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  • yash dayma

guys i have defy.i want body of dis phone.where i will get.???? plz suggest me

  • geo

somehow my phone eats the battery in 1 day in stand-by, no wifi. Any idea? I even went back to Froyo, but since it was useless I am now on CM 7.2 (Android 2.3.7)

  • Username

Can this phone connect lapdock?

  • Gangster123

I accidently installed the Rom of Motorola Defy+ on my motorola defy so.... can any help by telling that how could I install a new Rom and from which site I can get the suitable Rom for my motorola defy please anyone has any idea the share with me...

  • saheer

super, support all HD games, battery is 2 day backup, all applications are good experience, and main waterproof, I am check in 7 water buckets and rivers, no problem,, I want to by this mobile, pls help me,no bad

  • 19evol61

AnonD-155369, 14 Jun 2013Dear bro Please please please give a custom rom link.Pl... moretry these, they're the most stable imho and they update regularly:

Xperia D 4.2 by mato_d007:­8

CyanogenMod10 by Quarx:­shy;02

dont forget to put http:// before the start of the website, i just want this reply not to be deleted, thx

  • 19evol61

Anonymous, 29 Jun 2013What version of CM 10 do you use? Can you please tell me witch v... morestable JB roms among all i used are Xperia D 4.2 by mato_d007 (­98) and their source - Quarx's CM10 4.1.2 (­02)

they're all good, might be better that those other dual core Moto custom roms (Atrix, Photon, Droid3) and other low brand dual cores i used, it's that smooth, no stutter at navigation, no phone or camera issues, only bit too slow data transfering via USB but it's a very small issue, still usable, in fact it's my daily driver

overall, Defy is the best among all single cores, hardware and software wise haha

  • Anonymous

lamb17, 20 Mar 2013I have been using this phone for the past 1 and half years. Neve... moreWhat version of CM 10 do you use? Can you please tell me witch version is perfectly stable for DEFY? Thank you!

  • cristi.bazavan

my battery last at least 2 days minimum with cm9-android 4.0 properly set. the phome is good, the android 2.1 or 2.2 is bad. please verify ALL the syncronizing settings from ALL your apps including GooglePlay ,Google+, Accounts and set all to MANUAL and you will see the difference...
disable all vibrations, animations, use the phone SENZORS only when you need them and you will have at least 50% more speed and more than 50% of battery.

  • terry0400-40

Nickelmonkey, 28 Apr 2013I bought this as it was billed as rugged and waterproof. It is b... moreOh yeah when typing a message and it is disappearing then with my Defy i can touch on the message box with my finger tip and then scroll for the whole content that has been typed cheers

  • a te ma

how to set hotspot password? pls help!

  • AnonD-155369

Dear bro
Please please please give a custom rom link.Please i didn't forget your kindness.

  • Mamun

Bro, Just i bought defy from sought korea but now I'm in bangladesh.My time zone is seoul i cant change it and internet configuration sms isn't come manual apn isn't working.I don't know what i do please help me Please.

  • andy

hi motorola defy...! where i can find battery BF5X here in philippines...i want original or extented battery...pls help me to find...thanks a lot..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 May 2013How to root to jellybean? Download the ROM here. I had to flash SBF to china ROM to get onto BL6 then root, then install 2nd init. Then this ROM works great. Very stable and good battery life.

  • Anonymous

lamb17, 20 Mar 2013I have been using this phone for the past 1 and half years. Neve... moreHow to root to jellybean?

  • Elrom

It's not worthy if you don't install a custom ROM. Otherwise it's full of little system glitches.

  • Mamun

Please help me.I can't check my account balance.If i want to check *124# always go come to *-124# then go to voice call.Please help me.

  • Nickelmonkey

I bought this as it was billed as rugged and waterproof. It is both those, but it is not all I had hoped. The software is full of annoying little glitches that drive me mad, the ear speaker and loudspeaker sound quality have deteriorated to barely useable and the user interface is nowhere near as intuitive as an iPhone. Glitches include things such as; I receive a text, open it to read it, tap message on screen to reply and the phone inexplicably - but not always - goes to the message from the previous sender. You cannot see this on screen as you type your reply, and only discover this once you have sent the message. Also the message you are typing starts to disappear out the bottom of the box and does not allow you to scroll down to see what you have typed. Infuriating. I will not be getting another.

  • AnonD-29332

yes you can use fm radio through the loudspeaker by connecting the hand free and choose loud speaker in radio options...
some builds allow to use fm radio without connecting the hand free but in good radio signal cm7.2