Mitsubishi Trium Mars

Mitsubishi Trium Mars

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  • jim

the passcode for call barring is 2554

  • david

i think that the trium mars is a great phone but i need to know what the call barring password is can anybody help ???????????!!!!!!!

  • jani

i want more phones with add.riddhi mobil sarvice stions,rana vav chowk junagadh.stat-gujrat

  • radium

Great phone, i like it, but mine has a little problem: the screen is flickering when the butterfly is animated or a game is played. How can i resolv it?

  • Alan Bredin

I can't find ANYWHERE that can sell me a spare battery !!!
Any ideas, please?

  • Susy

Me gustaría saber si a este móvil se le pueden poner dibujos y añadir otras melodías. GRACIAS.

  • lukas

This is my 11th phone in three years! I've haven't lost it yet after 8 weeks so maybe its lucky. Or maybe its because I stopped drinking? Would be better than sex if you could download ringtones and pictures!

  • carl abernethy

if any one nows where i can download ringtones can you please email me

  • carl abernethy

I have had the phone for about 3 months and has been very handy. It is a small phone. The problem is that it can not download ringtones.

  • Ferry Kurniawan

When I first bought this phone, I was quite unsure of the quality bcos of its low price and its a "prepaid mobile phone package" which is lowly regarded here in Australia. However, after I bought the phone, I quickly noticed that the phone has more than enough features for its low price. The WAP is superb as the 4 way mouse key is superb to navigate. The only things that matter to me are the "not so stylish" ringtone and perhaps the small keypads that make it difficult for people with large fingers to press them. Overall, I STRONGLY recommend this phone for budget-conscious people who are lookin for cheap and quality mobile. Last but not least, the cheap accessories makes the phone very funky and eye catching too!

  • fuey

kool phone.but would be wicked if u can get RINGTONZ !!!!!!

  • John

Brilliant phone with funky features

  • Myles

Nice phones I have never seen before.Nice physical appearance,lightweight & shape
I lov Trium phones!

  • fernandez


  • Digger

This phone is simply GREAT. Please tell me where to download some ringtones or something. Please, please email me.

  • Simon

Where can I get ringtones or graphics? if you know anywere to get them please E-Mail me.

  • wheelee

keypads are very clumsy, sounds like a toy gun for children but has fast WAP access & it's cheap!


actuly my phone did refuse to turn on but i got a new on so its ok. vodaphone is the best network for getting a reception but the prices fuc#in suck!!!


brilliant!!! the most reliable and enjoyable phone iv ever owned!!!!!

  • Neo--

Its a fat phone foo'. Its cool tho'.
Its way better then 70% of any other phones out there. If u wanna buy this phon' u better be a respected individual.