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  • Motorola

Jack Bauer, 11 Aug 2010Motorola, please make a DROID 2 that is compatible for the GSM n... moreok, will do it for you

  • sahil

i want to know that is this cdma phones work in US or not ? pleas help me out is there cdma network in US?

  • x

[deleted post]motorola
hey motorolaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
you must released this beautiful monster for world wide
u musr released this phone this or next month
if u want victory and win to other brands
u must do it
released it for world wide
we are many droid lover in iran
we want droid x and droid2
come on moto
you must keep your fan
we are waiting
but how many times we cant wait for these new phones


  • Anonymous

This "thing" is pretty darn heavy

  • Anonymous

why motorola
MAKE THE DROID 2 A gsm phone!!!
i want this phone so bad =[ i want the droid 2 so bad make this a gsm phone please moto please

  • Anonymous

this is unrivaled smartphone
even beter than droid x !!

  • Anonymous

GSM Version of the Motorola DROID 2 please!!!

  • Anonymous

motorola made me disappointed..
the Froyo update has been set to september and i cant wait.. i shall port over to iPhone instead ..

  • Justin

There is no reason Motorola wouldn't cook a GSM version of this, given the wide adoption of the original Milestone. What's disappointing is the same 'rubber mat' keyboard, although it looks like there is at least some key definition (on angled profile pics at least). Interesting that this beat the Nexus One, although the new OMAP no doubt secured that. Graphics are the usual PowerVR SGX 530, although at least it's not an Adreno (I'm looking at you Qualcomm). Should we see a GSM version, it'll be a nice gap-filler until we see OMAP 4430/Cortex A9 devices next year. Cheers.

  • Pasha

There is always a bad point, in this case it is the weight. It seems nobody can make a perfect phone.

  • Abu 7asan

The perfect phone! I hope a GSM version will show up soon!

  • mmj

Says here the screen size is an ordinary 3.7 inches whereas in two other articles in gsmarena it's quoted as having a much heftier 4.3 inches. Which is more likely to be correct? Thanks

  • 100 Moto

So far this year I already bought 4 Moto Android phones: Milestone, Backflip (but sold already), Cliq (Dext), and Quench (Cliq XT), and I simiply love Moto phones with Android.

Overall I'm quite satisfied. Though I sure look for the following features:
- app to SD (which Android 2.2 should support)

and overall I do prefer phones with both touchscreen and keypad.

However, one of the reasons I got the Quench is for! Come on Moto, why you seem to be a bit reluctant to put radio on phones with qwerty?

The only Qwerty phone with radio so far is Flipout, which is not yet available where I live. However, most other touch only ones like XT701, 720, Quench, etc...all have radios.

If my understanding is correct, it's nothing more than just a chip and programming.

So when you make the GSM version, can you include radio on the phone as well? I understand many Americans don't need radio as they also have radio in their cars, and most stations play music which can be downloaded.

But radio is important in many other parts of the world, as where I live I mostly listen to talk shows, which aren't available else where.

So please add radio on GSM Milestone 2!!!

  • 100 Moto

Catalin, 10 Aug 2010It's incredible how Google Nexus one still has the same or bette... moreIf Nexus One is such an awesome phone as you mentioned, why is it being pulled out of the market and I almost see nobody using it, when even some "mothers" are using Droid?

  • 100 Moto

incog, 10 Aug 2010not gsm, no edge, no gprs...Wifi only? so u can share back the W... moreDude, did you realize recently GSM Arena has been reporting "CDMA ONLY" phones?

CDMA only phones simply do NOT run on the GSM frequencies being used in Europe and parts of Asia.

Much you praise about your E63, your E63 would get minimal reception throughout most of US, and probably no EDGE/GPRS in some central / south American countries, plus south Korea.

So can I say your "device" is bad because it doesn't work in some countries?

BTW, I call E63 being a device is due to the fact, when being compared to Droid 2 / Milestone, which offers the industry exclusive Crystal Talk technology, your "device" captures much more background noise than these Moto phones.

  • milestone user

yeah, make it worldwide & i'd love to know if it will be compatible with gingerbread?
anyway, should've come with amoled of not s.amoled. would've made this perfect!

  • Jack Bauer

Motorola, please make a DROID 2 that is compatible for the GSM network! I really want to buy and use your phones, but I can't live with CDMA networks...

  • Droid Pro 4G

droid 2 with Froyo faster then any device available in the market.

  • JAG

I wanna get the GSM version of this baby.