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  • Fuma Fuma

Matt, 25 Feb 2016- Flyme sucks (compared to stock Android) - Even tho... moreSync using bluetooth from old phone to new one always work. Or use flyme 5 chinese firmware.

Had the phone... Other than cant sync trough gmail..
I'm a happy owner

  • Anonymous

My camera icon disappeared and I can't get it back

  • akhii

Gkz, 12 Feb 2016Is it have fingerprint scanner doesn't

  • akhii

Icoy, 19 Feb 2016does this phone support otg? does

  • Matt

- Flyme sucks (compared to stock Android)
- Even though my phone is up to date: 1) Google contacts and Email DO NOT sync. I haven't found a solution so far. I've read somewhere to try to install Google Contacts 1.1 APK but it didn't fix the issue. I am currently using my phone with two third party apps to sync my contacts from Icloud... unbelievable! and I hate Apple ...
- On the virtual keyboard the "P" almost never works... I have to flip the phone to make it work
- the volume during a conversation is super low... I have found a post on this website on how to fix it ... I haven't tried it yet because apparently the warranty gets nullified (engineering mode)
- I bought the international version so that it would came with the G. Play store pre-loaded (and compatible) and all the google apps ... nothing was there ...
- this phone is not for regular users --- a geek is required. Frustrating also for a geek.
- Good screen and hopefully good battery life (still testing it)
- I am considering returning it

Any suggestions on how to fix the sync issue?

  • Bob

Nagil, 17 Jan 2016I am using meizu m2 note ....its give good performance bt sudden... moreCheck micro sd cable i git same Problem with note3 changed to genuine Nokia ca-101 cable works Gold 1.5h charge

  • Dava

Satisfy :)

  • Monp

This phone is almost perfect. The only problem is the very audio sound for music.

  • sam

i want to purrchase it,,,so is it good & better as a hard & lasting phone

  • AnonD-273004

Dear users: i m using this phon from 5months ...and changes phons every twice a month but i stucked to this phon very from the day i purchased it...this phon is very good in the terms of price value and quality it delivers... But you always need to upgrade software updates avoid bugs and software gliches..

  • f

Icoy, 19 Feb 2016does this phone support otg?yes, support otg

  • AnonD-505015

Just bought Meizu M2 Note international edition yesterday,

So far, i have encountered several bugs for :
1. the google play store (everytime you type certain keys e.g. W or F, play store will automatically close without any error messages), it is resolved by upgrading :
- the firmware to the latest version which is Flyme OS (you can download it in­p;type=1) and
- the google playstore to its latest version

2, The preinstalled gallery apps cannot find pictures in your sd card except the one stored in 'DCIM' folder. Some apps that refer to the gallery apps cannot access your pictures and video in SD card, for example LINE messaging photo and video attachment. I just have to install another gallery app to solve this.

3. You cannot open google now by press and hold the home button (in meizu it will lock your phone). So the only way to open google now is to click the apps or activate the 'Ok Google' detection. CMIIW.

Besides all those bugs, so far i like it so much, it does not lag compared to my previous LG G3, and Flyme's features really help me a lot in the transition from LG G3.

Pros for me:
- 4G LTE is supported,
- Sharp 5.5" Full HD Display in this price range,
- Smooth and lag free UI,
- Longer battery life compared to my G3,
- Fast charging with 2Amp,
- Good signal reception,
- Camera quality is quite good for this price range, 5MP front camera and 13MP rear camera,
- Music quality is good using my headset and Dirac HD settings,
- Home and back button combined into one simpler and innovative Mback button, have to give it some time to get used to it though,
- Flyme OS international edition comes with no bloatware only some system apps from Flyme such as security, memo, video, gallery, music, calculator, clock, SMS, and google apps (maps and play store),
- Smart Wakeup Gesture (Double Knock like G3 really helps me a lot as i am used to it),
- Smart Touch (I set it to lock the screen when it's tapped twice like G3),

Cons for me:
- No OIS for the camera , your hand must be stable when taking photo, else it will be blurry,
- Speaker quality of the phone is not clear and powerful enough for music playback,
- It uses Hybrid SIM system which means you have to choose Dual SIM or one SIM with SD Card.

IMO, this phone is one of the best right now for this particular price range 140 USD. If you don't mind learning new ways to operate android, get this phone.
FYI, i don't use it to play games.

  • Icoy

does this phone support otg?

  • Anonymous

my back panel gets scratches,can it be changable

  • jake

tei, 03 Feb 2016I have it for 3 months and today the home button died—it doesn'... morereally? I have it for 3 months too but mine is in good do use ur home button? Lol just curious. Anyway u can use smart touch as home button.

  • Anonymous

does it have a radio?

  • Ram

AnonD-499590, 11 Feb 2016I purchased the meizu m2 note on october t was working nice. But... moreDownload home button

  • Anonymous

i am trying to open my vault but it is showing one msg 'initilization of vault is complete ' wt should i do?

  • Anonymous

pk, 13 Feb 2016how camera claritysuperb the camera is good..

  • gemeniano88

i cant find the Flyme account in Settings>account. How can I find it and where? I need a reply asap. Thank you.