Mitsubishi Trium Mars

Mitsubishi Trium Mars

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  • gomez

It's quite good

  • ---

hy this site is very lair because this phone dosen"t calculator :D

  • Abayomi Olofin

I believe that Mitsubishi is a renown company that offers the best with qualitative and qualitative Engineering Supplies.
This is due to the fact that they always offer the best to those I've in way or theother come in contact with. This therefore now gave me the cxourage to go on their products. And ever since I've gone on therir product, i.e. Trium Mars Cell Phone, which I'm still using till today.
Thanks for giving the best qualitative and quantitave facilities to those who have tried and see.

  • Tealeaf

Please please please what age are all you guys living in man! this phone is history why bring back the dinosaurs eh? this is absolutely ridiculous!

  • patty

I've trium mars since 2001.everything right till when I try to switch on there is this message "phone locked".i don't know what to do!help me please!i'm without cell phone!thanks!

  • Krishnan V

Hola! I have been using Trium Mars for the last one year. However, the battery is always creating trouble even after replacing it. My cellphone service man gave me a charger of 5v, 7A output when the original one was 5.7v 500mA output. Is this damaging the battery? Is there any way I can get the batteries recycled?

  • adekola o sarheed

fine handset,but i need to know my phone code and some other information about this phone,my phone is mt-050 mars 50502a,j12 a 3688,serial number are 33198340135251,panel number own private number are 2348023796847.i will be expecting your reply.thanks

  • Gilmar Gomes de Souz

I have a Trium Mars,but I need to buy a battery for my phone.Do you have this acessory?Please,send me the price.

  • wajid jaffri

i m perchase trium mobil phon from london.but my residence in pakistan.this set is not receved is picture massages&ringtones& phon NO;03003019132,IN modleM03 v 6852

  • rasoa

Hi!How to compose my own melody?


dear sir,

my trium mars display this message
"mobile phone malfunction"
"contact your service provider"
please what can i don?

i really need help as soon as possible.

thank you


dear sir,
my trium mars display this message
"mobile phone malfunction"
"contact your service provider"
please what can i don?
thank you

  • nels

i have my trium mars bought 3 years ago. 2 months ago, my cellphone got a message of contact provider when i turn on my phone. i can,t use it anymore. can give me some reason & treatment on this?

  • kaza

I've been using the Mars since Jan 2001. The phone have dropped numerous times but so far the phone still works.

The reception is not as good as Nokia 8250 since I had both units compared head to head.

Other thing, the phone vibration is problematic if set. At many instances, the ringing vibration once started will continue to do so even after the answer button being pressed. One need to off and on the phone again in order to stop the incessant vibration. In the process, all incoming calls will be lost.

The screen is small and the fonts size is inadequate at this kind of resolution. The backlit is not adequate either.

I'm planning to replace my unit soon. I have been hanging on to this phone for 3 years. It's not so much of me liking it but so much so I wan't to get my money worth.

  • william

I bought this trium mars phone from a friend.It just locked itself automatically.I've tried every stioll displays "wrong code.try again".I NEED HELP.WHAT SHOULD I DO?????

  • Severino Cantuba

It's cool and affordable, But i have a problem with my phone. I can't text or even call when my battery is not fully charge and can't recieve calls and text messages. I always charge it when im texting or make a call.. since my phone was drop.. can anyone help me...

  • chauvie

I'm very happy with my Trium Neptune, unfortunetly, thr Trium display a message 'verrouillage telephone definitif' - let say in english 'phone definitely blocked'.
What does this mean? What can I do to re-use my phone?

Thank's for your help
Best regards

  • danny

cannot send any text messages why?
help please.

  • song

where to buy Trium Mars battery?

  • Hobbs

This was my very first phone, tiny screen, good games, replaced it with a 3310 for some reason