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LG V30S ThinQ

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  • VadeN
  • nhy
  • 22 Aug 2022

Have had this for 4 years now. Cost around 300 USD when bought.
One of the only phones you can get at this price range with OLED 1440p 60Hz screen, USB3.1 (Can connect with HDMI to TV or PC-monitor) and a 3.5mm audio-jack in the same phone.
Nowadays phones in the 600-900 USD-range doesn't even have this.
The only problem i've had with this phone is the camera which has issues with the focus and also in some rare cases the phone restarts randomly.
It has a built in theme manager so you can install themes from play store without having to root the phone.

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    • Anonymous
    • 3xs
    • 13 Mar 2021

    hi guys. i wonder if anyone use this phone with sony WH-XB900N headphone.Sony says its 50 ohm impedance on wired use.i want to know if this headphone activates the hi impedance mode on v30 when connected with wire?

      I don't know the difference between "Opinion" and "Review". But I love the phone. Wrote a review. For anyone interested, look under reviews.

        Any Dual-Active (DSDA) phone coming from LG or any other brand in 2021?

          Ken prime, 30 Oct 2020Sorry for your ordeal. For me., I shall always be an lg fan... moreI have a pair of LG V30+. Stellar phones. Keep it up LG.

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            • Ken prime
            • fuv
            • 30 Oct 2020

            ThinQ, 01 Sep 2019So true am waiting for Android 9.0 still no updates I made ... moreSorry for your ordeal. For me., I shall always be an lg fan. Just have in mind that LG isnt on top of his game when it comes to updating software's. Hail LG...

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              • Anonymous
              • fFC
              • 13 Sep 2020

              Ocean, 29 Jun 2020You can get android 10. First you need to do is head over t... moreHuh?
              I did not know that V30 have the official android 10 firmware...

              As far as I’m aware, V30 only updated to 9.0 pie ... even for Korean variant .

              The one that have android 10 is V35 as it shared almost the same hardware as G7 ...

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                • Ocean
                • rRT
                • 29 Jun 2020

                pedmar, 05 May 2020Good device when I first bought it but I've come to regret ... moreYou can get android 10. First you need to do is head over to the XDA website:


                You then need to look for android 10 firmware for LG V30 or V30S. The V30 firmware usually works on the V30S. You then look for a stock ROM like the one your phone comes with except with android 10, or you can install a custom ROM like LineageOS custom ROM that comes with Android 10 already. I got LineageOS because it has google completely removed. You can use F-Droid, an open source app store to download the Aurora Store to download google apps. You can download them anonymously or you can sign in if you wish. I love lineageOS because I know I'm not being spied on by google. After you've picked your firmware you then you just need to get TWRP.


                Once TWRP is installed you can then flash firmware on to your phone and do a bunch of other stuff; and if everything goes well you'll have android 10 on your stock or custom ROM on your unlocked LG V30S like me :p

                Be aware though that you can brick your phone if you aren't paying attention. So please follow the guides exactly and don't skip anything, and if you don't understand a step then look it up before continuing. Also make sure not to delete your current ROM without the firmware. I did this originally without a SD card that had the firmware on it and I wiped my data for a fresh install while also deleting the firmware that was stored on my phone's internal memory and then wiping the ROM so I didn't have an operating system to boot into lol. It took me like a week to figure out how to get everything back to the way it was all because I didn't use an SD card. So I think you should probably use an SD card for your phone and put the firmware on that lol :p

                  Good device when I first bought it but I've come to regret that now as I won't be getting Android 10 and that for me going forward is a big let down. Would advise anyone to buy LG at your own risk as if having an international unlocked version and receiving updates from time of purchase was like watching molasses roll uphill.

                    this phone has perfect screen size and design

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                      • Din
                      • KZJ
                      • 30 Mar 2020

                      bilalhawk, 12 Jan 2019i bout this phone is great and very responsive i love itHi there..just wanna know how the battery condition when used at the heavy uses level..?..the spec of this phone is very nice,but didnt know how the usage of battery life if used at the max time...

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                        • Ronis222
                        • rJY
                        • 04 Jan 2020

                        Recently received an update for Android pie. Added gestures and clean non cartoonist interface. I am getting noticed to keep my Redmi K20 pro aside for some time. Was hoping for an night mode in camera after software update. Rest all very smooth.

                          Recently updated to Android 9 through the LG bridge program and since then I've noticed a slight lag in the OS and the always on "Hey Google" "Ok Google" doesn't respond as easily as it did before the update. Every time it doesn't recognize I have to restart my phone. If you use the retrain voice feature after completion and you select to have it work when the phone is locked it gives error saying try again and to restart your phone.

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                            • Petu
                            • mEb
                            • 27 Oct 2019

                            An update to version 9 pie is available!

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                              • twisted_freak
                              • sxs
                              • 11 Sep 2019

                              If you dont plan to change phone anytime soon, do not upgrade android version. Learned my lesson the hard way.

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                                • tes
                                • 01 Sep 2019

                                Frustated by LG, 31 Aug 2019Worst Experience in getting software update. Dont want to b... moreSo true am waiting for Android 9.0 still no updates I made a stupid decision by moving to LG next time will move to Samsung devices. I chose this device because am an audiophile but when it comes to updates this phone sucks big time. No more LG never ever again

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                                  • Mikey D
                                  • 4Zy
                                  • 01 Sep 2019

                                  Anyword will this model get Android 9.0 ? GSM arena normal post in the spec sheet the soon to be upgrades. It does not show it on the sheet.

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                                    • Frustated by LG
                                    • XQB
                                    • 31 Aug 2019

                                    Worst Experience in getting software update. Dont want to buy LG products now. WORST!!!!

                                      Anonymous, 19 Jun 2019I just bought the 254 GB / 6 GB version second hand with mi... moreWhy did u sell the note9 for this device?

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • 61v
                                        • 19 Jun 2019

                                        I just bought the 254 GB / 6 GB version second hand with mint condition for USD 230. It has:

                                        + Hi Fi Quad DAC Sound
                                        + 32-bit/192kHz audio
                                        + 3,5 mm Jack
                                        + Great Video recording
                                        + Wide + Ultrawide Camera
                                        + Oled Screen
                                        + IP 68 Dust/Waterproof
                                        + High Res Screen 1440 x 2880 pixels
                                        + Gorilla Glass 5 + Always ON Display
                                        + Android 8.0 Oreo upgradeable to Android 9.0 Pie
                                        + Snapdragon 835
                                        + NFC
                                        + Stereo FM radio with RDS
                                        + Acceptable Battery Life of 93h gsmarena battery test

                                        This phone has almost everything on it and still rocks even in 2019. I sold my Galaxy Note 9 today.