LG will show a phone with hover gestures on February 24

Ivan, 23 January 2019

LG has set its Mobile World Congress event date - February 24 - and revealed its tagline 'Goodbye Touch'.

The short clip hints that LG will unveil a phone with new gestures that might even work without touching. Hovering over the screen is a bit 2011, but we guess LG has something special in mind.

While at MWC 2019, LG is expected to unveil the LG G8 and its first foldable phone. We'll be there and will bring you first hand impressions.


Reader comments

Galaxy S4 (2013) There were Chinese brands who did it earlier. I know O+ in the Philippines had it before S4 was released. This is becoming Minority Report stuff.

Maybe hover gesture require a pen or accessory to pointing precisely. Maybe other way but user definitely have to use both hand to control the features and doesn't have one hand operating mode.

DidnÂ’t Samsung do something gimmicky like that a few years ago and it never caught on?