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  • AnonD-457387

Guys where do i buy the 64gig model? Any links? Note 5 or this? Im really confused.

  • gondez

Dk Gagan, 28 Oct 2015Samsung's Super-Amoled Display -- Best display you can get on a ... moreYup, pro 5 sensor is imx 230, but it's different from Sony Z3.
Z3 sensor is imx 220s, the sensor size is slightly bigger than imx 230, and imx 220s pixel size is also slightly bigger imx 230.
FYI theoretically the bigger the sensor size, and the smaller pixel size is better

  • Juan

AnonD-217159, 02 Nov 2015Hey Meizu users, does it support a fully english system language... moreIts multilingual! without a single Chinese app!

  • AnonD-217159

Hey Meizu users, does it support a fully english system language or an arabic language? Please help

  • psvitauser

The Meizu Pro 5 is the most powerful smartphone in the world.That proves that chinese phones are also good.

  • Dk Gagan

Samsung's Super-Amoled Display -- Best display you can get on a smartphone -better than LCD
Sony's IMX230 camera --same used in z3 Top Notch camera
Samsung's 14nm Chipset -Power Efficient & Most Powerfull ,no heating issues
DDR4 ram both 3gb version and 4gb version
HI-fi audio inbuilt chip for 3.5mm Jack
1920x1080 now this seems low end but having a FHD has its own advantages
Overall this phone is Better than Samsung s6
moreover Big Battery + Dual sim/Microsd card

  • AnonD-428046

Meizu Pro 5 has just scored 76852 on Antutu hardware test, beating the previous record holder Samsung Note 5 by almost 5000 points.
Pro 5 is now the most powerful Android phone in the world.

  • Big D

this phone has the highest benchmark scores in all phones

  • Anonymous

Deepan, 25 Oct 2015Is there finger print sensor?????yes, on the middle upfront main button below the screen.

  • Anonymous

Deepan, 25 Oct 2015Is there finger print sensor?????yes

  • Jeff Kasper

The 32GB version is available in Hong Kong now $3650 HKD ($470 USD)...Should wait a month later, price will definitely drop. The guy at Shenzhen shop said 64GB need to wait until early November.

  • Deepan

Is there finger print sensor?????

  • AnonD-442158

Liv, 22 Oct 2015This phone is looking good. It use Samsung high end chip. Big st... moreIf you're Malaysian, then I suppose you're able to read some Bahasa Indonesia? This link below saying confirmation for the Meizu PRO 5 to come to your neighbouring country Indonesia in DECEMBER.­eizu-pro-5-sampai-ke-indonesia

The link includes prices in RUPIAH and also the e-commerce online market where the device will start selling.

  • AnonD-458600

I don't understand why These type of Smartphone haven't a FM,is it cost more??
I highly want two SIM slot with another Micro SD Slot in this phone,will it cost more???
Battery could be of 4000mAH.
OTG supports or not??

  • AnonD-442158

to people who have tried the PRO 5,

I'd like to clarify the complete and accurate list of things that Meizu "borrowed" (NO, I have yet to think it's what you called "copying other's desigh/tech" because for now I'd like to optimiscally think Meizu legally ordered/bought these spareparts from Samsung (just like other companies buys chipsets from Qualcomm or buys camera sensors from Sony) then assembled them into the Meizu's own design smartphone.

Here's what I heard so far from mixed sources:

- Samsung Exynos 7420 (THE fastest production chipset on the market right now)

- AMOLED Full HD display (Samsung's known for their USE of AMOLED displays on Most of its devices, so I can't help but wonder Meizu might just as well ordered the display from Samsung. I know many other companies makes AMOLED displays, so this might just a wild guess. But if Meizu does use a Samsung screen,
- - Is it a Super Amoled?
- - Also, how about Samsung's infamous over saturated colours?
- - Since the most modern Samsung handsets allows changes to several Screen Modes that includes one that is accurate, does Menu offer the same/similiar capability?

- UFS 2.0 (the faster internal storage system, compared to eMMC), introduced by Samsung through the Galaxy S6 series. This is uncertain because most tech sites only lists the capacity for the storage, not the technology it uses.

- If there are other tech "borrowed"/"ordered"/"licensed"/"bought" from Samsung or similar to Samsung please specify.

I'm one of those people who blacklisted Samsung handsets for a number of reasons, but the achievements made by one of them that uses these parts have made one of my eyes open. Meizu rescues people like me by releasing the Pro 5, so I'd like to know what I'll get before the "rescue chopper" arrives in my hands which of course would cost me a hefty sum of money, considering it comes from a China-based company. No offense.

  • AnonD-432899

Liv, 22 Oct 2015This phone is looking good. It use Samsung high end chip. Big st... moremaybe it will come next month

  • Liv

This phone is looking good. It use Samsung high end chip. Big step forward from meizu this time around and this model will sell indeed. Is this model coming to Malaysia?

  • SR

Now I'm in China, it is available in shops all the same price 2799CNY, in HK still not available...
Chinese version without google services.But maybe probable upgrade.

  • AnonD-7433

If only Meizu decided to give it 5000 mAh or at the very least 4000, it would be one of the best buys available.

  • AnonD-454392

is it available in the us?