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  • AnonD-700906

AnonD-700008, 13 Sep 2017google services is erased in my meizu m3note and when i try... moreu must first download google service using mobile data only not wifi then u can use wifi as u wish.......


I have installed Phone Finder in my Meizu M3 Note and enable button erroneously press by myself. As a result Phone Finder as well as other application Icons have been disappear from the phone. Besides this Sim Management has also been disappeared from my Meizu M3 Note. My Meizu M3 note has been hanged so far it is neither power off nor restart. please suggest the site or link so that Phone Finder Application Icon alongwith other application Icons (which have been disappeared from Meizu M3 note) could be reappeared in the phone.
with regards
Chauhan G

  • AnonD-700008

google services is erased in my meizu m3note and when i try downloading it gives caption google playservices is not supported by phone contact manufacturers.please help how to download google playservices. (i am not able to use hangouts and install utube because of this.)

  • jagdish

I am using meizu m3 note phone for past one year and it is a good one.Now I am not having google play services and not able to get hangouts past few days.Can you please tell me how to downloadit. The moment I am trying to down load I am getting notice saying that the googleplayservices is not supported y this phone and I have to contact the manufacturers.
Please help.

  • Anonymous

I m using this phone from 6 months and it's really bad experience it's battery gets down so quickly and when I use net the phone get too much hot... Just like a iron

  • Casper

AnonD-693698, 21 Aug 2017Dear, I recently inserted Grameenphone sim card in my new ... moreYou have to factory reset your phone.

  • AnonD-693698

Sujon, 28 Aug 2017Hi... I also having same problem... do got any solution for... moreYes. I solved my problem by download and installing Flyme version.
You also can try this from this link:-
It is stable version for Meizu M3 Note.
Hope it will be helpful to you.

  • Sujon

AnonD-693698, 21 Aug 2017Dear, I recently inserted Grameenphone sim card in my new ... moreHi... I also having same problem... do got any solution for this?

  • AnonD-693698

I recently inserted Grameenphone sim card in my new Meizu M3 Note in Bangladesh, and the handset doesn't support APN Settings automatically and also can't setup APN manually. the fact is that when i go to Sim and Network -> APN there are four buttons: the previous menu button, the "reset" button, "update APN online" and the "add APN" button; but when i tap on the Update APN online button, it's nothing happen. and when I tap on Add APN button, it just goes back to the previous menu; like if i tapped "previous".. please help me; I won't be able to use my internet connection until i work this out!

Hope Someone will reply with the solution.

Thanks for the support.
Mohammed Sahadat

  • AnonD-406268

Using it, speed in play store is horrible through wifi. Camera becomes darker after focusing, temperature is most always around 38-39degrees, if I am not doing a hard task, has some issue in camera shutter button, suddenly it does not work,facing issue on poweramp while playing song in speaker, no problem in earphone at all, onlyabout 700mb ram, 9.8gb free on first boot, I hate hybrid slots in mid & low range phones. Otherwise everything is going well till now, sorry for bad English

Well I used this phone for whole year. It's terrible in hardware and support. Why would I say support is terrible. I came from Flyme Forum. I really disappointed in how rude in support. The hardware in 1 year later. My fingerprint sensor, home button isn't working correctly. and how laggy it is in hardware. Definitely not worth for your money go buy Xiaomi phone or other phone.

  • ajunaik60007

why the jio sim is not supported when network is showing

  • Anonymous

AnonD-676290, 24 Jun 2017Meizu m3 note is supported jio sim.....yes

  • AnonD-676290

Meizu m3 note is supported jio sim.....

  • Anonymous

AnonD-567092, 09 Jun 2017did you have the fingerprint problem too? I have broblem with the start button and fingerprint. Doesn't working. Help please

  • maruthike

This mobile suported jio sim..

  • AnonD-678334

Meizu M3 Note 2Gb/16 GB.. Good or bad ??
Plz reply.

  • Fiqz Mohdz

i love this smartphone (3gb version) all smooth and comfortable with hand battery life good.. the problem is not so popular in certain place and hard to find cassing (just buy online).. so for all who wanna buy this smartphone.. just buy a 3gb version.. flame ui smooth like im using iphone.. playing mobile legend online not lagging (hd games size 1-2gb not lagging too)..
android version not update is not a problem for me because i use other nougat smartphone but in case on gaming hacking is bad hahaha.. on lolipop is easy to hacking game :P. so for me (8/10) because camera quality on inside room so bad.. outside is good.. but it okay.. i have other smarthphone with very good quality camera.. :)

  • AnonD-678131

FIX lag ongaming !!!, 25 Apr 2017ZRAM comperession on m3note make this phone use less ram, b... moreCan u show me a video or some other means how to make Zram disable? I didn't get how to do.

  • AnonD-567092

Vision, 31 Mar 2017I've had my M3 Note for 9 months now and it hasn't missed a... moredid you have the fingerprint problem too?