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Wait a minute... this has a 4500 mAh battery and charges at 30W. The OnePlus 8 Pro has a 4510 mAh battery and charges at 30W. So why does the 8 Pro charge 50% in 23 minutes, when this can only do 45% in 30 minutes? Are they lying?

Anonymous, 08 May 2020if you wanna 3.5mm jack + fm radio choose a second device. ... moreApple intentionally stopped including analogue 3.5 mm audio jacks on their devices, as they found a way to earn more revenue by selling 3.5 mm audio adapter dongles and headphones. May I put this to light that Apple was the first manufacturer which started including the 3.5 mm audio jacks on their iPhones a decade back and claimed they are following a revenue free universal standard where you plug in ANY headphone.

Apple has a closed loop eco-system, they earn from every third party that manufactures accessory for their proprietary products. And this includes any kind of adapters & headphones to their devices having proprietary ports. You have to understand the bigger picture. Apple, Samsung, Sony, Oneplus, Huawei or for the name any manufacturer are here to do business. They will take every measure possible to earn more revenue from their customer.

Any audio enthusiast or an audiophile will laugh at anybody who says 3.5 mm audio jack is obsolete. Because they understand audio and seen $10,000 audio equipment that outputs through the 3.5 mm or quarter inch audio jacks connected to $5000 over-the-ear audiophile-grade open-back headphones. Audio is analogue, because human ears are analogue and hence the audio jack is analogue.

The question you may very well ask, why other manufactures are following the same trend? Well because they now understand there is a new scope to earn more revenue and they are following this trend my making their own branded dongles and stuff. For example Meizu now have their own audio dongle which you now need to buy for their flagships like Meizu 17 or Meizu 17 Pro. They are all forcing the customer to go the audio dongle and bluetooth headphones way (Meizu just launched their HD60 bluetooth headphones) thus earning more revenue. A valid and very effective business model.

The next question is, why all these manufacturers except Apple are not doing this for their mid range devices? Well bcoz removing the 3.5 mm audio jack on their mid-range devices will turn off their specific group of "cash cow" customers who are very price sensitive and not willing to pay an extra $20 for a cheap audio dongle. These customers have 50 other options to buy a phone with 3.5 mm audio jack and they will rather choose those.

This very well cements the fact that till today their is a HUGE demand for 3.5 mm audio jack. Hence all manufactures are currently targeting to fool the deep pocket buyers who are ready to pay $500+ for their flagship phone and won't not mind shelling $50 more for the Meizu audio dongle or pay $100 for each of their bluetooth headphones with their own brand names. Or in case of Apple, demand money to the manufacturer of such headphone & dongles.

In the end it's all about doing business.

So they put a hole in the screen to get literally less than a percent higher of a screen to body ratio. If that isn't one of the worst decisions I've ever seen a design team make I don't know what is.

One of the few worse decisions made by a design team is the removal of the headphone jack. Why. There's literally no reason to remove it.

Anonymous, 08 May 2020No headphone jack, no buy.I was right, Meizu 17 & 17 Pro does not have a 3.5 mm audio jack. But that was quite understandable as their audio dongle business will go out of business if they included one. Also now they launched their own branded bluetooth ANC headphones so they will avoid using headphone jacks in their phones and compell buyers to buy their bluetooth headphones. They need to suck more money from the consumers in the God forsaken Apple ways. Just like Apple bought Beats audio and Samsung bought JBL. And then they strategically removed the headphone jack to make more money.

Now every owner of 17 & 17 Pro need to separately buy a USB to 3.5 mm audio dongle. Also to note on previous Meizu flagships 16s & 16s Pro the audio output through USB was pure digital signal. In one way that is good as your dongle/adapter will have complete control on audio quality but bad in the sense the dongle will now be expensive as digital to analog conversion & its hardware needs to be done in the dongle.

The last Meizu flagship that had our beloved 3.5 mm audio jack was Meizu 16th (Meizu 16 in China) back in 2018 with SD845. Having bought one in 2019 @ $240 extremely happy with price performance ratio and the built quality. Audio on my 16th through audio jack is great, far superior than anything Samsung & Huawei have done till date. Only LG can beat Meizu in audio department. The dual stereo speakers on 16th is great I hope in 17 Pro it is even better.

The Meizu 17 Pro will have the same ceramic looking back as that of my Meizu 16th. It gives great looks and my 16th ceramic black is the best black a phone can have.

  • GL79

Has the telephoto OIS?

  • This is just awful

Worst specs in 2020 this one has nothing exciting to make u buy it except for cpu and gbu.

too tall, too heavy. Meizu 16T is still a better choice

  • Anonymous

none of lg v60, Rog2, mi 10 pro & even p40 pro
have ceramic back & ceramic frame
just p40 pro+ have it
& 17 pro

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 May 2020LG V60 has 3.5mm jack (with quad DAC), and SD slot. So i... moreoh that famous lg....old b.t.l.p problem
LG velevet with sd765 price 735$

& Rog 2
171mm....big book

& wanna pay alot...ok
sony xperia 1 ll....165mm tall....71mm width

this new one of Meizu it really Uniqie
160mm tall....77.1mm width
523$... 17
607$....17 pro

Anonymous, 08 May 2020if you wanna 3.5mm jack + fm radio choose a second device. ... moreWhat's wrong with that?!?! SD card n jack?!?! Tell to my marshalls with a golden jack, you can't compare sounds!
I don't mean to ridicule so, but yeah to each their own. Sadly Many flagships actually opt for the jack, but yeah personal preferences !!!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 May 2020if you wanna 3.5mm jack + fm radio choose a second device. ... moreLG V60 has 3.5mm jack (with quad DAC), and SD slot.

So it has new Xperia too, ASUS Rog 2 too.

There are still options.

  • Anonymous

No audio Jack, no sd, terrible rom support, no thanks.

  • Anonymous

Kennyelfuego , 08 May 2020When a company that is not popular globally decides not to ... moreif you wanna 3.5mm jack + fm radio choose a second device.
go & buy 105$ phones

None of Huawei p40 pro+ or Mi 10 pro
have fm or 3.5

  • Anonymous

sayabosanhidup, 08 May 2020there s only a difference of 30 euros of course i will cho... morefirst & lonely 6.6 inch phone with 160mm tall

tall's of it...its so good

they will also make 17x, 17xs by upper midrange & midrange chipset & under 155mm

  • sayabosanhidup

there s only a difference of 30 euros
of course i will choose the telephoto

  • Kennyelfuego

When a company that is not popular globally decides not to include 3.5mm Audio Jack & FM Radio then is has planned to fail and hence will drive customers to other manufacturers.
I arrest my case.

michael, 08 May 20203x optical zoom, but without OIS, and a 32MP ultrawide came... morePeople like you always finds a way to complain

  • Anonymous

perfect phone.
perfect price.

just need an global rom and i will buy it.

  • michael

3x optical zoom, but without OIS, and a 32MP ultrawide camera that should be the front cam, which have 20MP sensor.

  • Anonymous

No headphone jack, no buy.