Motorola C975

Motorola C975

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  • Chelsea

I love the nokia 6820 wicked. i'd get 1 if i were you i only paid £99 not bad

  • Kristy millar

@t first i wanted to get the Nokia 6820 (cool phone) but then i saw this one and i dunno which phone to get now! will some1 help me to choose any cool phone please??? thnks

  • Anonymous

how big is dis fone excactly??. I have herad rumours that the motorola C975 is nothing compared to a sony Z1010 on 3. I am tryin to decide wether to get a sony or the motorola.

  • Anonymous

I can get this for £44.95 with £15 voucher, the question is, can it be UNLOCKED??

  • tish

na no one can disss this phone this phone is sick!! buetooth na dis is goin on cold forget sony

  • Anonymous

z1010 is way better!!!!!!!!

  • Chris

How big is this motorola is it any better than the sonyE Z1010???

  • jp

At last a 3 Mobile Phone That Works,
Had It For 4 Weeks No Problems Get Full 3g Signal At All Times Now. If You Are Going On 3 Get This Phone.

  • Allan

Got it today and very happy with it, The e616v and z1010 aren't much smaller than this in the folded position and about just as thick. Plus those aren't tri-band which makes them next to useless if you travel a lot esp to the US. I personally hate flip phones, more moving parts more potential problems. Cheap user friendly phone witha lot of features

  • brad

hey love this phone so kool


good looking ,good features,totally good.

  • david

mmm this phone is $179 in australia on 3 prepaid, no competition to a e616v or z1010, it has features but it cant compete with a sony ericcson, they are so much better than motorola. phone looks chunky to and whoever said it was the same size as a s700i, it isnt exactly a small phone. thought it is superb

  • 3 insider

this phones launching soon on 3 australia along with e1000

  • maxwell ibinabo

this phone is nice,how much will it cost?and where in nigeria can i find it?

  • alex

looks like we finally have a good phone out on three

  • ipik

your handphone is very good. I like it but I don't know about the price can you tell me about the price?
the fiture very simple and beautiful.

  • Anonymous

its a C series phone,i doubt it will be very expensive.Traditionally C series phones are budget phones.This looks good.motorola is putting good features in a budget phone.can't argue with mp3 player AND a memory slot

  • adebayo

want you to contact me about your phone

  • Musli

Great phone, small for 3g. Good functions as a lowe-end phone. In 3g there wont be a better batery time in a long time. I will buy this phone when he will arrive @ market. If it will cost too much, ill take E398 ;-)

  • Angel Panayotov

COoL !