MediaTek Helio G36 announced - G37 with 100MHz lower CPU clock

Michail, 13 February 2023

The latest entry-level chipset from MediaTek is here with the Helio G36. For most intents and purposes it’s a rebranded Helio G37 with a 100Mhz clock reduction on its Cortex-A53 cores which now operate at 2.2GHz instead of 2.3GHz. The rest of the provided specs show no difference between the old chip and the newly released one.

MediaTek Helio G36 announced - G37 with 100MHz lower CPU clock

The MediaTek Helio G36 is expected to debut on a budget gaming phone set to launch in India soon. Last year’s Helio G37 debuted on the Moto G22 but there’s no indication which maker will debut the newer Helio G36.



Reader comments

marketing. you know when g99 is essentially dimensity 810 without 5g, underclocked.

why mediatek?? rebranding the same cpu?? are they mad? also, entry level chipset and gaming does not go together. as newer apps and demanding games evolve and require more functionality in order to make them work properly.. this chipset would be ne...

  • Firefox
  • 08 Apr 2023
  • xjH

Any SoC using only weaker Cortex-A53/A-55 should not exists in 2023. For entry level devices 2 Cortex-A73/A75 + 2 Cortex-A53/A55 quad core SoC whould be a better choice.

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