Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Dual SIM

Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Dual SIM

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  • Samparm

This lumia 950xl is it a dual sim phone?

  • Nokijus

OMG!!! This smart phone King of the Kings!

  • advlive

AnonD-218710, 14 Jan 2016Lumia is back on sales in states, very bad impression withdrawal... moreyou do not want know about windows phone better sit silent

  • Anonymous

Does imo messenger support in Microsoft 950xl

  • Manjeet

when will the price of this phone reduce. I m waiting for long time.

  • AnonD-218710

Since a week nobody has posted any experiences with this plastic brick? As once withdrawn has ew emerged again on Microsoft Store.. 100 bucks less minus condominium, nothing new but sad. Ver. 36 on 550 has not be updated, because n sec it was actually OTA,but immediately withdrawn. What is this MS, doing? Balls

  • AnonD-218710

Lumia is back on sales in states, very bad impression withdrawal in just a month, technical software or hardware issue, now price reduced by 100$ without condimunum. Just stay away from this. 1520 upgrade 1550 in making must be all metal. Windows has since announced no further 11 onwards series. They will improve on betas only. So forget it and concentrate onSony, Sammy, Nokia etc Android and enjoy!

  • AnonD-448675

can any one tell me about 950 xl or 640 xl for heating?? which the best

  • AnonD-431306

AnonD-218710, 28 Dec 2015Prices should be cut by 100$ now as coninium is gone, even more.... moreThere is Corning Gorilla Glass 4 on Lumia 950 XL. Check this KNife Scratch Test video And it seems Microsoft selected to go with the plastic body to reduce the weight... Lumia 950 XL is having bigger screen and battery than HTC One M9 Plus but still weighs less than it

  • AnonD-431306

Ted, 02 Jan 2016Hi guys, Is there any difference between 950 XL and 950 XL dual... moreNo, there is no difference... Check this video for the confirmation

  • mohammad danial

it's very nice...

  • Anonymous

Hi there, I've used and loved the Lumia phones for sometime, but very disappointed with the new 950. The emailing ability is extremely poor for a business user. Your unable to forward emails to your groups. You can go to groups first, but that's hopeless if you want to forward the email. It also has moments where it cant find all the email addresses, in the auto fill area to send an email. Very frustrating, but these are the things you cant see when choosing a new phone. Hope this helps

  • AnonD-458037

John, 08 Jan 2016 Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Dual SIM, don't have GPS ? Only A-GPS ?

  • AnonD-23378

Lumia 950 series is good in operating system. Price is extreamly high and phone style is extreamly out dated. Expected to have a stylish phone. Microsoft & Nokiya should concentrate newer styles before they relese new.

  • AnonD-218710

Its over 10 days, nobody has posted any comments, looks like it's also withdrawn worldwide! Never looks a Flagship cell, same as 640 xl replica, plastic she'll removable just specs improved. MSoft take some pills for common sense, all steel body like iPhone.

  • John

Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Dual SIM, don't have GPS ? Only A-GPS ?

  • AnonD-477943

Windows phone is not suitable to anyone. You have to wait till developers are convinced to give attention to Windows platform. For business use, this is an amazing device that will serve you very well. If you are focusing on media then you are not going to be satisfied. In my case, Lumia 950 XL + dock + (VDI) Virtual Desktop Infrastructure are the best combination for me as a mobile user. If I exclude other platforms, Windows 10 is worth to try.

  • @MohanParmar1

I will not ask you "why do you like other OSs/Devices" but I can give you many reasons to Purchase/Love a Lumia/WindowsPhone devices.
I have done this many time with friends.

I`m Using Lumia 620(512 MB RAM) since 2013, and it`s Amazing.
You can check Best Possible Photos of this 5MP device on My Instagram account.... Lumia Devices provided on Screen Camera Control with tutorial for photography like professonals.
Few features of Lumia:
1.Best Possible Camera
2.Smooth OS,
3.Timely Updates/all update OTA
4.All Apps are available(useful apps not garbage)
5.Cortana (best assistant who can ask you question also,works even offline)
6.All Office Apps(Productivity)
7.Office Lens (Which can convert your pictures into PDF,Notes,Docs & PPT, Auto crope Pics to Docs format & Save to One Drive)
8.One Drive- Free Cloud storage.(Search keywords even in Photos, If a photo name "xyz" saved on one drive you didn`t remember name, but you know that in that picture the word "nature" was writen on a board, just search nature & the pic will be in front of you.)
9.Lumia Selfie App(Enhance experience)
10.Photosynth app for 360 degree photography
11.Movie Editor (Like pro)
12.Continnum (Use phone like PC)*
13.Unique OS design
14.Skype(own Video Calling App)
15.Offline navigation with Voice Guidance (Using Here maps/Maps(Microsoft))
16.Outlook App
18.Device encryption
19.Device Protection* (other person can`t Format/Flash the device)
20.Creative Studio (Great Photo editing app)
21.Internet Explorer/ EDGE*(best Web experince/reading Mode)
22.More quick settings in action center
23.Glance screen*
24.Quit hours(Only my circle people can call/sms during predefined time)
25.Share wifi even without telling password(With FB /outlook friends)
26.Wallet for online/NFC payment
27.Uninstall/Move many apps on a single click any issue to @gabeaul Windows insider,Joe belfiore(VP), Marcus(Cortana) head on twitter any time, they are always ready to resolve the problem.

* feature may vary in devices/OS version(WinPhone8, 8.1, 10)
there are many things still you need to know.

  • AnonD-218710

Its always bad luck, with them, first updates withdrawal and now sale suddenly at Amazon. Its something wrong in architecture, or why mobile windows 10 not seeding. Be alerted.

  • Ikenna351

Hello everyone,

Can one attach picture on Bloggers Blog with Lumia 950 XL Dual SIM Phone?

Ikenna, The Lion King.