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Motorola E398

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  • Anonymous

i had a e398 but it got stollin cool fone mean sownd

  • e398_user

I have the phone since march 2004, and it excelent.
I suggest to upgrade the "Flesh & Flex" version (R373 00...) with (Motorola PST 7.23, p2kMan),
it will open meny new options and work better.
For customization:

  • laks

what is the version to be used for 2GB micro sd card, can any help for this . and how to see the version in phone

  • Sulaiman

Problem with phonebook. It's easy, save your data phone using Blootoht or USB datacable and than Master Clear

  • Sulaiman

problem with phonebook, save your dataphone than master clear.

  • Anonymous

i had been using the phone for almost 5 years lol...its a gd phone if the software problems can be solve...i my bluetooth is down and i would like to find a reformat software so that i can do it by self....anyone can help me? also i am facing the problem that i can't get in my songs (mp3) into my memory card....

  • Boo ")

I've had this phone >2years now, still proudly loving it but there's a But... needs more internal memory, and upgrade to 3g, look thinner, and A2DP (bluetooth stereo) that's all otherwise it'll get too pricey ")

Ps: Keep "the lights" Moto! That's why it's sooo hard to let go.

  • rhena leigh

hi sister bought this phone 2yrs ago then recently she handed it over to problem now is that my phone is having some trouble.when i switch it on, the phone diplays its feature then suddenly it will turn on.from time to time the phone started to on and off.i already replaced my battery hoping the problem is not within the phone but sad to say it didn't work.i ask someone who's knows how to repair a phone and he told me that he will reprogram the it worth it?or is anhone out there who could provide me some details to deal this prob..tnx..

  • aziz makasarwala

i have the problem for the first time in my mobile. my phone book is not opening, i think it is locked. please help

  • blah blah blah

for 2 years that,s why u said user friendly,u struggle for 2 years to make it that phone to be your friendly.batt got many problem,charging problem,software is very2 stupid(cannot goto setting ringtone etc)need to restart.lack.

  • John Dave

People say M phones are not user friendly, but they are wrong. I have been using this E398 for 2 years plus. It's so easy to use.But now I just had my first problem. Whenever I press the Message key, the whole phone gets frozen! I have to switch off and switch it on again to get it working. Can somebody tell me if it is Software or Hardware problem and if it is worth repairing it or just reformatting it.By the way how do i reformat it anyway? Tks yall!

  • M.Ali

I have This Mob From Last 1year
its Good
&Volum ..Wow!

  • Gimi

Hello! Someoane need themes for E398? :

Good lock! Now, I have -and I like- 2 phones :mot E398 and Nokia N95! Great phones for me!!

  • Blah

Not a bad phone after you mod with it and been using it since 3 years ago.

  • mithiren

the phone is simply great but i cant get the spare part example the casing.and i also cant get themes or game for th phone

  • MIkkooooo

the phone is great...especially the 3d surround sound...and that bass its just to die for the down is that its has a tendency to lag...

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

A bad phone. Regret of buying it.

  • Mark

This phone is not bad. Yes, it's bad with factory software. You can mod it, you can install another soft on it, you can make it the perfect phone, you can dance with it, you can make party with it :). I have one of this and i love it. With 1 gb MicroSD it's the perfect mp3 player. Also, it's a very good phone. The bad thing is the battery. I don't need a phone with a camera with 123123 megapixels. If you want to take photos, buy a real camera. For me it's just perfect. My note for this phone 8/10

  • Anonymous

well, it has a good quality build, the plastic feels solid, but, after a few weeks of use, the glossy metalic parts is getting worn out, not to mention bad sms software, bad organizer, etc.
IMO, it's a bad phone. not recommended.
i bought this phone few years ago, and it dissapointed me.
i sold it after few weeks.