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Motorola Droid Turbo 2

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  • Raiders

I've had this phone for a little over a year and on my second phone. My first unit had volume button malfunction and the battery started to deplete quickly after 6 mos. ItÂ’s very fast though and is indestructible (fell out of my pocket while riding my Ducati 2 weeks ago on PCH and it still works fine). Crazy

  • MAD

I bought this phone for my dad i have to say we have been terribly disappointed within 3 months he is on his 3rd replacement phone first the screen went out then the sound now all data is gone it tells him there is no sim card its just one issue after the next all they do is send him a refurbished phone replacements its absurd. I do not recommended this phone for anyone there junk

  • Anonymous

shaikh, 27 Dec 2016dear friends pls suggest me i buy motrola droid turbo 2 or notI also want this phone .......any advice plzzzz

  • AnonD-626547

Have mine now for 3 weeks and loving it...super fast and no issues so far.

  • Troy

Thanks for all your comments! I wish I read this before the Verizon sales guy talked me into it! The store sales people are terrible! This is the worst phone I ever had too! I get a replacement phone then the stupid chargers don't work! I'm on my second replacement! I apologize to the folks at Pokemon Go! I thought their game killed my phone!! Motorola should offer to do something about their crappy phone! If this dies again I'm switching to T mobile or ATT! And never using a Motorola product again! It's exhausting setting up the phone again!!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-579177, 07 Nov 2016guys i need some help. i cant send messages from my motorola tu... moreI had mine for a yrs never been touch and alway work the way I want it to

  • Joe

Droid stinks!!!, 06 Dec 2016Had my phone on the back of the sofa. It fell off and hit the f... moreThere is no way in hell it cracked it is literally shatter proof look it up on YouTube it's impossible to actually shatter it

  • nikki

waiting for my 2nd replacement for my droid turbo 2. my first stopped charging and now its replacement was holding a charge just fine and began shutting off at random points of the day and finally just stopped coming on. if i play with it enough i can get the reboot menu and get the motorolla sign to come on but thats it. on the reboot menu it still shuts off and any option i choose on that it still shuts off. other than these defects i do like the phone. hopefully this is my last replacement for the phone.

  • shaikh

dear friends
pls suggest me i buy motrola droid turbo 2 or not

  • Anonymous

abdul, 03 Nov 2016I want to know that which is batter in turbo 1 and turbo 2. He... moreturbot2

  • AnonD-605002

housine35 , 16 Dec 2016dont buy it had problem with screenokay,thanks,I have a lg v10 t-mobile butloaderi blocked him and then have switched neither charged nor the screen turns on and the pallet will be broken?

  • Tom White

AnonD-605002, 14 Dec 2016Hello, I am going to buy this and what is the use of mobile-?Wtf are you trying to ask?

  • Kathie

AnonD-575786, 24 Aug 2016I have had my droid 2 for about 6 months and took very good care... moreThe phone can be fixed but it is not cheap and I had it fixed. It is doing the same thing again and I do not abuse the phone either. I am really upset with the phone charging system. I paid $80 dollars to fix the charging system and don't want to spend that again. I am debating on what to do with the phone. I never had this issue with the apple.

  • Kathie

I have had multiple issues with the Motorola Droid Turbo 2. I have had issues with charging the unit. The port to charge is not connecting to charge in the first 6 months. I thought it was just a slight issue and I had it fix to a tune of $80. I thought that should fix it till I trade it in but it is another 6 months and the port is having the same issue. I am just disgusted with the phone for that issue. I even tried buying a wireless charger and it was taking forever to charge the battery. The phone then started to reboot itself and it would take about 4 to 5 minutes to come back up to service. I never had any of these issues with my apple phone.

  • housine35

AnonD-605002, 14 Dec 2016Hello, I am going to buy this and what is the use of mobile-?dont buy it had problem with screen

  • asho

Mike Marquez, 19 Aug 2016I have had Motorola droids since they started to come out.. droi... moreThen what about phone

  • zachary

I think they just took out the antenna and to add a little more battery. Phone has good battery life and operates well but shittiest reception I've ever got even in urban areas.

  • AnonD-605002

Hello, I am going to buy this and what is the use of mobile-?

  • Anonymous

Sultan, 12 Nov 2016I used this mobile from 2;months. And I have no problems v... morehello im fine see motorola droid turbo2 im here pakistan i want but here coming without packnot with box not here company sooo when coing sooo much expensive reall you ask me mororola have good mobile like turbo like moto x more good maker

  • Droid stinks!!!

Had my phone on the back of the sofa. It fell off and hit the floor. Screen cracked from a 3 foot fall. Motorola Lenovo is trying to tell me it's not covered. The phone is suppose to be covered for 4 years from shattering or cracking. My phone was purchased in April 2016. It's only Dec 2016. Their hype about their screen being indestructible from a fall is a lie.