Motorola C333

Motorola C333

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  • musti

c333 or c336 ..which is better?
what is there a difference about gprs?


best look..unique tones..light but as compare to beep its speaker has low voice intensity but good work in public places in vibrator mode

  • Eduardo Manuel

i have the Motorola C333 and here in my contry has great reception and the sounds are good, has an excellent design anywayz in my opinion is good for the price.

  • carlos

i want a c333 but what i see the phone is very bad i want to know if in Costa Rica is like that.

  • andrei

i just bought a motorola c333 and i saw that it has a USB like port. does anybody know if i can use a regular usb cable to connect it to the pc ? and where can i get some software ? please send me an e-mail with the software or the link to the software at

  • Ryan

This phone for size and lightweight is perfect. The reception of the phone is junk, however, its not motorola's fault, from what i told its the rogers and the satelites they use. As for hte battery, i had to get my phone shipped off for service last week to get a new battery. THe phone is junk. If i pay money for soemthing, i would expect it to work right. I would bring it back but i don't have 300 to bring the phone back. I think the phones should be recalled and each purchaser should get a new phone in place of it.

  • Popa Adrian Vasile

Me opinion about Motorola C333 very good

  • donovan duarte

Gostaria de saber quando vai esta disponivel os sons, imagens e jogos para o modelo c333 da motorola
quando adquirir o produto achava quer seria possivel fazer copias dos mesmos
obrigado! e aguardo resposta

donovan duarte silva
061 81146919 ou residencial 061 3791840

  • usman

hi guys tell me will this phone motorola c333 work in pakistan if yes then why itz not working here i have it in pakistan with mobilink orsam company connection which operates on 1800 tell me wat can be the problem my friend send it to me from canada there it was working but not working here in pk

  • Hesh Goodman

I love my phone the only thing I wish that I can do would be to download ring tones that is some i can not do.

  • Chrissy

This phone has the worst battery and the worst reception. This shouldn't be selling!

  • charlie Esquivel

is very interesating but my question is that cellphone have secret nenu, secret options ( test field) or have anything mode to download ringtones or finf ringtones in menu secret? please send email with information

  • Klax

Guys...i just wanted to buy myself a Motorola C 333 tomorrow,but after what i have read way i`m buying it.I sold my T 200 cause the battery lasted only 4 days but i don`t want a phone like motorola.I hope i`ll find a better alternative.Any suggestions ?

  • Roberto

Its good telefone

  • Bruce

Poor battery life poor reception and lousy service. I have had the phone 8 months. I am on the second battery and second phone with the software upgrade and it is still lousy.

  • Jen McNamara

I think that it is a piece of crap, it is the worst phone i have ever botten and i do not think i will ever buy another moterolla phone. within the first month that i had my phone i had to return it 3 times becuase it didnt work properly and now i am having problems with the battery, it will never stay charged! ever, if i charge it and then go to use it the next day or whatever, my battery is still empty and my phone just keeps shutting off on me. Its like i am paying money for something that i cant even use. I DONT RECOMMEND THIS PHONE TO ANYONE and i am also not the only person that has problems with this phone.

  • J.D. Leon

I'd like to know how could I unlock my telephone?


  • Bogdan Raileanu

i think this phone is very cool
i have one and i`m very pleased with it

  • Vicky

To tell the truth....This is the best phone ever..I had bought this phone a month ago and it never causes me problems even when i drop it twice.The price is reasonable and it comes in three housings.Cool!!Don't worry about the internal battery, because the phone comes with a warranty card.The ringtones sounds great and the phone is light.I love the Snood21.Great game!Conclusion:U gotta have this phone!!!

  • Rab

This phone is a peice of junk