Motorola E398

Motorola E398

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  • bhaskar

i hava prob tere showing c1
and no servicing
ter pprob incoming and out going calls prob
tel me souluation

  • jhigs

i've deletd my mp3 player application...what am i going to do to bring it back?
what driver should i download?thanks

  • ajeesh

Hi guys,
can anybody tell me what is the maximum capacity of memory card supported by this phone? Can I use an one GB card without changing the software?

  • ahamed

how can i use the modem? is there any modem on the phone?

  • Juan

Really Cool Phone Awsome Mp3 player.

e 398 not seeing 2gb patriot transflash, but contents can been seen on computer through phone.

64mb TF works fine.

  • poyet

about the charging the problem is the charger connectors...just you all fixed it smoothly... i already use the phone abot 4 years n still used the phone....just right now i want to upgrades the phone sofware for new skin,new data like rokr1 and more loud speaker...i just want to know where i can get the software..

  • poyet

it's ok till the camera out of some user can upgrades the phones software...if there anybody can tell me how to find the softwares..

  • nico

how to simply hard reset e398?? pls email my at tnx for ur help

  • weien

I've beeen using e398 for 3 years now and i didn't have any problem with it untill about a month ago. First the keys stop working, except for the red one. Since it's warranty expired and at that moment I had nothing to lose (except an unfunctional phone :) )I took the liberty and dismantled the phone piece by piece. I took the keboard out, after that i put it back and pushed a little harder, for it to get stuck better. Now the keys work very fine. But I still have another problem. I can't hear anything if anyone calls me and the caller can't hear me either. The keys also have no sound. The funny part (if I might say so) is that sometimes works just fine. It makes a light sound and starts working again (I mean the sound peoblem), after a while it makes the same light sound and stops working again, and so one. I still haven't figure it out how to fix this one. I must say that the sound problem started the same time as the problem with the red button, becose some people might think that it ruiend it by dismatleing it. If any one is experienceing the same problem and have a solution please contact me. I read that many people exeprienced the problem with the red button (not only e398 ussers but ROKRxx users have it to) and I hope we can soon find a "cure" for it. Thanks!

  • Dy Dy Dy

Get everything u need from this phone by flashing it to R373. You'll get faster phone and new features. It's very easy to learn how to flash your e398. I learned it only in one day.

The only problem is the faceplate. My phone looks ugly coz the original faceplate is peeled off.

  • aris

hello everyone,i used E398 almost 3 years now and i don't have any prob on that,i already flash it to e1 with r373 firmware,maybe the standart feature is just average but im sure if u can "upgrade" it(u can upgrade by urself,no need service,trust me), u'll find wonderfull thing on it,my E398 fet:video,flashlight,30games(on trans),internet,chat,itunes,themes,explorer etc
believe me its great phone ever!!

  • tatoo330

I'm using E398 for 3 yrs do i upgrade S/W version R372_G_0E... to R373? I had downloaded the R373 version from Plz help. Will i lose all my data after upgraded?

  • ah fatt

my friend sale to me RM110 only,how!!!? o.k kah?

  • rrd

if you change soft/firmware it will be faster.
try monsterpacks based on E1 ROKR firmware (R373). you'll be able to use 2Gbytes card, install 30 javas on phone and 30 javas on card, more call history (60 calls), calls history remain even if change sim, faster usb transfer speed and much more.
you'll have iTunes on phone.

  • Anonymous

I think this phone have a avery good speaker quality, but one thing i don't like about it is that its slow .

  • gurongot

cant install games on memory card only on phone memory.preferable. able to download nice application from battery life not good enough. modem connection to pc normal.lagging on application. advise: time to change new phone as the world change to new cyberworld.. :p

  • ran

i want to download some games in my phone, but the games only stored in my memory card, I cant play it because my phone can not able to switch into the memory card. can anybody know how can I transfer the games into the phone memory. so I can run the games that I stored?

  • brown_nose

is there an application for the e398 to we can put in pdf files for e-books?

  • bangarjuna

very nice phone, I never been get the phone like this, the sound is good, everything. can install bible too. thanks motorola

  • tg

by far the worst phone. especially when charging. some of my friend has this phone with similar problem. it doesnt want to charge!