LG V30S ThinQ

LG V30S ThinQ

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  • AnonD-738492

And poor 5mp camera still on board...idk Lg come on... Make it 16mp for selfie Lg judy

  • Mzwandile

You must be kidding me... the V30s will still have that poor 5 megapixel front camera????? I think the G5 SE was the last LG I own. Even when the G7 comes back, I will not be coming back. Apple 8 plus (great and holds its value) is my next move if not Google Pixel 2 (best camera ever).

  • AnonD-103409

The same as the v30?? why?

  • Anonymous

Would love to get one but they are just way too damn big. And 6gb of ram.. not necessary

  • AnonD-114814

Anonymous, 26 Feb 2018no 4K what a jokev30s has android oreo 8.0 in box , and have 4k video

  • Anonymous

Great phone

  • AnonD-540746

they should rename it to LG V36 for 6gb ram lol

Nice S8 copy of design. S8 ugliest phone on the market.
Apart from that nothing special.
Expected a lot from LG flagship but i am disapointed a lot.

  • Anonymous

does the AI gimmick require special hardware or what's the reason for this phone's existence? increased RAM and AI stuff aside, it looks to be identical to the regular V30

  • Anonymous

no 4K what a joke

  • AnonD-733422

AnonD-738492, 26 Feb 2018Front panel still black??? So boring!!It's must better to have front black panel.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-738492, 26 Feb 2018Front panel still black??? So boring!!Those black bezels (top/down) is reasonable just because better watching movies experience

  • lol

pretty sure this isn't lg's next gen device with snap835. more like something to put on stage i guess .

  • AnonD-738492

Front panel still black??? So boring!!

  • Someone

No SD 845? No 8mp at least for the front camera? No Stereo Speakers? Do you think you can beat Galaxy S9 with this?

  • AnonD-733422

There is MIL-STD-810G (shock,vibration,solar radiation,salt,drop,rain...etc.. resistant.Also IP 68, gorilla Glass 5. Very nice)

  • Anonymous

Good phone! Jack headphones radio FM.. I hope to no something like this: bootloot..!! Hopefully! My next phone, perhaps..!!!

  • Anonymous

Um, the only interesting option it is:

*Stereo FM radio with RDS*

Tnx dear LG..