Moto Z gets the bend test treatment and survives

Ricky, 02 August, 2016

JerryRigEverything was infamously known for bending the lights out of a Nexus 6P back toward the end of last year. The reason behind the bend test failure was a design choice to use a dovetail joint to connect plastic parts to the Huawei handsetís aluminum frame.

Jerry is back with a scratch test and bend test of the Moto Z whose outcome didnít disappoint. Motorolaís rigid and high-quality build is to thank for the phoneís survival of the bend test. While there definitely is a point of no return, Jerry was unable to reach it with his hands only.

The phone reaches a limit of how far it bends and always tries to keep its original shape, proving your Moto Z should not bend if you were to sit on it occasionally.

On the minus side, Jerry takes a razor to every material that is found on the Moto Zís exterior. Many of the materials found on the exterior were easily scratched by the razor except the Gorilla Glass 4 front face. These materials included the metal frame, rear and front LED flash lenses, fingerprint scanner, camera hump and the back metal plate of the Moto Z as well.

The Moto Z is now available in the US alongside the Moto Z Force. Both phones are Droid editions and exclusive to Verizon in the US. You can check out our review of the Moto Z here as well.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

I am impressed, was honestly expecting the Z to snap like a twig. Obviously jerry's tests are far more abusive than "usual tear and wear", but if a phone manages to survive the abuse you can rest easier knowing it won't bend, crack or scratch very ea...

  • Zoomer

Good Video and Nice Demonstration on durability, You might want to talk about Water Resistant qualities, Volume, and Brightness of display also sense You do such a nice job on durability. Thanks

  • AnonD-376219

It is NOT the world thinnest smartphone.