Microsoft Lumia 850

Microsoft Lumia 850

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Just imagine what would happen if Microsoft put this Lumia 830 successor with contemporary top-of-the-range Snapdragon 400 or 600 series chipset and 2GB RAM. That could be a worthy affordable alternative to the Lumia 950 and indirectly keeping Windows Phone competition alive. It's a real shame that Microsoft has now succumbed to the Android-iOS duopoly with no true viable third mobile OS. Huawei's HarmonyOS is getting there, but they still need more work to win more people.

  • NO111ONE

This thing exists. One of my friends has a prototype. I think. Nobody heard me.

  • Anonymous

Waited so long suppose to release december 2017 and it cancelled

  • AnonD-716026

Chandu, 19 Nov 2016I request to please add fingerprint sensor to the phone and... moreWe are waiting no more! It's cancelled!

  • vahid

yes ... I like it

  • kumar


  • Chandu

I request to please add fingerprint sensor to the phone and increase the RAM size and increase the battery capacity also to this phone plz becoz we r waiting for this phone

  • Emad

Navnit, 05 Nov 2016IS this support OTG ?no

  • AnonD-605852

how much it cost, and does it have a problem in USSD codes?

  • Navnit

IS this support OTG ?

  • Anonymous

Hermenejildo, 03 Feb 2016hahahaha worse specs for new models, im really starting to ... moreVre nice

  • pink panther

AnonD-557102, 22 Jul 2016i would suggest lumia add fingerprint.It`s windows not android .

  • AnonD-569266

I used a Lumia 520 earlier an ordibary phone which i used really heavily which lasted... I got a huawei p8lite so i switched to android ... It's good bt i still lyk Windows nd the camera
The specs i personally think suitable is
5"OLED FHD display
2/3GB Ram
10Mp cam f/1.8 PureView
5mp front nd 3000mah
Nd a price tag of 300$

  • AnonD-557102

i would suggest lumia add fingerprint.

  • Anik

1GB RAM still exists?

  • AnonD-556767

the same like the lumia 830 the defference between us are the second camera and the number of sim

  • fabin

I like thia lumia850 phone when it came? I wnd knw date

  • jay

When will be release the device. Can anyone tell me plz?

  • Gee

Zack, 15 Apr 2016I bought the Lumia 650, and it is an amazing device. I am ... moreThe 650 is a cracking device, but it seems to me that MS have got it all the wrong way the 950 like so cheap :).

  • 820

i hope there will come soon new "820" with max 5" panel. 950 is too big and 650 have too weak camera. Old 820 is the best phone i ever have had, but the battery start to go old!