Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE

Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE

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  • Lizzie

Have loved it, now need to replace it - what would you recommend?
Preferably another Nokia, but, open to suggestions (although not Samsung). Thank you.

  • pimmento

It's been a great phone...

  • Anonymous

So do I - it's great

  • b-lumia640

I've had this phone for years lumia 640 LTE.
I use it for calling in USA, internationally, I used it in Europe several times, I use it for SMS, picture taking, video, blue tooth in car. In 3+ years I had probably only 10 dropped calls. It is 8.1 windows OS, I upgraded it to windows 10, but lost some functionality and I did not like windows 10, tiles looked weird, so I switched back to 8.1 - this is the best phone there was to me. I never experienced issues with heat or battery drainage. When I charge it, I have plenty of juice next day (I don't play games on it). I absolutely love the windows tiles on it. Blue tooth connects fine in cars and quality calls in cars is very good. The size of the phone is perfect. Pictures are good, nothing extraordinary, but still good.
This phone was and still is perfect. Microsoft disabled SMS voice early this year. MS, there are people still using lumias !!! I have MS apps on it which still work. Microsoft app store had one BIG advantage over google app store; you could choose app based on user reviews. Google does not have that !!! Apple's on the other hand wants your credit card info even though you what to download only free app. I have looked for a possible replacement, new iphone or android one, I got google pixel 2, the phone was sucking battery power without me even using it and I had issues pairing it with BT in cars and making BT calls; no 3.5 mm port/jack. I returned the phone, I would never liked it. Apple iphone 5S ; it makes random calls after I call someone, this issue is not only my issue, internet is full of this complain. I could not fix it or find the right solution. I will never like iphone's OS as I don't like mac OS. I am looking at motorola one p30 or nokia 7.1, I have searched for tons of phones out there - android one only, but reading about issues on both phones makes me think 2x. I will be using lumia 640 LTE until it dies. Android phone advice: get phone with "android one" only or you will get a bloatware. Why does samsung and whole pack of manufacturers add MUI's and whatever? Windows phones had never such issues.

  • Anonymous

I still have one of these

  • aandgee

kobby zion, 12 Jun 2019how to reset the protection recovery keyReset protection removes only in windows 10 not in windows 8 .ok.

  • kobby zion

how to reset the protection recovery key

Jack, 06 Jun 2019I never get to be able to play any music files on my Micros... moreGrove music.

  • Jack

which app plays all the codecs, whatever that means?

  • Jack

I never get to be able to play any music files on my Microsoft Lumia 640 lte, what do I do? which app should I install

  • Meltide Wadley

I have a windows phone, I would like to use another but I'm asked for a code to use it as I can do that.

  • AnonD-842232

Timtim, 12 Oct 2018My Lumia 640 bought 3 years ago is dead. How do I recover a... moreMaybe on your Outlook account ? Connect from a PC and look at the contact ?
Other solution : add your outlook account on another WinPhone. This should load your contact as well.

  • AnonD-842232

outofgalaxy2004, 19 Dec 2018Does anyone know, Skype works on Windows 10 mobile? Quite surprisingly Whatsapp, Skype, Viber and Telegram work on W10M and on WP8.1.

  • AnonD-842232

mc kwurugaba, 15 Feb 2019Why facebook not working on Microsoft Lumia 640 LITEMaybe time to switch to iOS or Android... Dont upgrade to W10M for W10M is a disaster briefly said (unreliable, fragile, slow). And its Facebook app is poor.

  • AnonD-842232

Spotify runs quite well excepted the Search function ! Very annoying... I advise you to install Deezer to replace it, its a good alternative on the beloved but abandoned WP8.1.

mc kwurugaba, 15 Feb 2019Why facebook not working on Microsoft Lumia 640 LITEThe Facebook app won't work on WP8.1 only in W10m you will need to update the phone... but my advice is to buy another phone with Android or iOS.

  • mc kwurugaba

Why facebook not working on Microsoft Lumia 640 LITE

  • mc kwurugaba

Why Microsoft Lumia 640lite,face on not working on it.

  • Sik

Its really awesome but ram 1gb

  • Anonymous

Otto, 11 Jan 2019Does Spotify work?Yes!