LG Wing 5G

LG Wing 5G

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  • Sadi

Why are they using 700 series chips?????it doesn't look like the phone will cost less then 1500 bucks.....

  • Anonymous

very unique phone and definitely something different than the usual slabs.
I like the design and the fact that 2 displays and a battery capable of wireless charging only make it 10,9mm thick.

This phone has my full interest but it depends on the price whether I would buy it or not.

Nevertheless, well done LG and keep it going, my current phone LG G6 is still going strong and I don't need a new phone yet. So maybe when this will drop in price... who knows I am gonna get it then.

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2020useless phone, this is just a gimmick nobody needs.. anyone... moreNot useless at all. You're just a sad hater.

  • Anonymous

useless phone, this is just a gimmick nobody needs.. anyone remember G5 fiasko ??? same thing here....

Just wow
And just different something
Congress New design
Always new something accept

  • naber31

260gr?! No thank you

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2020Price????Probably around $1300 - $1400

While its certainly eye catching, I wonder about it's everyday use and functionality. It's been a while since LG produce a truly unique phone

  • Pompiee


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

I Don't think so.

  • pan

RJjindal, 14 Sep 2020It really a new concept from LG ... I'm liking the lg ... moretrue... i never thought some use cases are possible... seems like they are thinking about this concept right after the first dual screen was released

RC255, 14 Sep 2020You messed up the cameras. One is a 2x telephoto. Ignore me. One ultra wide has big pixels which aids in zoom.

It's the 2020 version of Tony Starks phone from Iron Man 2008. Looks interesting, I hope the price will be affordable. πŸ™

You messed up the cameras. One is a 2x telephoto.

Does it really have two ultrawides? Lol

Day by day LG making very long phone but they forget battery size, hey lg without battery cell not workπŸ˜„

Two ultrawides?

No 3.5mm Jack... means No Hi-Fi DAC..!
Now, Lg also trying to get rid of DAC system slowly. They are not featuring this in there latest mobiles like Velvet and now this one.. :( .. A disappointment for me.

  • Rabby Hossain

Latest mobile phone LG awesome I like it 😍