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Motorola C333

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  • Razvan

I bought this Motorola C333 phone 1 month ago and although I never liked Motorola phones, this one made me change my mind. This particular model has an excellent design and quite good features in its menu, bar some, which should be in a submenu, not in the main one. Yet, it has some big problems, which are bothering me: if I'm out, I can hardly hear it ringing; the volume of its speaker is also extremely low - there's no way you can hear the one who speaks with you on the phone, if you're in a normally loud environment. The vibration is hardly perceptible.

  • matei nemtanu

Cool,it is the best Motorola

  • Marco Antonio

Good phone. Perfect size, easy controls, but i live in Brazil and has been hard to find sites to download ringtones, games, screensavers etc. After 3 weeks the moto gp controls are malfunction.

  • xp

I have 3 weeks with this phone, and i am very happy with it, regardless it´s low price, it is very light and easy to use, besides its gsm tech.

  • Rafael Rodriguez

Terrible Battery life and incredibly poor reception!
End of story.

  • iedu

for the ones of you that are asking how to change the operator's logo apearing when you start-up the phone try this: MENU>SETTINGS>OTHER SETTINGS>PERSONALISE>GREETING.When u get there u can write down a welcome message that will appear every time u start it, but I don't knof if it't going to change the logo of your operator.Well, try it anyway!
Good luck !

  • cristi

I have a C333 bought 2 months ago. At first I've liked it, but now I say that it's crap:bad batery(3and a half hours to charge-only almost 3 days of stand by talking just a few minutes),poor speaker(i was called in the bus and I could'n hear what my caller was saying), it sounds nice but with a low volume.if u want to download a ringtone/level of game from motorola you have to pay 3 euros for each of them.dust apears all the time under the screen.the image on the display bloced 3 times till now and you can't do a thing about it except to wait for someone to call you to get the display work again.good organiser but if you want to be waked up by it and you close it in order to not be disturbed it won't wake you up-the alarm will start after u start it.does anybody knoes how to remove the sounds that apear when you open and close it?the moto mixer works only for about 5 ringtones in the phone and u can't mix any downloadeble has some good features, I think it's good for someone who talks just a little bit on the phone, it looks and sounds well(but it has one of the worse polyphonic speaker-just 4 ways out-it sounds like a chinese low-fi radio) and even if it is made in Germany I advise u not to buy it.You will see what I mean after you buy it-hopely not! To bad for the work it was put in to it anf for our money. Conclusion:not a practical phone.
for any sugestions on how to make it sound better, for(free) games, ringtones and images please contact me.Also if u have any questions, feel free to ask me.

  • mira

I love the phone and all but I cant find rigtones for it. So please help me

  • rodrik

this phone is somewhat beautiful, small, soft, the light and the display are nice, but the reception is awful, the battery is a big shit, the ring is too low and the vibration sucks. the sms system is dumb. why doesn't it delete the older messages and replace with the incoming ones? you have to delete older messages all by yourself. the nokia makes it in a very simple and wise way. just delete the older ones. keep like the newest 35 messages. and if you want to save anyone, just move it to the archive.

i wonder if will there ever be a better phone than the nokia 3320 and its brothers!

can anyone say which one is the best?

sony ericsson t200 or nokia 3510?


  • Emma

Dear ,
I want to know why the ringing tone of c333 is not loud. I like the phone but what is making me to buy the phone is due the ringing tone that is not loud.

I will like to get a techinical advise about the phone cos i am now on my way to get the phone c333 motorola.

  • Mario

This phone is cool, but I would like it more if the speaker volume were a bit louder.

  • blendi

motorolla C333 is very very nice

  • rach

The fasias for the motorola c333 are impossible to find!

  • edwin

i hate the phone

  • Nghi

The signal of C333 is not very good. More ever, with GPRS function, I can not see the date in the display. We can see the greeting and quick dial function in manual book, but there are no these functions in the phone.

  • Beau

I was forced to join the masses and obtain a cell phone when my local telephone provider decided to start jerking me around, and I haven't had a real telephone for nearly a month. Anyway, my cell phone search ended with the C333. Having never had a cell phone before, I had little to compare it to. I will agree with everyone here that the phone looks fantastic, it's compact as hell (I feel like Zoolander!) and fairly straightforward functionally. From my limited experience with cell phones, however, this particular model has the worst reception I've ever experienced. I live in a basement suite and have to put myself into the strangest poses in order to receive a decent signal. The internal antenna does little to boost this reception, and when I looked into a signal booster, I realized that these devices are supposed to be housed in the battery compartment, but as you all now know, the battery is removable only by the manufacturer. That sucks. The only perk is that my network provider will give me a courtesy phone if and when I need the battery replaced (which was included in the extended warranty). I will say, however, that when the signal is strong, the sound is very clear. This just rarely happens.
Also true is that the battery life on this phone blows. It's deceiving too. The only way I seem to get a full charge on it is if it's turned off, even though the display tells me that the phone is charging while it's on. The battery metre will show that it's full, then when I unplug it, it shows less. Weird. Kind of defeats the purpose of having a phone if it has to be turned off in order to work in the first place, hey? Also, the case is not impermeable, and as a result I'm constantly cleaing hair and dust out of the display. So yah-here's the reader's digest version...

Pros- design, price (mine was free with a plan from my network provider), functionality.

Cons- Terrible reception, poor battery performance, the case is not impermeable.

Also, I'm the wrong person to be reviewing such braindead additions to a telephone as games. I think that anybody who's buying a cell phone because of the games that come with it, probably should look into a little company called Nintendo...

  • Hunter

Buy the c333 becouse the se t200 its really boring.And the c333 has polyphonic ringtones.

  • marko

Do you have a motorola c330?

  • ady

I like the style.Is very interesting.I hope that I will have money to buy it.

  • Matthew

I'm in a quite big dilemma. I really don't know wich phone to buy.
The Motorola C333 or the Sony Ericsson T200. I really like the design of the C333, also the SE T200's. I have had a Ericsson A2628, the messaging sucked, it takes a lot of time to compose a SMS, and i'm afraid that the T200 has the same problems. On the other hand iäve read many disappoints with the C333's battery. Can anyone tell me wich phone i should buy, wich is the best investment? I can get the both phones for the same prices, 99$ (990 Sek, i live in sweden).

I would appreciate your help and thoughts. Sincerely/ Matthew