Motorola E398

Motorola E398

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  • raju

iam trying to flexing my e398 with windows is dead.not coming to bootloader.i tried *#(ON) and shorting pin 4&5 .it is not working.previously i flex starterxp it is worked fine.can anyone help me please.

  • limi

I have this phone, all is very good except battery, you can send mp3 and video from pc
but cnt games or programs .

  • cg

i like this phone soooo much..but i have been grab by damn indian, LOUD speaker and 3D voice, external memory love one...

  • vidas


  • andy

It was the first camera phone i had brought,loved this phone... i was using it for about 3 years... awesome clarity and music but low battery life.

  • cam

i gota no does this fone have a working sound recorder???

  • Anonymous

its was my first phone that i in every thing.

  • sedayu

Does anyone can hel me ?. I've trouble with usb/modem to connect for notebook/compaq V3000 which is it has to istall the drivers ... if not the phone can not connect to computer. Thank you & regards

  • ChrisKa

Bought it before 3 years or so for its music capabilities but i used them only for about six months. The reason?

Slow operating system, slow mp3 player (it responds in a very sluggish way), slow sms writing (you write a long word and it appears after a second or two),slow, slow, slow, everything on this phone is so slow.

Yes it does have a adequate screen plus bluetooth but when something reacts so slowly it get you on your nerves.It does have good speaker but the camera is one of the worst i 've seen.

Only for people with much patience and a lot of free time to lose simply by using this phone.I regret buying it.

  • matt_fonefreak

awesome.......i got my mine bout 2 mnths ago nd i really like it but sumtimes it's memory is a bit small

  • ace

I have one and it's pretty good.But time is leaving it's marks and it some times it dosen't charge and it blocks on mp3 player but I had it for 3 years and I bought it as fast as it apeared in Romania the price was good considering that time. I would probabile change it with a touch-screen motorola but there hard to find in Romania

  • Jack

Try eBay, they have many covers there.

  • sree

Ya...i think the version may be old..thtz y the search options is not there.Also there is no option to delete all entries from sim at a shot.itz applicable for phone mem too.

  • lover

can E398 upgrade de bluetooth to version 2.0??

  • revenge

anyone who has prob wit e398 plz go to

  • misty

ei guys why is my fone do not have a SEARCH METHOD and FIND?! when i go to the phonebook and press the setup all i can see are the ff...

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that's all the way i switch 2 sony k750i...its more better than E398

  • Kay

And yes it can use 1gb and 2gb, depending on your firmware.

  • Kay

To rockbunny, all u would need to do is to go in Phonebook, press menu, scroll to Setup, scroll to Search Method, press change, select Find. And walla! U can then enter the name of the person to find their number. ; )

  • rockbunny3

can e398 use up to 2gb cause i wanna use it........

  • rockbunny3

why my e398 doesn't have search method???
can anyone tell me????