LG Optimus L7 P700

LG Optimus L7 P700

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  • k

OPOP, 26 Aug 2012Got this phone a week ago but I was so disappointed because all ... moreYou blindly copied all those heavy applications into your phone memory.Do not panic,do a factory reset and you will get back all the memory.
Now carefully add the applications and always install/add app2sd.
Many games go to phone memory direct like angry birds, or facebook.

  • OPOP

Got this phone a week ago but I was so disappointed because all the applications I have downloaded from playstore cannot move to SD Card. The 2.5GB Internal memory was now full and makes my phone so very slow...No move to SD option and it seems to be disabled by this model..This is my first time to experience a smartphone that has no option in moving apps to SD card. Right now nothing I can do about it....hu hu hu..Technical support from the company does not even know what to do to have an option in moving the downloaded apps to SD...The move to SD apps from playstore cannot even help because the option in moving apps to SD is disabled by this phone..i was a big fan of LG but this model is the only phone without moving the apps to SD card...What is the use of external memory?

  • k

SK, 24 Aug 2012Try "Tubemate" :)Install Tubemate onto the phone,rememember to tick the unknown sources button b/4 downloading.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-4053, 25 Aug 2012Why every company has started using this same Processor chip and... moreStop complaining about this processor as it is the latest and newest single core processor available in the market right now. If you look at it carefully, it has a letter 'A' at the end of the model number. i.e MSM7227'A'. It uses ENHANCED version of adreno 200 GPU, not the original version. This processor is only available in the market since 2012. All previous years single core snapdragon 1GHz processor was in the MSM8250 series with the original version of Adreno 200. I run different benchmark using my L7 and the score was higher with this newer processor than the previous MSM8200 series. This will be the trend for most cell phone manufacturer to lean towards when they come to select a single core processor for their new budget phone.It is probably the best choice and the newest single core processor available in the market right now which can provide better performance and battery power for their new budget cell phones until something better comes out later.

  • mehraj

Asta, 25 Aug 2012I have a heat problem. My LG L7 P7000 feels hot at the back side... moreyes ,it is normal in l7, i bougt it about 10 days ago and i feel same heating problem in my l7.....i was worried i took it to lg service centre after 2 days and when i tell them the issue they said this in normal thing with latest android phones,but i demanded them to give me replacemet of this one with new one and within next 2 days they gave me a certificate for replacement of l7 which i showed in showroom and they gave me new l7.....but u know what the heating problem was same with new one.....but there are few tips u can follow to reduce this heating , step1=By reducing brightness level.step2= By keeping gps off. step3=by keeping wifi off when not in use ......surely this will help u

  • rronald_25

Was wondering how good is this lg if i use it for mp3?
I mean since the contract here in the netherland is cheap and my ipod is stolen, id like to use this mobile phone for my mp3 player most of the times as I prefer to use blackberry for mobile and chatting.
and how bout if i put all of my mp3 on 32gb sd card, will it works or like samsung it wont be detected?

  • AnonD-4053

Why every company has started using this same Processor chip and GPU cortex A5 and adreno 200 but with differnt clock speeds ranging around 600 Mhz, 800 MHZ to 1 Ghz. Samsung in S duos, LG in L3, L5 and L7. HTC in Desire C, V, VT and VC. Sony in Xperia Tipo, Tipo Dual & Miro. Screen sizes varying from 3.2 inch on Xperia Miro to 4.3 inch on LG L7. These processor and GPU are very slow and economicaly configured. These handsets are single or dual sims. Whats really behind using these monotonous configurations which every company is applying in their new handsets??? Anyone knows about this???

  • Asta

I have a heat problem. My LG L7 P7000 feels hot at the back side at the LG logo when I play game like angry bird. Is this normal?

  • Ravi

Purchase this better than purchase Xolo x900 really it provide amazing performance

  • SK

AnonD-51398, 21 Aug 2012Hey guys can anyone suggest me how do i download song from youtubeTry "Tubemate" :)

  • Anonymous

Could i get this from USA?any 1 pls

  • infector

Anyone using Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync? It doesn't seem to work properly on my phone. I put my username and passsword but it fails to log in. Thanks in advance

  • Adhi Guna

ff7, 23 Aug 2012Really ? Then I'll get my hands on it right away. I,m a little h... moreDear ff7.

You are welcome...

  • Ravi

This phone can play all hd games or not plz... Anyone ans.. Me.

  • LdoJ

mehraj, 23 Aug 2012When ever i tried to update my phones software ,after downloadin... moreIf you cant upgrade your software using your phone, you can use LG PC SUITE to upgrade your LG L7's software.

Download LG PC SUITE from lg site and install it to ur computer.

After installing to ur pc, you can read some instructions there via 'Help'.

It's also safer to use lg pc suite to upgrade ur phones software than upgrading ur phone over-the-air =)

There's also a very useful feature in LG PC SUITE, it is the 'Emergency Firmware Recovery', in which it can fix your phones firmware if you accidentally/partially bricked it.

"Note: When upgrading/updating ur phones software, it usually takes 2hrs or less, depending in your PCs internet connection."

I know this because I use this software, and I find it very useful as LG L7 user =)

Hope this'll help you.

  • john

[deleted post]Use quick memo app

  • mehraj

When ever i tried to update my phones software ,after downloadind 15 mb file when phone restarts to proceed it shows error and dos'nt update...have any one of u tried update

  • Anonymous

faisal, 22 Aug 2012dears l7 having a skype video call or noYes, skype detect the front camera, but you need to get it from play first.

  • hau

What about the music player ?? it's that sound good ??
it's that loud ??
i'm very intrested with this phone :D plz tell me guys


  • ff7

Adhi Guna, 23 Aug 2012Dear ff7. As far as I concern, it's 2.499.000 Rupiah. And LG... moreReally ? Then I'll get my hands on it right away. I,m a little hesitant to buy it at first because of the price. Thanks for the info.