LG Optimus One P500

LG Optimus One P500

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  • navind

Neo, 14 Jan 2011HI User: Formatting Card: Try to get a class 10 card,best fo... moreThanks Neo...

Ok I would try to change it to Class 10.

Do we need to use "Unmount SD card" option for Old SD card before removing, this option is provded in same Settings -> SD card and phone storage menu

  • Neo

navind, 14 Jan 2011Hi All, Seems that SD card removed and installing error messa... moreHI User:
Formatting Card:

Try to get a class 10 card,best for performance on Mobile if possible,Kingston,I use it of 8 and 16 GB slots

And never Format Cards on PC as file format is different in allocation for PC aqnd mobile.you will corrupt your card

1)Actual card,remove it and copy all folders in your desktop\laptop
2)insert your new card (blank) on your mobile slot and format once ,believ you know where to do it

settings---SD storage---Format

Now Connect your phone to desktop and turn on USB storage
copy all necessary contents back to folders


  • navind

Anup, 14 Jan 2011How to activate the LG keypad while typing?Long hold/press on any textable area (To, Type to compose etc) gives you an extented white popup over main screen for INPUT Method, Paste, Add to Directory etc depending upon where you are executing this long press...

select input method to LG or Andriod or Sywpe (if installed)

There setting can also be found in Settings->Language & keyboards

  • Anup

How to activate the LG keypad while typing?

  • Anup

thea, 14 Jan 2011hi, how much is LG Optimus One P500 now in the market? is wor... moreHi,

LG Optimus P500 is available @12500 in the market.
Worth buying & amazing experience!

  • navind

Hi All,

Seems that SD card removed and installing error message is due to SD card as suggested by few members here... so i got a 8gb card class 6.

Now kindly guide me how to change the SD card, and how do we copy all that standard/default provided folders/apps which comes pre-installed from co. in the card...

should i take complete copy of existing SD card on PC and then afer format paste same folders/files/appls of earlier card to new card and insert it back in phone? and anything to do with UNmount SD card option in settings...detailed guidance would be really helpful to me and all others..

Neo / Prateek ... pls suggest

  • navind

kolkata , 14 Jan 2011plz any body sugest me any software that increase battery back u... moreHi I have tried various listed steps to save battery...GPS deactivation, lower brightness, also task killer earlier, sync appls to minimum required levels, force stop for few appls etc

But eventually O1 still needs recharge by end of the day after full battery in morning...guess issue is with all andriod phones...

  • Neo

Nav, 13 Jan 2011Sorry neo for not mentioning those details. I am not new to andr... moreHi Nav
i saw your comments,If there would have been a nandroid backup i would have helped in process of flashing back the backup
If i get the stock ROM source, i would posted it so taht it can be restored


  • navind

Hi All,

Am not able to see the list of appls from
settings->about phone->battery use...here i just find there graph bars call standby 73%, andriod system 22% and display 12% ... this % keeps varying bit...but no appls listed here, so that i can check highest battery consuming app and force stop it if not required as suggested by few to save power...


  • Anup

I cannot connect to LG PC suite IV. It doesn't detect the phone even if I turn on mass storage or turn it off. Please help

  • kolkata

plz any body sugest me any software that increase battery back up of lg optimus as it last only one day . plz help .

  • thea


how much is LG Optimus One P500 now in the market? is worth buying??

also, what is the Latest LG phone you can recommend - touch screen only that is worth buying.


  • vicky

Prateek Gupta, 13 Jan 2011Hi, As far as taskillers are concerned i would like you to go t... moreReally good Post everyone who trouble with Batt. life can do this simple logic and improve Batt. life.
When we have 80 GB PC hard disk and we store 70 GB song and music Does this slow down our computer speed, I Don`t think so, Correcct me if I am wrong. Than why we waste Batt. Power to Kill those Application which are IDLE Stay there and consuming no power.

  • Terence

Are ther any apps out there that can enable vibration alert when a call gets through? It seems it is a standard function with HTC phones. Thanks

  • Anup

[deleted post]That's the reason I asked.

  • Jay

bleach, 14 Jan 2011nokia e71 now is priced at only 10550k including 2gb car, leathe... moreI have used both the nokia e63 and the nokia e71.....they aren't even close to this beauty and the usability of android and the quality of apps from the android market.....ovi store I isn't anywhere close to the android me market......

  • lal

Hai,anyone plz help me.... i just planned 2 buy this stuff... i am having a doubt in its camea.does itz havig a good clarity than samsung galaxy551????? howz itz sound performance???????

  • bleach

nokia e71 now is priced at only 10550k including 2gb car, leather casing and pouch, usb cable and portable charger, its handling documents ability is well praised, and metal body, it seem to be a decent choice..

but then it stands to choose between p500 pricing a little bit more.. although package with the latest software and trend, applications...

its like choosing between stability and innovation..
one is released 2008 and the latter is latest 2010 technology...

  • al

i hope optimus 2x will be launched soon here in the phil.. maybe the price will be 33k same with the galaxy tab currently.. or 40k? and its launched would also maybe make lg p500 more affordable, to depreciate maybe by 1k?...

12500p is the current price in cebu and davao ryt? should have bought one, when i went to davao last month.. here in zamboanga its still price at 13700,

i wanna buy it already, but kinda impractical to buy it here in zamboanga at 13700, when i know its 12500 already in other cities in phil.

  • rahulshetty9

hey plz tel me wats its cost nw.... and does the battery trouble so much.. if so den its very much annoying... a setback infact... no other go....?