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  • shah

Rouxenator, 22 Oct 2008Why is people so obsessed with how phones and electronics l... moreyou cant know coz u never had the v70.

  • 2Seef

Dani , 22 Oct 2008Reminds me of the MotoRoto, which was Unique and legendaryyes it reminds me of the roto as well .. i missed out on that .. but i dont plan to miss out on it this time ... any idea when it is going to be launched ... and what is the expected price ???

  • aki

Rouxenator ... wot u on about..looks are everything.. ugly phones never sell!!

  • V80

This phone reminds me of one of my favorite phones ever, the V80 so cool!! and affordable, i like this one because looks alike, would buy if it wasn't for the nonsense price! incredible Motorola what r u thinking?

Trying to get the most benefit before collapse?

  • Anonymous

For some people design matters!

  • Dani

Reminds me of the MotoRoto, which was Unique and legendary

  • Rouxenator

Why is people so obsessed with how phones and electronics look ? It is a communications device, not a work of art. The why phones look is about as important as the smell of the moon. It is not a valid point ever to bring up the look of a phone !

  • a

RetroMOTO , it revives the beloved formfactor and design of Motorola V70 and V80

  • fitlikeme

this phone is fit like me lol

  • james

its ulgly and basic

  • Anonymous

You gotta be kidding me. The build quality sound greats, but it looks ugly as sh!t.

  • 1man

This phone should be sold for $5 maximum.

Thumbs up for motorola for leading the Suck! table.

  • Anonymous

no it cannot cost $2000 this phone sucks and screen :(

  • Aramyn Savoi

This is so cool!!! You guys must not remember about 9/10 years ago they released the Motorola V70. Looked exactly like this phone and stuff it twisted around. They upgraded it and made it look better... You can't expect every phone to look the same, it's called innovation and I think this is a wonderful concept. This is the predecessor:

  • N

This is not even a 3G phone right?

Wat's wiv its US$2k price tag?

  • Rajesh

This phone looks great. If you need more details about this, use the link

  • Anonymous

Dude that is seriously an ugly phone....