LG V60 ThinQ 5G

LG V60 ThinQ 5G

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another remote control!!! 6.8 inches and only 109.8 cm2 while Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra was 6.0 inches, and yet 99.2 cm2. still, a telephoto camera couldn't be found anywhere, shame LG!!

  • Walid277

But what about the price ?

  • Yes

Even though it doesn't have a high-refresh rate screen or ufs 3.0 or telephoto camera , it does look really nice

wow nice flagship phone actually,with headphone jack,memory expansion.In 2020,it's really rare to get these feature

  • Jin Kazama

I love LG Smartphone

Mr Magma, 26 Feb 2020Ikr! Hopefully the g9 comes with the zoom camera and smalle... moreI wonder if the G9 will have optical zoom, because the V series is the top of the line. Time will tell everything.

Wait, I see 4 camera setup. 3 modules and 4th 3d tof.
Why gsmarena says only 2+1 ?
Something is wrong.
Minimum info on camera
Please update yourselves gsmarena

Well speced phone. 3.5mm Jack is Back!

Finally LG bring a good new device again. Hopefully the pricing will be also good.

  • Eiji

I hope they use a newer variant of ESS saber DAC.

  • Anonymous

LG should add infrared to their arsenal.

to all Buyers: forget any OS or security update for LG phones :D

  • Yee

Hold on!
A 6.8" screen with 395ppi?
Back to the Tetris era I guess!

Mobilemaster, 26 Feb 2020OK, it looks good(but it is too big), but why no telephoto ... moreIkr! Hopefully the g9 comes with the zoom camera and smaller display, 6.8 is too big

  • Sandy

Lg please release this phone on time in india and not after 6 months where you lose all buzz surrounding this Phone.

OK, it looks good(but it is too big), but why no telephoto camera?? It is their flagship phone, not the G9 after all. I think this is a mistake.

  • LatinoGang

Infinity U Display?Really?

Pticurina, 26 Feb 2020Too big.Yes a bit too big. I hope the G9 will be smaller. 6.1" like the G8 would be perfect.

Damn 218g? LG phones have usually always been below 200g. But I guess the big 5000mAh battery is worth it. Good job LG!

  • Dometalican

I was so excited until...Full HD instead of 2K@90Hz refresh rate...ugh....guess the Xperia Pro wins for me this year until the Black Shark 3 tries to sway me over...