD-106365

pino, 03 Mar 2013the optimus G isnt released here :( and grayy import here is ver... moreomg i dnt think ur in middle east !!!
only in middle east dey didn't launch it still bt its there in europe countries

i suggest u can combine all ur questions and make a full review so its easy u can write abt what u want 2 write :)

lg nexus 4 and optimus 4x hd is options 4 this year
heading to china to get it :)

last tym wasted 2 weeks in dubai 2 find nexus 4 after in singapore as well dats y i was searching for another phone with same specs
atlast i found this one :)

  • pino

AnonD-106365, 03 Mar 2013here according gsmarena they have mentioned it for 280 euros... ... morethe optimus G isnt released here :( and grayy import here is verry expencive.
they ask over 500 euros for both the G and the nexus 4 wich is also made by LG.

i would like to do a full review but my typing is never really orginized so it would look bad.
so i decider to stick to the fact and trying to tell people its not as bad as the whiners of the WWW belief it to be :)

i might consider a list of all the things i think they could or even should have done differently ad things they shoud never change (and hope they read it hehe) :)

  • Hernwiskert

sunny, 03 Mar 2013Pino, I read a lot of stuff you write comparing LGO4X to Sams... moreFlashing ROM isn't as complicated as you might think.
Plus, you're flashing a stock ROM, so there's no messing around with your phone internals though it might brick if you're doing it the wrong way.

Just go to xda, find O4X General Forum and follow the instructions. The dudes there even provide step by step manual with pictures, so it's quite unlikely that you might screw your phone up.

Before flashing a new ROM though, ask yourself whether you really need this new ROM. As far as I know, the improvements between a ROM to another isn't that much. I'm running v10h Open Europe, used to run v10e Indonesia. I can tell you, I experience slight improvement. So, if you're happy with your current phone, why taking risks?

  • AnonD-106365

pino, 03 Mar 2013wel 300 the 4x hd is 335 euro here but its about as good as it g... morehere according gsmarena they have mentioned it for 280 euros... how much optimus g in ur country ???

btw bro u cn publish a book about optimus 4x hd wid full review it'll help others alt !!!!

  • pino

sunny, 03 Mar 2013Pino, I read a lot of stuff you write comparing LGO4X to Sams... moreseeing your in the US you most likely imported it.

so first thing if OTA flashing doesnt work try the PC tool.
(if your rooted remove root as it kills OTA updates).

if that doesnt work it gets more complicated.

the first thing you need to do then is look on the box.
theres a white sticker on the box with on the bottom either black or white (text) depending on what colour you bought

then you need to download the correct rom for your phone )you need to google some for this).

if this fails you need to try the hard way.

this are the eu open roms : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t­=1991284

download V10h and follow the following guide:


i HIGHY suggest you make sure what your doing before going down this path as i havent done it and will not be able to offer support for it.
for actualy help and support your better of asking the defs at XDA (need to register) these guys make all these hacks and know the software.

a other small note is that you might be getting only up to v10e because the phone you have is from a region that hasnt bin updated past v10e.
if thats the case your only choice to get to the v10F or v10H is the hack method.

theres another way to flash the rom files that can be found on xda but that way is a lot more complicated.


small addition do get proper earphones the stock ones are rubbish but this goes for every brand stock ones are always cheap crappy ones.
and custom media players are also better.

  • pino

AnonD-44586, 03 Mar 2013how is the audio quality of this phone? is it as bad as gsmaren... moreno its not the only issue i found is that if you lay it on the back cover the speaker sound gets silenced a bit so you dont gear the ringtone as loud.
but if you get a docking station or lay ir on the screen side (some body protectors allow that) it will be plenty loud :)

  • pino

AnonD-106365, 03 Mar 2013yah ur requirements were absolutely correct i am asking right nw... morewel 300 the 4x hd is 335 euro here but its about as good as it gets if you dont want to pay that extra 300 your most likely gonna have to compromise on either the screen the cpu and/or the sdcard and removable battery and get something like the optimus L9 or xperia s.

  • AnonD-106365

pino, 02 Mar 2013i guess you meen what my choice and options where when i bought ... moreyah ur requirements were absolutely correct i am asking right nw u want 2 buy a phone and ur having 300 euros what are the phones do u come across ???

  • AnonD-44586

how is the audio quality of this phone?
is it as bad as gsmarena say??

  • sunny


I read a lot of stuff you write comparing LGO4X to Samsung Galaxy S3. I agree the price is way too much for the S3. I have two LGO4X and work flawlessly. I am in the US and have the unlocked international version but they are both on 10e. How can I update to 10f? I am not too good with flash and custom ROMs. I don't like doing too much messing around as it gets complicated. I have hard time reading the XDA stuff. Is there a simpler way to update or shall I wait for the official update from LG on JB update?


  • pino

deeboy, 02 Mar 2013S3 is a nice phone. Don't Mind what pple say about it. If u can ... moreas for people wondering why i dont find the galaxy S3 screen a real 1280x720 screen here are some samples.


as you can see the amoled screen only had 2 coloured subpixels per pixel whre a IPS screen had all 3 colours per sub pixel thus giving a higher actual resolution due to every colour being availeble in every pixel.

heres a example that shows the difference even more clearly :


top is ips en bottom is the pentile amoled as you can see the resolution is clearly lower due to only every second pixel having the red sub pixel.

there is even a entire black line missing on the top there on the pentile screen plus its less sharp.

so amoled with 3 coloured sub pixels = good (if tuned correctly)

pentile amoled = pethethic.

some more pics to make the poiont clearer:


on the note 2 they learned something and went with a 3 sub pixel amoled screen.
and even tho the 1 vertical 2 horizontal layour is odd it still shows:


you just cant argue with the quality difference of 3 sub pixels.
and on phones this expencive pentile amoled just is a comprimise noone should be making.

so less sub pixels = less sharpness (about 30% less !) less details and lower colour accuracy.

how this will work out on these 1920x1080 phones which in theory have more pixels then the eye can see is yet to be seen if they are even stupid enough to make those screens again.
for the sake of quality lets hope they stick with the note 2 screen design or even revert to the normal rgb layout.

anyway hoe this gives some information that helps people understand why i find this s3 screen a fake HD screen.

  • pino

deeboy, 02 Mar 2013S3 is a nice phone. Don't Mind what pple say about it. If u can ... moreproblematic 4x? what have you bin smoking ? :)

anyway be aware that the S3 16 gb variant is dropping in price a lot but the 32 gb variant seems to stay expencive so you might be tricked into thinking its cheaper but your buying a 16 gb instead of 32 gb phone :)