LG wins first patent lawsuit against TCL, two more to go

Peter, 09 March 2021

LG filed three patent suits against TCL in November of 2019. The Mannheim Regional Court now ruled in favor of the South Korean tech giant. This particular suit was regarding the standard essential patent EP 2627146 B1.

This suit isn’t completely over just yet as TCL can appeal. Also, it is trying to have LG’s patent revoked with a nullity action that is currently pending at the German Federal Patent Court. For its part, LG is looking to immediately stop TCL from using its technology without a license.

LG wins first patent lawsuit against TCL, two more to go

As for the other two suites, the second one was heard on March 2, but the court hasn’t ruled yet. The third suit will take place in May.

The three patents are used in 4G. According intellectual property research firm TechIPm, LG had the biggest arsenal of standard essential patents for five years straight (2012-2016). Another intelligence company, IPlytics, ranks LG third globally in 5G standard essential patents.

“Our patented technologies are the fruit of continuous research and development and are central to our ongoing competitiveness in the industry and what motivates our employees to think creatively. We believe it is our responsibility to vigorously protect our intellectual property against any and all unauthorized uses,” said Cho Hwi-jae, vice president and head of LG’s Intellectual Property Center.



Reader comments

  • Sammy
  • 15 Apr 2021
  • 7kd

Just because a company has copyrighted some piece of tech doesnt mean they havent stolen it from somewhere else. Are you aware of how LG's tech was developed? I have seen lot of company's hiring people to develop and then screwing the...

  • Warrior
  • 23 Mar 2021
  • sUS

Damn this guy really advocates piracy of intellectual property. Copying with consent and without are 2 different things dimwit! No wonder you love Chinese phones who's breaking laws all the time

  • AnonD-731363
  • 11 Mar 2021
  • Lfw

Really hope TCL wins. All company copy paste everything since they began in garage and nobody won a court over them.

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