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Motorola E398

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  • ryan

does anyone know what "no installed MIDlet suites" mean? because i cannot access the game menu in this phone. this message always appear. can someone help me

  • Anonymous

I need to know if normal headphones work with this phone.Thanks.

  • sonia

Does anybody know where to get new themes/skins and how i ulpoad them to my phone using bluetooth/cable/cardreader....

Thnx in advance, grtz. sonia

  • niklaus

a great phone, but the software included isn't compatible with my mac. does anyone know if mac-friendly version is available? otherwise i'd be missing on so many features.

  • Nikola

Can i play divx and how on motorola E398 or i must to convert it to some other format???

  • lazy

To ^_^x : what exactly is a seem edit ??? is it a complicated process ? or something a lay person like me could do ?

  • ernest martins

pls can u link me to site where i can buy gsm on line?

  • Gennaro

To aris
My phones behaves similarly.
He DOES NOT find any close bluetooth devices when searching. It does find a device when copying/moving a given file.
I think it is a bug.

  • Gennaro

To ^_^x
When you say it rings and vibrates at the same time what do you mean? I am not able to have classic ring tones (e.g. continental) and vibration.

My phone rings and vibrates only with more complex sounds, such as, for example, mp3 songs.


  • aris

To raqeeb: yes, the E398 allows file transfer via bluetooth without any problems.

I just noticed when using "look for devices" under bluetooth/hands free, most of the time it will say no devices found though a 6630 & k700 is beside it BUT when if i select a file to send then use "look for devices" option, ONLY then it would pick up the bluetooth devices nearby. any similar experience from you guys?

  • raqeeb

i was wondering if you can send and recive pictuers through Bluetooth on this phone can someone please let me know. i am thinking of buying this phone

  • Canderous

Hey I would like to know if you can use normal headphones(those for mp3 players etc)with this phone,or do you have to use motorola's propietary headphones?

  • HelloMoto

I think E398 certainly looks more sleek than Nokia 6230. I just can't stop admiring it's design everyday. The sound quality of the mp3player is really amazing! This phone is the thing I have being waiting for, it's my mp3 player, it's my phone. ;-) The cons is that Moto OS is still a bit laggy. Needs more work to better the performance. ;-)

  • Levent

evil666; e398 is truly a better phone than 6230. It is better if you go check both at a phone store before you so you could see the difference

  • ^_^x

To Jezz-the phone stores SMS on the SIM by default,you have to do some seem editing to get it to store SMS into the phone's memory.

To Betty-It's good, you can feel it very well, and it rings and vibrates at the same time. And yes, the mp3s stored on the card can't be used as ringtones.

To me-that's probably MPT.

To Onizuka1111-Open the phone's rear, and grasp the battery with your thumb and index should be able to pull it out.

To Gennaro-smooth probably has older firmware version. Try formatting your card. Try re-installing MPT.

To Dan-just search the's somewhere out there.

To Devil-I've taken the battery off for over an hour and the time and date are still there. And you can't use the mp3s on the card as tones.

To Evil666-go ahead. This one is much better than the 6230 anyway.

Peacemaker-you have to get P2kman, tht'swhat you have to use to get the pre-installed ringtones out.

To RandallSSC-use Mobile Phone Tools, or if you have the feature, use the phone as a USB drive and drag and drop files into the card. Or use a card reader, that would be much easier.

To Smooth-get the lates firmware should speed the phone up.

To Angel-T-from wqaht I know, when you assign ringtones by category, that will also serve as the message alert tone.

To Hassan-convert your videos to .3gp. That should work.

To Trevor-it's a little bit wider, but not by very much. It's also a bit heavier, but that's probably because this is loaded with so many features unlike the 3200.

  • Anonymous

e398 is best in its class at the moment. I think Motorola should continue with E398 model and upgrade it with more features.

  • Anonymous

woohoo I've got myself the E398 in white and red version... it's such a beauty ;-)


How big is this phone? I currently have a Nokia 3200, and I'm thinking about gettin' the MOTO E398, and I like to know if it is a little bigger than the 3200, because it kinda looks about same size as the 3200 from Nokia

  • hassan

i cant play mpeg4 files on my e398
when i convert mpeg to mpeg 4 and put them in my phone, it come this messege
"file is destroyd or hurts"
what can i do to play video on my e398??????

  • angel-t

hi there. does anybody know how to assign sounds for message alerts by categories? thanks.