Motorola C975

Motorola C975

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  • Info4U

i advise you not to purchase this phone. dont let the cheap price take you for a mug. it is easily the worst phone i have owned and pleae note: i am certain this phone cant be locked so if you are not willing t have to purchase £15 credit every 180 days at least (or the sim is blocked) then stay away from ther motorola c975!!!

  • Mobile Maniac

This Phone is an absolute shamble. I've owned it for 2 months and had so many problems with it. First I buy the phone and it is difficult to use, plus the features are not up to scratch, and the vga camera is weak.Then I find out it has no Bluetooth and no IR port. Then I purchaase the software for it and it does not identify my phone. And lastly I buy the Memory Card (The phone, when purchased has 8 MB, so a Memory Card is required), and there is no pojt because sometimes, the phones states 'Svae not accessed/Moved file not accessible' It is a right shamble, and I need a new phone. Anyone selling a Nokia or a Sharp Cheap. They're the only Phones I have no Problem with!

  • dodgy circus man

i got the c975 for 30 quid + 15 quid top up on 3pay, my a835 after sitting in a full sink, then covered in beer and then coffee and finaly skidded on it as it fell out of pocket and died, so got a c975, the data cable from the a835 fits, got phone tools programe update for it for free on web, apart from crap camera and weak ringtones and rear cover it works well, size is ok, much smaller than a835, screen is good as is reception sound, i have put a contract sim in and will sell other with 15 quid on so for 30 quid i am happy.
got 128mb card for a tenner so even better now

quote mobile man " P.S. I will never get a Motorola phone again." thats what i said a few years ago, but have had a couple over the last 10 months and the wife has a moto clamshell which is 3 years old but she is happy with it and it has never gone wrong, so keep an open mind as you never know you might end up eating your words

  • Anonymous

I owned it for 2 days and took great care of. on the second day I took it out my pocket to find its screen was cracked. VERY DELICATE, UNRELIABLE AND FEATURES ARE WHACK

  • Anonymous

Don't be fooled with the so called "advance" features. Motorola couldn't even get that right. It may be cheap but you dont want your mates to laugh at you when they see it. Get a Nokia or a Sony Ericcson.

  • Anon

First impressions were that this phone is a bit bigger and heavier than most phones but then I realized, "hey, that's becuase this does a lot more than most phones". So far I am happy with it, it does what it says it does, memory expansion does cost but you can get SanDisk 128mb TransFlash for little over £15 over the web. Don't go to the Three or Motorola website, it's quite obvious that they will overcharge. I guess I could ask for more, but not at this price! £45 + £15 top-up is unbelievable, I spend more on take-out meals in a month!!

  • swainy

what r u lot on about, for £65 with £15 credit, you get a twin camera with multimedia player (mpeg4 and wmv which, for alot of phones is a feature which they "have" but doesn't work) and expandable memory. and, as for the review about the video length, just go on settings and change it to max, then the viseo lasts 30 seconds and is recorded in mpeg4.

  • Anonymous

The phones buttons hurt my fingers! The software and Memory is hard to use. The PHONE IS CRAP. I ahted it as soon as I demoed it!

  • Anonymous

The only good thing about this phone is that its cheap, but very dissapoining when purchased. My advice, Dont get it!!!!

  • Anonymous

ablsolutely whack. so big and heavy and features suck!!!!!!!

  • Julie

I could not decide out of Nokai 7600 and Motorola C975, till I demoed the Motorola. It is really weak. The VGA Camer is very bad,a nd the menu is hard to navigate. I bought the Nokia 7600, because it is better in all its features.

  • Mick

I bought this phone and had it for 2 days and had to return it. Firstly it is weak in all areas, and it has no infra-red port or Bluetooth. Its MP3 Player is whack and it does not come with data cable. Its Battery life SUCKS!!! And it is very heavy. Don't be mislead because it is so cheap. Other phones are cheap also, dobnt get this one.

  • Jone

Dont let anyone tell you that this fone is great. I hate it. Dont make the same mistake and buy. It is cheap because it is not very good. The ringtones are weak and the vga camera also isn't bery good. The Menu functions are hard to navigate and it does not have BLUETOOTH, which is the technology that should be on every phone. Go for another Motorola or a Nokia but never this one.

  • Louis

i have the phone myself i think its good & i like the built in features it has in it e.g video recording, 2 cameras and the light. I think the best phone out so far

  • pidge

im confused does the motorola C975 have infared or not because on the specifications it says it has but there are peeps in here saying it aint plz answer me ???


Is this fone any better than the SONY ERICSSON Z1010? does it have bluetooth?

  • Mobile Man

This phone ends up costing nearly £100 unless you already have a 128mb Trans Flash memory card which is at least £20 and then you have to buy the cable connecting the phone to the PC with the driver which is at least £30. So it ends up costing about £95 which you wouldnt expect to pay. I couldnt really find any pro's on this phone except the misleading price, the triband feature and the option of swithching to the front and rear cameras on video capture and taking a photo. There are alot of cons. Firstly, no where in the manual or was it advertised it said you have to buy the cable and driver separetly unlike it did with the memory. 128mb is the max you can get which really wont last that long if you save alot of hi-res pics and mp3's. Video capture is only 9 seconds which i suppose most phones do at the moment. The stiff joystick starts to hurt your thumb if you use it too much. The weight and thickness is massive but it does have an mp3 player and camera in it. Texting is annoying. You can't turn on delivery reports. With regards to some questions. it doesnt have an infa red port. Like I said video is 9 seconds which isnt enough time to record something. I got this phone yesterday and it is going back ASAP. In my opinion if you dont want a contract but a decent pay as you go phone on the 3 network then you will have to wait longer. The LG U8120 is at least £150 on pay as you go which is alot. Get the Sony Ericsson Z1010 or any other Sony phones as there all good or get the Nokia 6820 or 6610i which is only £99 on O2 and it is a good easy to use phone with good features. P.S. I will never get a Motorola phone again.

  • jake

cool phone-great value- look stylish- with a 100% reliable phone

  • Fraz

Does this phone have an infrared port?

  • Fraz

How long is video and is it good?