LG Velvet 5G

LG Velvet 5G

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  • anon

this phone is boutta have more ram than my computer

  • c1queen

You can do ASMR recordings with this phone.

I'm looking forward to a return of the Chocolate Phone.

Very disappointed with the phone height. Again waiting for other model release.

  • Anonymous

Very expensive for midrange cpu, about 300€ its OK

  • Anonymous

I'm sorry but this is ugly and overpriced, 600+ for midrange chipset? Anyway in 5months the phone price would have dropped 50% so no problem.

  • Yyyy

Hey, 07 May 2020"Mediocre phone"? I'm sorry, but you need to see a doctor. Looks like you need to see a doctor because your critical thinking skill is non existent

  • Universe

this phone is little known to be bad nowadays. Despite the design is good but hardware? display? No HDR10+ Not 1440p display.. 680 EURO is just brainwashing for a cheap midrange device Lmao.

  • Anonymous

Xash, 07 May 2020I paid a little less than $500 for my G7 ThinQ. A proper f... moreI agree with the OnePlus 8
But for the 1080p screen , my Phone is capable of 1440p but I'm not using it (currently on 720p) , not every1 in the world wants a higher resolution , most people use 1080/720p even if their phone is capable of 1440p , just for the longer battery life or more frame rates

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Nah, I've decided it's not worth my time discussing with people like you.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]"You've got your priorities wrong."
Hmm, judging other peoples intellect and priorities. Seriously? You are the first one, who got personal. Why? What is your problem?

  • Anonymous

joe nodden, 07 May 2020Funniest thing I've ever heard. "Sound like your opinion is... moreMaybe you should think about it more than a minute and understand it was sarcastic. Never mind.

New LG phones? Want it cheap?
Dont worry. It will drop 50% in 3 months.
LG is known for crappy updates..I have several (3 to be exact) the past 10 years with zero firmware updates or 1 update but years late.
Consumer will priced those factor in when buying and most here are smart enough to wait a few months to get it cheap.

Hey, 07 May 2020"Mediocre phone"? I'm sorry, but you need to see a doctor. Yeah you're right, it's worse than mediocre (for the asking price).

  • Hey

Ggfh, 07 May 2020Give me a reason to pay 680eu for this mediocre phone. LG f... more"Mediocre phone"? I'm sorry, but you need to see a doctor.

  • Sv4

I have lg g6 from 2017. It was a proper flagship back then and 6 months after the release i bought it for half the price. It has decent hardware for its age but lg software is just crap. And now they even take the top specs away while maintaining a very high price. This brand is doomed

  • dezzyboi

I am actually going to opt for the LG G8, the processor is a snapdragon 855 and offers a ton more than this phone does. I'm disappointed with this, LG really should have done something different this time around

  • Anonymous

I think LG eather doesn't have tech to make a hole punch camera and make bazells slimmer or just loves this creepy design choice

  • Xash

I paid a little less than $500 for my G7 ThinQ. A proper flagship at this price. The Velvet has a 1080p screen. Who uses a 1080p display in 2020? That teardrop notch instead of a cutout? Better go for the OnePlus 8

  • Sunsai

How about the LG's legendary Hi Fi DAC ? Please LG don't skip on that ..
Jst 8Mp for wide angle? It would have been 16MP atleast.. I'm not worried about not having a tele lense but LG would have added a very good macro camera module..
That battery is also not grt.. 5000mah like V60 is practical ... 10W wireless charging is damn useless.. instead a 40W charger or bigger battery would have been much practical.

Dear LG although Design n colors are really cool why do u miss practicality at sm point?