Micromax Canvas Xpress 2 E313

Micromax Canvas Xpress 2 E313

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  • Papul

NAYan, 24 Aug 2015My Experience with Micromax Canvas Xpress2 of 10 days- Pro... moreHi Nayan
Fr battery I can suggest U to drain it fully and charge upto 6 to 8 hours or else do a factory reset and then do the same.

For lagging issues u have to wait up to L roll out from Micromax.

Heating issues.... on my point of view its very normal even same heating U can get high end Samsung or any branded mobiles.

For the screen size I am getting full screen when playing video as I am using MAX player and VLC media player for android. U can see in MAX player after playing video the on screen home buttons hiding automatically , thn we can get the full 5inch screen. For VLC media player just put the screen to Fit Vertical and see U wll get the full 5inch screen.

For the transfer of apps also U have to wait up to L roll out from Micromax. Then U can move ur apps from Internal Memory to SD card and vice versa.

As I mentioned before fr the sound increase n decrease L updation is the solution.

For the video color its depend on the Video completely. What is color depth, file format and file size. Some videos we r downloading from internet are compressed file which we wont get any enhanced color and loud volume.

More over i am not blaming U or nt saying that U r telling some lye. I am just trying to help U out from ur problem. I am not a brand lover that arguing on the favor of MMX. If the product is good frm what brand I never mind. Bt real fact is that thi is ur hard earn money. So its completely depends on U what to do wht not to do.
Thanks a lot dude.

  • mohit soni

Shayeb, 24 Aug 2015Have anyone experienced and used this phone,is it really gu... morei had also decided to buy one of these phone and after getting some information i get that the xpress 2 is better than juice 2

  • Dev

Hii friends, plz tell me anyone get lollipop update😑

  • Anonymous

manu, 24 Aug 2015 Micromax Canvas Xpress E313 Review: Negative Points : 1... moreThx

  • Prashant

Can i use GSM SIM card in wcdma slot..

  • Prateek

Ver good mobile......camera is awesome....

  • AnonD-271840

ACE, 24 Aug 2015Meanwhile, I am fed up of the wait. Flipkart is really horr... moreBad luck....

  • AnonD-271840

Shayeb, 24 Aug 2015Have anyone experienced and used this phone,is it really gu... moreExpress 2.....

  • AnonD-271840

ACE, 24 Aug 2015Bro.. u misconstrued it. It says it is upgradable to lollip... moreI have used lollipop in my moto.....lollipop is better...battery consumption is less...WiFi etc does not consume battery when not connected....hence I could keep all of them ON without worrying of battery...also the graphics is much more pleasant.....

  • AnonD-271840

Papul, 24 Aug 2015Yes Dude..Wow...thanx 4 the info

  • abhishek

frds i want to buy this phone bt i want tha waight of phone

  • Shayeb

Papul, 24 Aug 2015Dude dont be confuse. This mobile is a complete package wit... moreHave anyone experienced and used this phone,is it really gud.much more confuse between xpress 2 and juice 2.plz suggest which one is best

  • NAYan

My Experience with Micromax Canvas Xpress2 of 10 days-
1) Great sleek look.You must love the look
2) screene clarity is good as far hd screene
3) great sound quality through headphone
4) Camera is also nice @5999 and 2 mp front facing camera is enough good for a selfie in daylight condition
1) Battery is soooo poor.its draining so fast.It will be a headche to you.you can find better battery life@5999 in the market
2) As the home screene buttons are on screene,you can use only 4.5 inches screene only you can use the 5 inches screene while playing a video file.
3) while playing mp3 or video through phone speaker the sound increase and decrease automatically
4) while playing video colour reproduction is not decent.its little bit warmth
5) though it is octacore processor as the price is cheap for a octacore processor the phone lags now and then
6) you cannot move application to sd card anyway
7) phone heats.its very common to a cheap phone.
I have returned this product for a refund.Now its upto you wheather you are going to purchase or not.You can catch me on whatsapp @9635720072.Thank you!!!!!!

  • NAYan

This a 1.4 Octacore processor.But that is on papers only.The phone has lag problem in real.You can never expect lag in octacore processor

  • ACE

Meanwhile, I am fed up of the wait. Flipkart is really horrible. Two weeks now & i am chasing them for replacement. First, they asked me do deliver the set back but when i resisted, they sent a person after 3 days and he picked up the set. Surprisingly, another pick up boy turned up the next day. I seriously felt like beating his a$$. And now that the pick up is done, Flipkart has no idea about it. They r waiting for the seller to confirm.

