Micromax In 1b

Micromax In 1b

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  • Yogi

Have display issue. White lines like burns on lcd.anyine noticed. Check display tester app. Appears on grey shades

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Dec 2020The phone has now available on Micromax website and flipkar... moreYou can also give your your gmail id.
All types of electronic mails are generally referred as E-mail

  • Duryodhan

Also I would like to add in my review that the SAR Value is quite low in this model compared to other brands. Very Good phone by MMX.

  • Duryodhan

I'm using this phone last 24 hours. It is running pure Android that's why I picked this phone for Rs 8000 I got the 4GB RAM 64 GB Variant and it is very good. Got OTA update after Unboxing.

Here's my initial impressions:
Big Display, 6.5 inch Notch Fullscreen, Good Display Quality.
No issues with Touch. Very Responsive.
Buttons Are Good. Dedicated Google Assistant Button.
Good Build Quality. I've the Purple Colour.
Loud Sound, Good Sound via Earphones, Calling Sound Good.
4GB RAM 64 GB ROM is enough for daily usage
Android 10 Full Version (Running Smoothly)
Best Thing is No Ads, No Bloatwares & No Useless Notification
Dual SIM + MicroSD Slot. Thumbs up.
No lags. Above Average Cameras. Good.
Fingerprint Unlock Response is Good.
Type C Port (I am Happy about this)
5000 mAh Battery (Easily 1 to 2 Days Backup Depending On Your Usage). In my case, I charged only once yesterday and still using today as of now. 10W Charging Provided.
Overall a very good phone and easily the best phone priced at 8000Rs. Better than Redmi & Realme phones priced around the same. Stock Android is very good and am huge stock Android fan because of no ads, no bloatwares and no useless distracting notification. Really happy with this phone.

Camera UI is good but needs some polishing like sliding to change modes.
No Double Tap to unlock option.
Hope MMX consider providing these features in next OTA update. Overall I'm very happy with my purchase of this phone. Welcome back Micromax.

  • Anonymous

name 1b looks like level2 model, i think IN 1a single variant 4GB is going to come with puchhole display & lte-2CA with similar specs rest...

  • Duryodhan

I have got the 4GB RAM 64 GB ROM Variant It is running full Android 10. Micromax In 1B is a great smartphone at this price range. Worthy phone. Hope Micromax updates the software and UI it needs some polishing.

  • Amit

Only 2GB variation is Go edition but 4GB is android 10. Please update this in your specifications.

  • Anonymous

specs are looking good, could you try similar with 5.5" screen size which is actually more handy & for single hand use, plus the LTE-2CA mode also,

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Dec 2020The phone has now available on Micromax website and flipkar... morethe difference between this and IN note1 is its missing 2CA

  • Anonymous

The phone has now available on Micromax website and flipkart. But, I am not going to buy. I will see reviews on gsmarena. Then, I will decide. Micromax selling website is asking e-mail address. Days are gone when we use yahoo e-mail. Micromax has to change selling tactic, otherwise I will buy from flipkart. I think, there is phone number required in flipkart and e-mail not mandatory.

nice try

  • Zero

Rk, 27 Nov 2020Keep your opinion with you. Don't try to mislead peopl... moreThat is so hypocrital since they still depends on China. They should go with Taiwanese, Vietnamese or South Korean components instead.

  • Rk

dyslexic alien, 26 Nov 2020All the patriotic accounts here need to open their eyes. Mi... moreKeep your opinion with you. Don't try to mislead people. The deal is cancelled. Here all the In phones are made in India. Yes they are importing components from china to make the phone like any other company.

All the patriotic accounts here need to open their eyes. Micromax entered in a partnership with Huawei to sell their products last year. This is 100% Chinese stuff with Indian logo and packaging 😂
This is what they did years ago and are doing it again because nationalism is trending, so might as well profit from it. Don't fall for their lies.

  • Mayank Bhatt

The camera specifications, 5000mAh battery and a gaming SoC makes this phone a good buy.

  • Ayush Nair

This phone is a good addition to Micromax with amazing features, powerful battery and decent camera.

  • RM

A good addition in the budget range with the 4GB RAM - 5000mAh battery and the gaming support with the Helio G35 chipset!

  • Anonymous

Micromax 1B is a good addition to the budget segment with the integration of the Mediatek Helio G35 gaming chipset and massive 5000mAh battery

  • Saurabh

1st Welcome India's won Brand I'm Happy

Phones Look is awesome but There 1 problem

Sir Rahul Sharma : Sir You Should Be Given 48 mega Pixel and 16 Mega Pixel Ram & Rom Is Awesome But Start should be This type 3GB 32 GB& 16 Mega Pixel Front Back 48, 4GB and 64GB bcz China also strat this type of marketing

  • Anonymous

Battery should run 3-4 years. Every standard company's battery runs like that. May be Nokia, Samsung or iPhone.