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  • smooth

I have given up on the MPT. I was playing around with it a few weeks ago and it screwed up my TF card. Now, all my MP3 files are gone, but the card memory is still full. I think it corrupted the card. I had to go back to the MOTOSTATION for re-formatting, and now, the phone lags when the card is in but quick when it is out. Should I upgrade the firmware at this point?

  • randallssc

hi there! aahh does anyone knows how to transfer mp3 files from your pc to motorola e398? i real need help can anyone help please? thanks

  • amanda

Anybody from India : what are the contents of the Moto E398 package ? is there a data cable of some sort ? whats the latest software version available ?
is the vibration of the phone good enough ?

  • Peacemaker

Hey guys,
I have switched from Nokia to E398 and I think it is a superb phone. Easy to use with alot of goodies. However, I can't seems to figure out how to remove the preset tune from the phone as I need moer space for my own downloaded tune. Does anyone knows how?

  • Gennaro

To jezz

I think they gave me a wrong version of Mobile Phone Tools. I installed the one a friend of mine received when he bought the cable. Now everything works fine. Now I have all the various studios (image, melody, ecc.).

  • me

I donnot have USB in conections. Only bluetooth and sync. is it coz i have R37 firmware?

  • jezz

I think that if you have a good phone that works well why do you want to change it??

did you try switching the device type that it was reading over to the card?
if you have then the card may have issues.

  • evil666

wat would u guys think if i change my nokia 6230 to E398??do u guys agree or not??

  • devil

do i have to set the time and date if i take off the battery for a while?can i use the mp3 in the card as ringtone??any one pls tell me. thank you

  • dan

wer do u dl firmware from?

  • Gennaro

u havent installed motorola modem driver
as for the mp3, it happend to me too a few times, but it never happend when i put mp3 in the phone with the motorola mp3 maker

  • Gennaro

Problem with Mobile Phone Tools.
When I open the Multimedia Center, I only have the two explorers (one for the PC, the other for phone) and the buttons used to transfer files.
All the other stuff is missing: Image Studio, Melody Studio, MMS Studio, Video Studio (even if they are present in the screenshots in the help file).

  • Gennaro

I have a problem.
The MP3 reader on my phone DOES NOT read any of the mp3 files on the card.

  • Gennaro

To smooth
It is not true.
Settings -> Connection -> USB
Then choose the way the phone connects to PC. If you want to use your phone with MPT then choose data connection.
My Firmware version is: 59R

  • me

To onizuka1111

To remove the battery push silver button on back of phone down and slide plate down. Then on the sides of the phone there are to grooves. Place thumb and index finger on the battery, push it towards the bottom of phone and remove battery in a curved motion. eg. bottom of battery is center point and top goes around it in a circle.

  • onizuka1111

just got my own motoe398... cant figure it out how to remove the friggin' battery!!!

  • Betty

n one more thing : is it true that the mp3's on the external memory can't be used as a ringtone ?

  • me

Today i tryed to connect my sisters v600 and MPT doesnt reconise it either. Even no it did before. So MTP doesnt reconise my e398 or my sisters v600. Could this be a windows problem or a MPT problem?

  • Betty

few simple question .....
How good is the vibration of the phone ?
n how long does it take for the phone to start ringing after the vibration starts ?

  • jezz

ok so I have this Phone and for the most part I love it but when ever I get about 7 sms's in there it starts to tell me its almost full! Anyone else have this issue or know how I can fix it??