Marshmallow coming soon to Galaxy S6/S6 edge in Poland

George, 09 February, 2016

Android Marshmallow started seeding on the Galaxy S6/S6 edge in South Korea less than two weeks ago, and by the looks of things it's coming to Europe. Poland's T-Mobile has tweeted that the update to Google's latest OS version is on the way, but hasn't specified how close it actually is.

Poland has traditionally been the place, where updates happen first, of course not counting Samsung's homeland. Lollipop pioneered on the Galaxy S5 there back in December 2014, and the Galaxy Note 4 made the jump straight to Android 5.1.1 last August.

Mind you, the tweet mentions the update for the Galaxy S6 edge as well, but our Polish is a little rusty and we're finding it hard to interpret the Google-translated "earlier this year". It's likely going to come later this year, logic dictates, as it actually needs to bring a few more edge features on top of the new OS release.

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Reader comments

  • Anonymous

being only February, it should have read christmas came late not early

  • Simon

What is says, is that the update is on its way to the S6 and S6 edge, and that Christmas is coming early this year. Also, looks like Samsung is POLISHING the updates. Get it? ;-) No, really Samsung and LG have their main R&D for software ...

  • aa

Last sentence means - christmas is coming earlier this year :)

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