Motorola C333

Motorola C333

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  • gamer

man its realy hot i love dis one buy it or suck ma dick man

  • Cata

It's good. butI don't know if i can change the battery. Good performance, light, small, pholiphonic. I love it.

  • M.S.

i'm in iran & i can't use my c333 because the mobile dosen't detect the mobile network. please guide me.

  • taufiq

very good, gprs very fast

  • cimi


  • bora

just waste of money

  • me

is this phone good?


very good.

  • Flávio

The Motorola c333 is a big waster of money!The best of the c3.. series,is the c350

  • Pamela

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  • NoMAcK

I`ts avery good phone...but the battery life time kinda sucks!

  • Marcelo carneiro

oi bom dia gostaria de saber se as capas do c350, do moe380. pegao no c333 muito obrigado e aguardo a sua vez.

  • Anonymous

Does anyone have a universal subsidy code for this Motorola??

  • ivica nikolov

It's very good telephone but it have very low batery performance

  • Angel

This phone is garbage!! I will of had this phone for 1yr on the 11th of this month. The battery life on it sucks!! after 3 weeks of owning this piece of sh*t phone, the ringers stop ringing.. battery keeps dying.. says "CHARGE COMPLETED" after charging it for 5 minutes. It keeps beeping when charging it in my ride.. makes me just wanna throw it out my window at some one that cuts me off on the road. I've had it serviced 3 times for the same battery problem within this past year. Motorola says, "they will send me another phone, but its not guaranteed that the phone will be new"... WHAT THE F***!!! Motoroala is good.. But THIS PHONE IS A PIECE OF SH*T!!! THEY SHOULD BE ASHAMED THAT THEY (MOTOROAL) have their LOGO on this P I E C E O F S H * T Phone!! I guess thats why they are giving it away for free huh!?

  • regina

how much the celular motorola c333 from to brazil?

  • viperfox

i had this fone for 1 week; so:
good parts: it's small, light, internal antenna, white backlight, 4 level gray display, ems (Send/receive), poliphonyc rings (midi), conectivity thru usb cable (miniusb connector on phone), software it's hard to find but i have it all (drivers and programs) contact me if u want it; gprs, customizable menu, screensaver, wallpaper, datebook, calculator, games, 100 entrys phone memory with (work home mobile email etc), changable case (front and back)
bad parts: hard to open the backcover, internal battery (to change it u need to go to a service), quite slow software (at sim actions, phone book, inbox, etc), not very loud rings, no irda

  • baris


  • cheref

there is a problem of battery

  • Dan

Crap phone! battery life is awfull-im on my second battery already! dont buy it, get a nokia instead