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LG V60 ThinQ 5G

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AFS, 24 Apr 2020At last a phone that has all I need! A. SD865 and 5G so that it... moreWEIGHT is even more a concern. A whopping 230g without the second case? The V30/V40 was about 160g!

Pakalini, 23 Apr 2020These retards ar LG will they ever make notchless display ffs? 2... moreSay that to Apple and SE 2020's giant bezels.

  • AFS

At last a phone that has all I need!
A. SD865 and 5G so that it is future proof. B. Quad DAC & 3.5mm jack (being an audiophile anything else is a no go). C. MicroSD support
IP68 is a bonus and I don't care about the rest or the specs.
Only thing that bothers me is the size. If LG makes a G9 with similar specs and keep its size ~ 150mm it will be the obvious choice for my next phone.

Are we such a small target group and there are more phone out there with those specs?

  • PureView_Lover

Do anyone know the bitrate of manual recording at 8K with highest bitrate enabled?

  • A

Pakalini, 23 Apr 2020These retards ar LG will they ever make notchless display ffs? 2... moreAt least its better than stupid punch hole which disturb screen way more than notch

usmannaeem, 15 Apr 2020I really hope with the new design LG has teased. The punchhole, ... moreYes! I am still on lg v30+ only because I hate notches,punch holes so much, regardless audio quality.

These retards ar LG will they ever make notchless display ffs? 2016era design don't fit in 2020.

  • gnajna

scottm-dj, 23 Apr 2020I'd say up to $500--the DAC is extremely well implemented in the... moreWhich headset wire to 50€ up to 100€ do you suggest. Is these which we got with phone ok?

Anonymous, 22 Apr 2020Thanks. You answered some of my questions. Especially the questi... moreI'd say up to $500--the DAC is extremely well implemented in these devices and the Meridian tuning on the V40 up is very smooth. The only caveat is the LGs doesn't seem to like Planar-type headphones very well (noticeably lower power to them). Stick with dynamic (plenty of great choices available), get a 3rd party dedicated music app like UAPP, and you'll have a dynamite player that doubles as a phone too!

  • Scottm_dj

Anonymous, 22 Apr 2020Thanks. You answered some of my questions. Especially the questi... moreFor real. I have a V40 and a Fiio M11 PRO as well. I honestly don't hear enough of a difference to warrant the upgrade--and I'm using some very high-quality headphones too. The V50 will have the same sound & tuning as the V40.

Anonymous, 21 Apr 2020Well said bro. That's why I can't go for anything other than LG.... moreSix months back I bought a Meizu 16th (Meizu 16 in China). At $240, it was a flagship with SD845 & 8GB RAM. Meizu India provided a fully Google certified device with Google playstore pre-installed. In short, pretty awesome performance & built quality for its price.

Meizu has a rich history of making portable music players before they ventured into smartphones and still today makes some very good quality headphones & earphones. As such the company understands sound quality and many of their previous flagships smartphones came with dedicated DAC solutions. However for 16th, sadly their last flagship with a 3.5mm audio jack there was no press material indicated anything extraordinary in the audio department.

I took for granted it was using some low quality audio codec from Qualcomm. However more I listened music through my Meizu 16th, more I fell in love with this device. One day just for fun I sat down a did some critical listening with some expensive earphones, and I immediately noticed the sound quality is above ordinary through the 3.5 mm headphone jack. I started reasoning my mind how is it possible with Qualcomm codecs and Meizu must have done something special.

After going through some Chinese websites performing detailed tear-downs, I found Meizu 16th is using the highest quality flagship audio codec available from Qualcomm. It is Qualcomm Aqstic WCD9341, a dedicated audio chip. With an advertised dynamic range of 130dB & distortion of -109dB during audio playback the WCD9341 is quite close to ESS Sabre ES9218P (LG's Quad DAC) & Cirrus Logic CS43199 (Vivo NEX S). Digging deeper I found Qualcomm partnered and further tuned their flagship WCD9341 under the guidance given by a group of audiophiles known as "Golden Ears". Qualcomm was then able to create custom digital filters which creates the final sound signature which are generally adored by most audiophiles.

However in real life even if these objective measurements are very close to ESS & Cirrus Logic, there still remains a gap that Qualcomm have to fill to the very best in the audio industry. In Meizu 16th tear-downs by Chinese media, I found the WCD9341 audio chip sits under its own tiny metal cover plate with graphite & copper shielding over it. So the chip is completely isolated from the rest of the PCB and its ICs. This complete isolation definitely eliminates a lot of induced noise on the analog stage of WCD9341. Quite impressed as Meizu shelled more money in the production line to make sure the sound quality remains intact through the 3.5 mm audio jack.

The other fact I noticed on 16th is the power available through audio jack is much higher than similar WCD9341 implementations like in OnePlus 6 (sadly the last OnePlus with audio jack). The OnePlus frankly sounds anemic in comparison to 16th, no drive. Meizu seems to have twice as much power and can drive any headphone much better.

Going through the spec sheet I found WCD9341 is designed to perform with power anywhere between 6mW to 34mW, maybe Meizu is providing all the power it needs by dedicated power rails. In short I am truly impressed by Meizu's dedication for sound quality as I see & hear the difference of the same audio chip with drastically different performance levels between Meizu & OnePlus. It is Meizu's good implementation that make the WCD9341 shine. Correct me if I am wrong LG's QuadDAC consumes 2.5 times more power at 80mW but have way more drive capability.

