LG Optimus L7 P700

LG Optimus L7 P700

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  • sanjay

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  • gunda

whoo super phone with a great camera n slim easy to handle

  • Andrei

AnonD-10768, 06 Jun 2012The one year old Optimus Black is better than this.You think so? I doubt

  • AnonD-8582

Pls help : I heard that Optimus L7 is not having the 3G calling option using front camera?...is it that only Skype calling is allowed?...please confirm.

  • dlark

tz, 05 Jun 2012@ y$7E There are tests that shows HTC ONE V as better, so this ... moreWTH?

Neo V is from Sony Ericsson not HTC.. get your facts right

  • AnonD-10768

The one year old Optimus Black is better than this.

  • AnonD-48014

Wat d hell. . . 18k + device for capturing VGA videos. . . . And jst 5mp cam. . . . That too nly 1Ghz . . . Shame on u LG

  • Andrew

ali syahputri, 23 May 2012hsdpa 21mbps? is it true?NO!!! HSDA is not 21 mbps...it's 7.2 mbps visit LG Official site

  • tz

@ y$7E
There are tests that shows HTC ONE V as better, so this is reason why they suggest HTC. But there are a lot of complains about ONE V. There are failures, and when you got it from service, phone is in even worse condition.. So, safety is in this case, maybe on LG side (among bigger screen and front camera), but rest is on HTC..

  • Sam

Released in India, price is Rs.18990 in flipkart

  • jh

Superb performer and realy great looks. i love this mobile. what a looks

  • expert india

conclusion - As i always says "is they have any type of sence about what, where and when to produce...........

  • AnonD-57675

Guys LG is Launching this phone with diferent Specs on Mexico Only ...
SnapDragon S1 1GHz Qualcomm, for the world a 5 megapíx cam for Mexico 8 Megapix cam WTF!!

  • Ron

Though the price is reasonable but the outlook & features makes it a dull phone in comparision to Galaxy handsets.. design & camera are the most dissapointing aspects

  • AnonD-28095

I dont know why LG releses a phone in the year 2012 with specs of 2010. Do they actually wants to make their balance sheet in loss....
I loved the Design and Build of this L7, I could have bought it for sure, if it could have at lease Dual Core 1.2 Ghz processor and 8MP Main, as well as 1.3 Front Camera with same battery and same design with same thickness.

  • masbro

oh no, just adreno 200? oh come on why LG is not giving the optimus black the ICS instead launch the new one with lower overall spec than optimus black? X(

  • AnonD-57527

Got this one P705 my first android phone, nice phone from LG... thanks

  • imus

how come on this video the back buton is on the right side and the option button is on the left side? http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embe­dded&v=iFSMosHhuRE

  • b4zz

AnonD-4053, 02 Jun 2012Go to erafone in Mall Of Indonesia branch at the ground level. Y... moresame ame optimus black y?

  • Odit

DonzHard_, 02 Jun 2012I went to erafone & Global teleshop (LG Recomendation Store)... moreI think only available in selected store..maybe you can call LG Call Center to ask which store that available.. :)