LG Optimus L7 P700

LG Optimus L7 P700

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  • AnonD-4053

LG L7 P700 is available in some countries with NFC support but in Indonesia LG launched P705 without NFC support.

  • KlongK

Samsung Ace 2 is far better, and cheaper too, with HD video and double core processor. This one looks like a ferrari with a skoda engine....You only buy the big screen here. And for just a wee bit more money you can get the S Advance too.

  • imus

how come on this video the back buton is on the right side and the option button is on the left side? http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embe­dded&v=iFSMosHhuRE

  • AnonD-4053

Screen is unbelievably gorgeous. Dont know what technology LG is using but its really at best. I would like to compare L7 with Samsung Galaxy ACE PLUS. Both models use same processor, storage and memory configuration but L7 wins with bigger battery, ICS 4, much better + higher resolution and larger display in Gorilla Glass, better looks, a bit better camera and definitely a very good front camera. In Indonesia LG L7 P705 costs about USD 70 more than Samsung Galaxy ACE PLUS. I have used both and can say with confidence its worth choosing L7 over ACE PLUS. Yes it lags a bit sometimes but it gives a proper 2 days of usage on single charge. If LG would have opted for 1 GB or atleast 768 MB ram it would have been a top choice. Someone on this site have said HTC V One is better, I should correct them and inform that HTC V One have a lower quality camera, smaller battery providing shorter battery life. V One gets hot very soon after a few minutes of call or web surfing. Moreover its display is smaller and not very impressive. LG L7 is surely a better handset to choose.

  • AnonD-4053

DonzHard_, 02 Jun 2012I went to erafone & Global teleshop (LG Recomendation Store)... moreGo to erafone in Mall Of Indonesia branch at the ground level. You can purchase L7 P705 at Rp 2,999,000. Happy shopping...

  • DonzHard_

bone, 01 Jun 2012Already release bos, starting end of this May. I went to erafone & Global teleshop (LG Recomendation Store) still not available, ask to the spg when it will come and she said "Don't know" :(

  • mare

yoikmalson, 29 May 2012P700 and P705 are the same models with identical single core cpu... moreactually they are not! friend of mine bought testerday in UAE L7 with dual core...

  • AnonD-57199

Does LG L7 have tv-out over micro usb (MHL)??

  • pinkSJ

@DonzHard_, 31 May 2012Anyone have any idea about the release date of this mobile in In... moreit's available in indonesia now, i see it on a newspaper, the newspaper name's *Pulsa*..
the star in that advertisement is Siwon Choi from Super Junior..
the price is Rp2.999.000 (INA currency) but for sure you can find it in a phone store..

  • sugeng

single core not cool!! if 2core i buy today

  • bone

@DonzHard_, 31 May 2012Anyone have any idea about the release date of this mobile in In... moreAlready release bos, starting end of this May.

  • AnonD-21956

Bought it yesterday for 249 euros. Seems fair enough!
But, actually, the phone is not so awesome as you might suspect.
Yes, the screen is just epic and the brightness and overall quality seems just excellent. But a single core tends to lag from time to time. When accessing task manager, you can experience it.
Everything else, the menu and overall style, just sweet and adorable.
That 5 MP camera is enough to get by, not much else needed to take your usual every-day pictures. But, if you chase quality, the camera sucks.
Nevertheless, you may buy it, you won't get disappointed. It's superslim, superlight and it feels like you are half way to a superphone.

  • Archan

AnonD-8582, 31 May 2012Single core...enough for best possible game available in market !!Not really dude.. some games wont run smoothly on single cores.. right now there is one game optimized for quad cores....I forgot what its name was hehe

  • mushref shehre

only 512 ram

  • @DonzHard_

Anyone have any idea about the release date of this mobile in Indonesia...please provide your comments..


  • AnonD-8582

AnonD-14164, 07 Apr 2012Does this phone have a Dual core or a single core??? cuz in the ... moreSingle core...enough for best possible game available in market !!

  • AnonD-8582

woo, 06 Mar 2012Ya! Whats this TBD? It has 32 GB expandable card slot...awesome phone !!

  • AnonD-8582

Anonymous, 06 Apr 2012When is it coming to India???? In canada its coming on 1st of Ma... moreIndia launch next week...withing 3-4 days it will be available at stores..i have experienced the phone..both white and black one...looks so premium while holding in hand...very good specs and complete value for money in this price range...you will not have better features than this phone in ant comp brand right now !!

  • rahul

Wow wht a great smartphone in 18500. 4.3 gorilla glasd display, front video calling camera, android 4.0, 1700 mah battery. and super super slim and cool square look. i m going to buy this lgs masterpiece.

  • Anonymous

L7 priced here in the phillipines is only 15,999php