Motorola DEFY

Motorola DEFY

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  • Anonymous

well done moto
motorola is real king of android phone

  • Ritesh jaiswal

This phone is integrated with a great processor thats
800 MHz TI OMAP 3610......This phone seems to be interesting.........

  • Anonymous

McHavok, 03 Sep 2010I don't think it brings any new to the market. Any news abo... moreA water and impact resistant Android is surely SOMETHING new, hmmm? Well done Moto!

  • TxB

hmm interesting...should use a Super AMOLED screen like Samsung though...FIRST lol.

  • McHavok

I don't think it brings any new to the market. Any news about the processor?

  • Anonymous

specs are made me to feel this could be my first android,

if the price is around 400$ it will rock the best hardware+ android combination

  • mj600

hmmmmm do i sense galaxy s knock off?

  • al hasan

this is realy unique phone
my next phone %100
wish to come soon to asia country's

  • DNA_Uncut

No secondary\front cam for video calls, fail

  • Eske Rahn

Ghee this looks good!
Give it swype and it looks like all I need. :)

A little wide and thick though, compared to the S8500 Wave.

  • Anonymous

great phone
i love this phone
please come soon out

  • nicksti

b, 03 Sep 2010wow, looks like a tablet then read it has a 3.7 inch screen... moreIt is thick because it is built for harsh treatment. Waterproof, Dust proof, and can take some drops. So it will not be a sleek and thin phone. But it still is not bad looking.

  • Anonymous

Does this phone have PDF reader?

  • b

wow, looks like a tablet then read it has a 3.7 inch screen :)

Does this have a keyboard? its 137mm, seems thick compared to galaxy s

  • Alamgir

wow! Wht a nice phone.i tnk it is a best phon for us 2 use.i tnk ths time androed is the bst operatng systm for mbil and tablod.

  • mikel

it has swipe

  • Anonymous

and cpu ?!
800mhz is this / 512 ram / 2gb flash
why gsmarena dont write ?
i want this phone ?
i hear this is water and dust proof

  • Mobilemaster

Really cool device! I like Motorola more and more, but this is a thing I don't like. You can't use GPS on Motorola phones without to pay. :(

  • jo

well done moto
best looking
you realy surprise me all day with your new superb android phone
you are reay king of smartphone moto

  • Pintu

where is front camera.