Subjectively, Meizu 16th sound signature is like my LG V30+, which can be best described with words like pristine, neutral, clinical & accurate. However to my tastes WCD9341 easily beats anything from AKM stables, be it AKM AK4376 or AK4376A in sound quality. Drive capability is more or less same.

One of the other reasons I bought Meizu 16th was dual stereo speakers. Each speaker is powered by a dedicated Cirrus Logic CS35L41 amplifier, so sound is loud & crisp leaning more on the musical side rather than being out and out loud.

In the end I am quite impressed with the sound quality and headphone drive capability of Meizu 16th through 3.5 mm audio jack considering that it still uses an audio codec from an unknown brand like Qualcomm in the audio world, though I admit the audio codec is of high quality. Qualcomm deserves credit & also Meizu deserves a pat on their back for bringing to us perhaps the best implementation of Qualcomm Aqstic WCD9341 in a smartphone till date.

  • Anonymous

RishiGuru, 21 Apr 2020Apple intentionally stopped including analogue 3.5 mm audio jack... moreThanks. You answered some of my questions. Especially the question "Why the flagships lack the headphone jack, but the midrange/budget phones have it?"
Your answer makes sense!

By the way, have you ever compared LG phones with any dedicated audio player?
If yes, then, I've heard some people claming that V50's performance easily matches the $300 DAPs... For real?!

  • Anonymous

Oliver, 20 Apr 2020I would go ahead and buy it, if it would not be a colossus of a ... moreLol no.


q, 21 Apr 2020be aware everyone. Xiaomi employee alertHow does pointing out this phone's big flaws make me a Xiaomi employee. I don't need to get paid to tell the truth m8.

Anonymous, 21 Apr 2020Well said bro. That's why I can't go for anything other than LG.... moreTry to find a V40--that's the best audiophile phone they make. Compared to the V30, the screen is better, the boombox speaker makes the slight size increase definitely worth it, and the new Meridian tuning makes a difference in quality headphones. More importantly, it retains the DTS, MQA and pure DSD playback LG has since tampered with (or removed) in every subsequent version.

Reggie, 20 Apr 2020The best flagship to date with the most complete specs such as m... moreand 8 gigs ram, sd 865, great OLED screen, FM Radio (North America).

You do pay more for less in other phones.

I just recieved my LG V50 5G with android 10 and I gotta tell you! There is NOTHING better than LG Android 10 UI. You gotta see it it is amazing. And I have mate20pro with android 10, and p30pro with 10, and LG v40 with android 9. But v50 with android 10 is something else!

Gotta love LG

V60 is the same or better in software wise

biggy, 21 Apr 2020Yeah but now we are 2020 my friend nobody use this old 3,5 mm au... moreApple intentionally stopped including analogue 3.5 mm audio jacks on their devices, as they found a way to earn more revenue by selling 3.5 mm audio adapter dongles and headphones. May I put this to light that Apple was the first manufacturer which started including the 3.5 mm audio jacks on their iPhones a decade back and claimed they are following a revenue free universal standard where you plug in ANY headphone.

Apple has a closed loop eco-system, they earn from every third party that manufactures accessory for their proprietary products. And this includes any kind of adapters & headphones to their devices having proprietary ports. You have to understand the bigger picture. Apple, Samsung, Sony, Oneplus, Huawei or for the name any manufacturer are here to do business. They will take every measure possible to earn more revenue from their customer.

Any audio enthusiast or an audiophile will laugh at anybody who says 3.5 mm audio jack is obsolete. Because they understand audio and seen $10,000 audio equipment that outputs through the 3.5 mm or quarter inch audio jacks connected to $5000 over-the-ear audiophile-grade open-back headphones. Audio is analogue, because human ears are analogue and hence the audio jack is analogue.

The question you may very well ask, why other manufactures are following the same trend? Well because they now understand there is a new scope to earn more revenue and they are following this trend my making their own branded dongles and stuff. For example Meizu now have their own audio dongle which you now need to buy for their flagships like Meizu 16s or Meizu 16s Pro. They are all forcing the customer and earning more revenue. A valid and very effective business model.

The next question is, why all these manufacturers except Apple are not doing this for their mid range devices? Well bcoz removing the 3.5 mm audio jack on their mid-range devices will turn off their specific group of "cash cow" customers who are very price sensitive and not willing to pay an extra $20 for a cheap audio dongle. These customers have 50 other options to buy a phone with 3.5 mm audio jack and they will rather choose those.

This very well cements the fact that till today their is a HUGE demand for 3.5 mm audio jack. Hence all manufactures are currently targeting to fool the deep pocket buyers who are ready to pay $1000 for their flagship phone and won't not mind shelling $50 more for the dongle or pay $100 for each of the low quality headphones with their own brand names. Or in case of Apple, demand money to the manufacturer of such headphone & dongles.

In the end it's all about doing business.

  • Anonymous

RishiGuru, 20 Apr 2020I am a music lover too and love music. My job requires lot of tr... moreWell said bro. That's why I can't go for anything other than LG. That $150 you paid for V30 is totally worth it, even if you're going to use it as a DAP only.
By the way, LGs are really cheap in eBay.

  • Anonymous

Not for sale in, of all places, South Korea.

They get the budget LG Velvet instead. Good grief.