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Motorola C200

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  • Devashis

All in this forum can view have this ringtone for c-200 or any other motorola ringtone composer. Enjoy, if i find any more will post it. Its a Hindi (Indian) Ringtone.

4 C-4 G-4 F-4 G-4 F-4 D-#4 F-4 D-#4 D-4 D-#4 D-4 C-4 R2 G-4 F-4 G-4 F-4 D-4 D-#4 F-4 C-4 G-4 F-4 G-4 F-4 D-#4 F-4 D-#4 D-4 D-#4 D-4 C-4 R2 G-4 F-4 G-4 F-4 D-4 D-#4 F-4

  • shadrach tamakloe

hey can`t put ringtones on my i ahve to pay from a website or what.
if anyone have the solution on whether a site gives it for free .mail me .thankyou.

  • omer

I bought C200 motorola,and still I can't use I lost Instruction book. when I "switch on" it displays "phone locked",how can I get solution.

  • Tegan

im having trouble finding ringtones to compose. If any body knows of any good websites could they pls email me, thanx

  • diego

This is a basic cell phone, with poor and complicated tools. Mi opinion: don´t buy it, there are plenty of models better than this one, and easier to handle. Greets from Argentina.-

  • Zanik Khan

This Phone c200 is not bad but from were to get the ingtones of it...

  • Farhan

I Have Motorola C200 I Want To Download Ringtones But I Dont Found Any Website If AnyOne Know about that then mail me or send me sms on +923002568518

  • Dick Metzeka

Great phone, but I don't have an English manual. I am in Portugal and my Portuges is hahahaha.......
If you can help, THANK YOU,

  • viki

how to download ringtone for motorola c200

  • claudia

hey! just like EVERYONE i really want to know how to put ring tones on my phone cos yeah its a relaly good phone and it says u can compose but it doesn't work when i go to different site someone PLEASE help me! thanks :)

  • Arnold

i luv the phone but how on earth can i get better ringtones and load them onto the phone the figures confuse me coz mine has musical note instead

  • jamil hassan

i have a motorola c200,but the problem iam facing is how to compose. can someone pls tell me how to get free ringtones for my phone,and how to compose them.

  • faisal tufail

i also want to install ringtones but i could not find any site to do this if some body help me iam from pakistan

  • Mr Browne

nice and compact

  • mateen

i hav motorola t191, i hav filled up all the ring tones , and if i try to edit melody, my phone gets switched off and then it ons. wats the problem? tell me some one plz...

  • Styles

Hi pls help me get ringtones for my C200, Or any thing nice for my phone

  • Rhys Thomas

I love this phone so much. The camera is great quality it has 65K colour screen and video. I havent quite figured out how to activate the bluetooth yet or where to put the memory card to store more of my photos. Vodafone Live isnt working, has anyone else experienced this problem yet.

  • sarah

c200 sux u cant get ringtones until the phone is an old model!!! coz its new no sites have em and even if they do u always pay and the shit thing is u cant forward ringtones either so your stuk with the shitty ones!!

  • Madhusudhan

How can i download free ringtones from internet Could u plz provide web site for the same. I have Motorol C200 model handset with me.... Thx in advance

  • Khuram Younas

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have seen there are many peoples who have problem to find ring tones for Motrola C200 and I am one of them so please kindly advise me what I'll do for this purpose.

Thank you in Advance.
Khuram Younas