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  • AnonD-59718

Hiiiii friends
i want seconds moto defy

  • venky

Plz search one seconds defy mobile

  • Anonymous

miffedbydefy, 12 Jun 2012I have this phone for nearly 8 months now and it has been a nigh... moreI had the exact same problems you mentioned, Defy sucks in its stock form. So just root your phone install CM7 or CM9 roms from XDA forums and change your Vsel settings. The phone will become ultra slick and you will never regret buying it.

  • Skant_96

how to upgrade to 4.0.1?

  • AnonD-59377

The worst ever customer service by any company i have ever experienced or heard of... Motorola India.

I got a brand new Motorola defy plus on 25th April. After 10 days, i started getting hell lot of issues. Then on 19th may i gave it at the service center. And today, its 16th June, i am yet to receive my handset. I escalated this case to Motorola Customer care on 4th June. And since past 2 weeks, all they are telling me is We haven't got any updates from our service team. We will get back to you as soon as we get updates from them. So, please wait for 1 more week. I am not even sure if i will get my handset back.

At first place they should replace the handset as i got all these issues within 10 days. and i submitted the phone to them after 3 weeks time. But, they are saying it's not in our policy. And they are not even repairing it.

Now, i am extremely frustrated. I invested 15000 on a wrong brand. I feel cheated. If any concerned authority from Motorla sees this please help me out.

My complaint number is: 120604005591.
IMEI No: 358960040052576.

  • mormopterus

The Defy is a terrible phone out of the box. The hardware is great, but is has been poorly programed by Motorola (lagging, crashing, unresponsive, etc.). Root it, put custom ROM CyanogenMod7 on it and it's a great phone....

  • dubious

Freddy, 24 May 2012I have Defy, and i upgraded to 2.3.7 Very good :D I love this phonehy guys how to update 3.2.7 plz help me

  • Aakaash

Suji, 31 May 2012Hi, I am using Defy for last couple of months.Whenevr am trying ... morereset ur phone ........ (factory reset)

  • miffedbydefy

I have this phone for nearly 8 months now and it has been a nightmarish experience. Clearly my first android experience has been extremely bad, all because I chose this. Basic things like picking up a call, reading messages are so painful at times that it feels like hell. the touch screen behaves as it has its own mind at times.. applications get clicked automatically, sometimes even calls also. after suffering for initial few months, I overclocked it thinking it may improve the basic performance but no help.

Lastly to end my rant- I think they made it scratch proof, shock proof et al as it is bound to get thrown, drowned and kicked a lot :). I give it to them- it is indeed shock proof.
May be I got a lemon or do any of the other owners have experienced similar things? Just felt like I needed to let out the steam.

  • al

can someone help me im having problems sending mms's from the defy

  • Ruh

thanks for your feedback,thinking to purchase motorola defy, know i am drop

  • Jaqo

I tried to use this phone but it´s really slow, get extremly hot sometimes and it blocks.

Grade: Not good.

I´m going back to Nokia and experience the Lumia series.

  • tophee

hi guys im having a very bad day today. i buy a 2nd hand defy then i factory reset it and cache reset then when i reboot my phone it will stop opening the screen with cm7 with a bee.. what can i do pls help me i beg.. thanks in advance

  • colla

For those of you suffering with Defy's problems, like lag and random reboots, go for Defy+. You will not regret. All bugs have been fixed. I love my Defy+.

  • AnonD-57898

[deleted post]you have to be connected through wi-fi, in other way, the apps will never download

  • AnonD-57898

you have to be connected through wi-fi, in other way, the apps never download

  • Anonymous

In my defy on silent mode the messages does not vibrate. This had happenend earlier also and then after few months it started again please defy fans give me the solution for this. Please tell me about settings I have seen the settings they are all proper

  • Setul

[deleted post]Disable data saver mode. Settings> data manager> data saver> uncheck data saver.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]restart it by moving battery...

  • Suji

Hi, I am using Defy for last couple of months.Whenevr am trying to download any application its automatically says as 'download paused' immedtly after starting download.Can some one give clue on this?