LG V30S ThinQ

LG V30S ThinQ

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  • bilalhawk

i bout this phone is great and very responsive i love it

This phone is the good stuff!

Comparatively at the top of the pack, and well beyond Apple's latest!

  • Ivar

Tanjung perak, 30 Jun 2018Battery life review???? Come on gsmarena......same goes to ... morestill no tests unfortunately :(

Macbeth, 20 Jul 2018Will it be getting Android P update?I am no longer counting on getting Pie. LG just got around to patching the phone to March 1, 2018; that's a full 6 months behind the current Android patch level for Oreo. Maybe we'll get 9.0 when 10 finally comes to other phones. 8.0.2 works well enough on this phone; I'm more concerned about security. There are lots of great features on the V30S for the price, but LG service/support is disappointing.

Will it be getting Android P update?

Anonymous, 08 May 2018Does anyone know which US carrier supports this phone and w... moreIf you can afford to pay all at once, consider purchasing off contract through B&H or another online reseller. The unlocked version will work with the big 4 and most smaller carriers. I got mine for $279 cheaper than what my carrier sell it for. Add in optional drop/spill insurance for half what I'd have paid and it's a real bargain. B&H also has the exclusive matte Moroccan Blue finish; granted color is not a reason to purchase a phone, but it is nice.

I recently got the V30S to replace an aging ZTE Axon 7 as it is getting a little temperamental and has accumulated too many security issues. Speaking of issues, FedEx royally screwed up the express delivery and was completely apathetic about it. ...but I digress. The LG phone is only slightly wider and taller than the Axon but has a much bigger screen and is notably lighter. The camera is far superior as well.

-Longer battery life. The battery is at 50-75% when I go to bed compared to 30-60% with the Axon 7
-Brighter, easy to read the screen with balanced color
-Excellent cameras, though LG's native camera app isn't that great IMO
-Fantastic sound! FLAWLESS with wired headphones
-IP68 certified
-T-Mobile bands 66 AND 71
-6GB RAM makes it very responsive
-128GB internal storage plus SD card is very welcome (I own a TONS of music and take lots of pictures)
-Cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth radios work great
-2 years warranty total (see CONS)
-Screen edges are comfortably curved but there is no phantom touch like on Samsung S8 and S9
-The screen can natively be custom color corrected (I'm a photographer, I care!)
-The fingerprint sensor is responsive and well placed
-Charges fast either wired or wirelessly
-Apps are well behaved (Except Engadget, but it crashes on all my Androids)
-I love the Moroccan Blue finish!
-Fewer security risks than Chinese made phones like ZTE or Huawei

-After a week emailing back and forth, LG has still has not updated the database that will allow me to register my phone with them! They did admit it was a clerical error on their part, but don't seem to be in a hurry to correct it.
-Glass backs make me nervous even with a case
-No power button on the side (fingerprint sensor or Knock Knock)
-No Stereo speakers
-LG's skin is mediocre and Nova Launcher doesn't work properly

Battery life review???? Come on gsmarena......same goes to v35 please make the review

  • Anonymous

One thing makes this phone the KING.
3.5 mm jack!
Shamesung makes phones without warranty but LG crack em all!
Go to hell samesh*t, long live KING LG

  • MakkaCha

Anonymous, 08 May 2018Does anyone know which US carrier supports this phone and w... moreI'm pretty sure you can get on on Amazon, but the price is going to be inflated. You can use At&t or T-Mobile for sim card.

  • AnonD-716026

Really good model

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 May 2018Does anyone know which US carrier supports this phone and w... moreYou can currently buy it from B&H Photo.

  • Anonymous

Does anyone know which US carrier supports this phone and which models each does support and where to buy one (again, in the US preferably) ? ? ?

  • MsTeena

I've had 2 LG's and I loved both of them and am shopping for a new one now. They weren't perfect but I don't think I've ever had a phone for as long as 2 years without having some sort of issue. Do they even exist? I'm thinking probably not many - so I'm sticking with what I know for now.

Thanks for this gathering of phone data. It's amazing and sooo helpful!

  • Hmm

ex LG, 05 May 2018Bootlooping + no customer support = LG never againYou do realize that's the past right? No phone's from LG have Boot looping issues anymore.

  • ex LG

Bootlooping + no customer support = LG never again

LG just fails to impress. I loved my LG Tablet and Nexus 4 and 5, also the first (optimus) g. But since then they trying but, at least for me, keep failing. THe g5 was awesome, but had too many flaws, since then they built great, but still average phones. They can do everything...every other phone can do too...for the same price - so why go for them? I found xiaomi more gimmicky, but much more appealing, since, yes they aren't all around awesome, but then again quite affordable. I want either outstanding design, some gimmicks, awesome batterylife or good price for quality, lg gave me nothing in the last years, sadly.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Apr 2018Well unfortunately it looks like the g7 gunna be cancelled Doesn't sound like it's "gunna" be canceled. https://www.phonedog.com/2018/04/24/lg-g7-thinq-confirmed-6-1-inch-display-notch

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Apr 2018Expected release 1Q? Yeah right... when G7 drops I'll proba... moreWell unfortunately it looks like the g7 gunna be cancelled