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  • 100 Moto

Wally, 23 Oct 2008100 Moto is so right. People that can afford this price for... morePhone users in the targeted segment of Aura seek for uniqueness, rather than "features".

I can easily imagine the following people being potential customers of Aura:

1)The wealthies people in HK...or their wives! Who cares about lack of Wifi and this and that? They've dozens...if not hundreds of assitants, who have the feature packed phones, to do the job for them!

2)People in the Arabic countries (like UAE, Saudi Arabia) or any place with plenty of oil (like Brunei), where ordinary citizens don't even pay taxes...where more people fly in Business/First Class than economy....

3)Kings/Queens/Prince/Princesses of the various smaller countries...

4)Some of the wealthies people in those living in Shanghai...who may not exactly work for the $ they have. Hence US$2000 is really nothing for them!

Sorry I've never been to Europe or South Africa or South America, though I'm sure there are some good potential customers of Aura around these areas too.

Not that Vertu phones aren't expensive enough, indeed probably even the cheapest Vertu phone still costs more than the Aura. Though again the targeted customers of Aura look for uniqueness, so having the latest Vertu which looks like the original Vertu...if not some 1xxx series from the mother company, may no longer suit these people's needs.

For those who can't afford US$2000 for the Aura, don't worry, (speaking with shame!) a knock-off version from mainland China will be available within months after the Aura is released.

  • Wally

100 Moto, 23 Oct 2008Believe me, people who can afford US$2000 for a phone likel... more100 Moto is so right. People that can afford this price for a phone (2000$) is because they want something special at looks, innovation not in features... only at looks...

That´s why this phone don´t have all features, because people that buy this phone only want to make calls, send messages....

Interesting design, features like i said are pretty well for a such a high-end device. What i want to see in more detail is the display... very rare and with a high definition...

In few words...a strange phone of motorola... good for rich people...:) so if you have money, buy it... can´t compare it to nokia´s arte... this phone is very different....

  • 100 Moto

ME, 23 Oct 2008stupid design.. no features.. no 3G support.. why should i ... moreThat's because you won't pay US$2000 on any phone, period!

After reading the article below, I do think the phone is worth US$2000...though not suggesting I will get one. (as I can't afford any phone at that price...or even US$400 for that matter)

  • ME

stupid design.. no features.. no 3G support.. why should i pay 2000$?
i would buy HTC or iphone

  • Chris

i think these phones migt be danggerus if flipping too fast is happen? What do u thinking?

  • 100 Moto

OLAIS, 23 Oct 2008i agree with "rouxenator",they could at least had 5mp for t... moreBelieve me, people who can afford US$2000 for a phone likely DO NOT care if the phone has all the features you mentioned....or do most even "care" how to take photo with a phone, or getting on Internet with wi-fi and stuff.

They'll get the "status" they want as others are looking up to the person who can afford US$2000 for a handset. The rest is no longer important.

  • jona

this phone is indeed a waste of money IMO

bear in mind however this phone is most likely not targeted at normal consumers!

  • Anonymous

Rouxenator, 22 Oct 2008Why is people so obsessed with how phones and electronics l... moreThen cars are merely a means of transport and no one should ever compare their design or features.

After all, they are just used to get from A to B.

Same stupid argument, don't you think?

  • Anonymous

the new version of v70..!!!!! :P

  • Anonymous

omg, the v70 is so iconic and revolutionary back than, now is back with more style, better functions ,and a very hefty price tag


i agree with "rouxenator",they could at least had 5mp for this phone paying 2000 for it, or a 4gb, this thing doesnt even have wi-fi, what a waste

  • tyler

I wish this phone has an fm radio in it idk why motorola is so picky about putting in this feature it's really important to me and many others

  • Jorg_FK

Too all the people that think this phone is over priced read this.

  • Popdeville

Um, if you look at the phone as a piece of art its worth the money, trouble is that people here at GSM arena are geeks at heart. Not hating on you im a geek too. You wont see this phone in our magazines being rated, you'll see it in Bussiness Class flights for duty free shopping, you'll see it at your local Bently dealer. Stop hatting on this phone. Its beautyful and another piece of Motorola History.

Good job Moto!!!!


  • zD

This is a waste of money

  • Anonymous

Rouxenator, 22 Oct 2008Why is people so obsessed with how phones and electronics l... moreThe way a phone looks is a expression of one self. The same goes for a car, why do you care what color it is? Why to you dress the way you do? A cell phone is a accessory, it says who you are.

  • Anonymous

diging up the stupid mistake....if the V70 was a mistake when Motorola was still well known in the market, why should be different this time, when Moto is sinking down the drain.....
Wake up Moto, and start building serious devices while you still have time, otherwise you can end up like Siemens.....


haven't seen such an anvangardist phone for a very long time...the price tells everything... its very stilished

  • 95CuEMaSTeR95

It is a greatest phone in design I have ever seen, better than Series 8 of Nokia.

But I can't get it. T-T

  • cory587

Rouxenator, 22 Oct 2008Why is people so obsessed with how phones and electronics l... morefriend, that you're not on the side of the phone is pretty and functional, is a stupidly, because in these times all brands are focused on it since by its very functional phone that is not going to sell if there is a more beautiful and with the same features, it is pretty in vogue, and be not in the epoch of the caves