Most pathetic experience I have ever had. Had this not been a flipkart exclusive..i wudnt have gone with it :(

  • ACE

subho30, 23 Aug 2015most faltu set.. this phone not upgread to 5.0 lalipop Bro.. u misconstrued it. It says it is upgradable to lollipop and that would surely happen when a release for this model comes out. U can't do it right now.

Just anxious ... i havent used a lollipop version till date. Is the experience way too pleasant when u compare it with Kitkat .. pls let me know ??

  • ACE

aman14, 22 Aug 2015I am facing issues with network it's networks drops suddenl... moreYes .. i noticed that too. Seems it has been made that way. If it would have been a software issue, then the LED colors would have been seriously erratic.

  • DIPU

Tarun Sritej, 24 Aug 2015Hi Friends....I want to buy this phone,I using mainly back ... morei want to buy this phone ..........................

  • Papul

AnonD-271840, 24 Aug 2015r u sure that both sim slots supports 3G at same time ? I h... moreYes Dude..

  • manu

Micromax Canvas Xpress E313 Review:
Negative Points :
1,Micromax has installed lot of bloatware.
Its not the android skinning on top of kitkat that's a problem.
You can't uninstall some of these preinstalled apps without rooting the phone.
Micromax have built spam into the launcher/ interface.
Once I got the notification I clicked on it ,, the "UPDATE" app was running.
How do i know ? Just minimize the screen by clicking on recent apps,U can see Update running in the list of apps !!!
Also right of home screen is Quick look ,, news update page !!!! no way u can uninstall all these .
Option change the launcher to Nova / Apex launcher!!!
But still to remove the UPDATE app u have to root the phone !!!
Rooting & removing the UPDATE app can have stability issues.
Don't expect cynogen or custom apps for this phone.
Even though there are many hundreds of phones based on MTK6592, the sensors or some differences maybe there....
So u can't expect to install any MTK6592 rom unless it has the same exact expecs!!!
2,You get notification in notification bar telling u about some apps,,, to install ,, this happens from time to time when u r connected to Internet ,, I got atleast 3 such notification with a days use ,,,You get these notification even if u have not added google account.
3,About battery life : I got 6.5 to under 7 hrs playing a movie name 300 ( a 700 Mb AVI video ). till the battery went dead.This battery test I have disabled almost all the bloatware.
Battery life : I was taking photos and some videos at night the battery went from around 50-60% to 14% , I got the battery low warning but I thought it might be a battery calibration issue , so ignored it the phone went dead. The whole process took under 30 min.
Battery saving mode is on by default ( tick in the box )
Battery saving mode doesn't seem to help.
Also while testing with Antutu Benchmark, battery saving mode doesn't seem to change/affect the scores.
Even if u change from battery saving mode by unticking the box ,, it will revert /go back to battery saving mode on restart.

My battery I have calibrated for couple of times before using it
I have a battery tester and the battery capacity is ideed 2500 mAh. ( My tester is working fine , I usually test my power bank & tablets using the tester for battery capacity ( I have more than couple of them )
4, No Lollipop update. I asked in Micromax Official facebook page , told me to go to service center.
But somebody in facebook page telling they got Lollipop update!!!,, I don't know how true it is.
Plus Points
Performance is faster than Snap 400 , used in Xiaomi redmi 2 or Huawei 4c/4x in majority of cases.
The voice quality on calls is very good, the best I have used in this range , crystal clear.
Even using the speaker phones for calls is really great
I have not tested any games on it . ( I use Xolo Tegra Play Tablet : Tegra 4 based for my games !!!)

I used for for couple of days only.

Couple of things really irritated me a lot, one bloatware & SPAM ,, I don't need notication telling me to install new apps.
Spamming with new apps!!!!
The other is battery life.

camera review : I took a picture in almost pitch dark / (very dull lighting or only very low lighting u ca expect in the open sky at night.) in my balcony , the flash worked really well and brightened the scene .

The other I tried at the shopping mall , and my sisters kids were playing , the photos were average at best ,, not that gr8. Sometimes it takes time to focus ,, like pausing a bit ,, ut that's ok ,,,

The flash in AUTO switches on lighting the scene. But difficult lighting at night the picture are not taht good ,, Its OK.

Daylight photographs should be good I suppose.

I have filed for return request with flipkart ,They will reply with 2 days .
Reasons: Battery life & Spamming with apps / irritating notifications,
Also I felt its a security threat that my phone data / personal data will be stolen.