Meizu M3 Note

Meizu M3 Note

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  • carlo

This phone is not so bad, compared to my old Samsung j5 which is more expensive than my m3 note, its better in everything, plus cheaper. Definitely recommend this to average people like me

  • Atul

I have meizu M3s.when I'm playing video and doing something in my phone, my phone is automatically hot. Guys please solve my problem thanks

  • Athul

Really bad in touch problem. And in system features

  • AnonD-671168

don't go for it... bad phone bad support from global developers... u will stuck in the same android version forever

  • Susa

Mehek, 19 Apr 2017It supports volte or notJIO Volte support only for internet browsing. Not voice calls. Internet provided hacks are unreliable. Meizu has Volte support, just dosen't work seamless with JIO (Unlike Mi).

  • FIX lag ongaming !!!

ZRAM comperession on m3note make this phone use less ram, but lag on some high performance game.. solution: install "d init" software and run this script on boot

swapoff /dev/block/zram0
unmount /dev/block/zram0

echo> /sys/class/zram-control/hot_remove remove

*it will disable zram compression..

  • Pritam

lo, 07 Apr 2017But mine i chrager for 5 hours but still reaching 68 69% o... moreIt's May be your charger problem... Check your charger

  • Mehek

It supports volte or not

  • Vicky

it's supposed jio sim 4g volte check meizu form to enable volte. or google it. i'm using volte with jio sim.

  • Balki hunter

kodak, 16 Feb 2017support OTG OR Not??? Please Reply...Support otg for projector dan smart tv

  • lo

Vision, 31 Mar 2017I've had my M3 Note for 9 months now and it hasn't missed a... moreBut mine i chrager for 5 hours but still reaching 68 69% only do u kno wats wrong wit my phone

  • europe

In the beginning I thought is was a good phone but after 3 months the homebutton stopped working and it wouldn't turn on most of the times.
I haven't dropped it or something it is just bugging and doesn't work properly, really bad phone.
I don't recommend buying it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DON'T BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vision

I've had my M3 Note for 9 months now and it hasn't missed a beat. Really good battery life, previous phone was a Galaxy 4, for most use the performance is as good it not better.

  • AnonD-656332

The worst phone I have ever had. The processor is slow, poor camera, no support android update. Xiaomi very much better, in terms of price or in Performance.

  • vineetjain

Fraud company ,bakwas Service .. No goodwill , third class terms and conditions , i got a damaged product they say they don't have replacement policy and no refund , gave for repair they are not having responsible person to answer my questions, today is 28th day still it is getting repaired.

  • kiran

Sound quality of meizu m3 note is loud or not

  • Wilhelm

Anonymous, 08 May 2016Is meizu m3 note supported in USA in 4G LTE?Meizu m3 note get noughat update??????

  • AnonD-647599

3gb ram... Work perfetc !!

  • Lit

The camera is not wery good. I comare with Huawei honor 5c camera, and 5c better.

  • AnonD-273004

Like m2 note.... Very bad camera and unstable signal... Better to go for vivo blindly