Micromax Canvas Knight 2 E471

Micromax Canvas Knight 2 E471

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  • vicky

preethi, 03 Oct 2015hii guys my phone micromax gold a300 i gave for servicing its al... moreOh sure plz take it its really good

  • Rai

AnonD-453376, 13 Oct 2015Is it really worth???? Cz I have received many negative comments... moreBasing on phone quality, it is at par with other well known brands (for this model only) customer service wise, bad feedback especially aftersales... those people complaining about their phone's quality are people who doesnt know how to take care of their device and depends on the warranty alone. we cannot avoid bumping on lemon devices but you will probably know that your device is faulty on the first time you got it that's why you have to test it prior to you owning it.

Hope this info is helpful.

Cheers Mate

  • AnonD-453376

Is it really worth???? Cz I have received many negative comments about this service but what about the quality??? I am confused between moto g and this phone. I heard that this display and graphics for games are good. Is it true?? Please tell me micromax customers

  • sajith

am really disappointed with the service.so bad customer compliet

  • kanchan

I am using micromax phn from last 2 years.....n from very first day to till now...I hvn't came across to any trouble I found micromax phone very impactful and better than lumia,Samsung and other companies though I know service is worst bt I am completely in love wd thz company so on my birthday I am gonna buy another micromax phone that is canvas Knight 2 I hope this time also it will vl prove my trust
luv micromax :)

  • laksh81

I got it in place of my knight a350 after 4 months of wait ..so do thy give just the phone e471 or its accessories are also given along , that charger n earphones etc.?? Do tell plz. N how gud is it ascompair to a350. Or shall i reclaim a350 only!

  • Kathir

Yesterday I in rain my mobile had wat but I took within 5 seconds and gave to service they blow air and remove the water but now my camera and flash light is not working....... Pls tell what should I do now

  • Arunkarthi

Rai, 08 Oct 2015Hi, you may want to force stop running apps in settings, those a... moreThank u rai

  • ashutosh raj tamrkar

micromax broke my faith my trust,i bought canvas knight2 e471,but it really suck mob and cmpny too,nvr buy this mob plzz plzz,as i getting such prblm, nvr wnt u all to get such prblm,before bought i were called micromax toll free to cnfrm,is e471 can repair on service centre ,they cnfrm,bt mymob had prblm frm first day,then again call cstmr cre ,they say its sevice is door to door,after that is replace my mob,replacement mob has too scratches,i frustrate i returend mob,then again call they said ,nya brand seal mob bejunga,now guys, abt 25 dayspassed bt replacement mob didnt came,again call,they said here's not msg abt secnd replmnt,i again frustrate,now frnd m dcide to go consumer forum,,nd now i dnt replacement,

  • Ravichandran

priyanka, 09 Oct 2015i am frustated with this phone it hangs a lottttt.................. moreRaise your query at mi care micromax and they replace your mobile without any cost of possible.

  • priyanka

i am frustated with this phone it hangs a lottttt................

service center is demanding 1000 rs for replacement even i bought dis phone in august 2015 only... i am really frustated. help me... please...

  • Ravichandran

Hi guys, E471 have the default note pad? My mobile don't have the note pad. Now I'm using 3rd party app. I don't think why micromax doesn't add that note pad in to this model.

  • Rai

AnonD-401822, 09 Oct 2015Gaming performance is good or bad ?Yep, i was able to play republique. you really may notice heating issues because of it's processor and the quality of games being played, what i do is i always play in front of fan and my aircon's on (as always it's on).

  • AnonD-401822

Rai, 08 Oct 2015Hi, you may want to force stop running apps in settings, those a... moreGaming performance is good or bad ?

  • bbkaushik

I have micromax A350 after 8 months its on/off button & speaker is not working properly & i have submitted to service center in August but after 1 week service center told that its goes to co.for repair but till the date october is going on & i have went to miromax HO Gurgaon where i talk to customer Head he told me that in the replacement of my phone he give the canvas Knight 2e471.so guys don'nt buy the Micromax phone dur to poooooooooooooooor service

  • Rai

Arunkarthi, 08 Oct 2015Hi I was using A350 after 3 months I have face over heating and ... moreHi, you may want to force stop running apps in settings, those apps that runs on the background causes your micromax E471 to heat up, also, lower down the brightness of your phone. if you have an SD card as an external storage, it is highly suggested to transfer your music, pics and other docs to external SD as well as the movable apps. that way you can free your system from clogging that causes the ram to spike and your processor to run even without anything to do for. hope this helps though :D

  • Arunkarthi

Hi I was using A350 after 3 months I have face over heating and display problem so I given my hand set for service they have taken more time after 55days they have replaced a new mobile e471.

But again I facing same problem heating while using camera, charging and browsing

I am totally unhappy with micromax, please don't buy Micromax.

Can any one suggest me for heating issue.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Oct 20159months!! Such a long wait.. Dey hold my fone also for 3 months.... morei am also facing the same issue with micromax

  • hem giri

PRATIKS, 03 Sep 2015how can i make a video call in this phone How to use video call in k night 2 E471

  • vijay

preethi, 03 Oct 2015hii guys my phone micromax gold a300 i gave for servicing its al... moreya,take it its a very good and powerful i am also having it.i purchased it before 5 month and till now i am not suffering with any problem.