Motorola E398

Motorola E398

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  • depeche mode addict

this phone is still amazing... despite his age

  • sergiu

hi!!i'm from Romania so i can't speak to well english! this phone can have a video only you upgrade his OS ! my friend have this phone and he's got a video camera with a new OS

  • hisham2u

Need to upgrade ur motorola os to superb u never imagine b4. try this links. the boy how to make it.­.asp?ProductID=3396665#e398

  • hacker

why E398 dont have video recording? i really regreted about this matter.

  • myat soe moe

how may i download @ get my GSM motorola E 398 software to use with my window XP computer ?

  • Chintu

Its really a very great mobile and you can buy and enjoy it.

  • gimi

"How do you change the sms alert tone ??"

hi! If you wanna do that, let's speak in messenger! Id: dragosg25 .ok?

  • jojo

Can anyone help me i want to put skins & themes on my motorola E398 but i dont know how...can any one out there give me a step by step procedure on how to put skins & themes....pls email me

Ill be waiting for your help.


  • Anonymous

How do you change the sms alert tone ??

  • Jojo

Guys can anyone of you teach me step by step procedure on how to install themes on my E398 im having difficult doing this to my MOTO please email me ( the procedure on what to do. Thanks a lot.


  • Anonymous

hi dzhul!

You are post that:

Before Upgrade:
- No video recording
- Sluggish phone response
- Cannot install Java Program at Memory Card.

Upgraded E398:
- Not only video recording, but UNLIMITED video recording
- Better sound "can turn your phone like itunes music player" like moto rokr.
- More skins.
- Phone responses faster.
- Can Install Java Program in memory card.

I wanna upgrade me to my E398, but... HOW DO THAT???? I live in Romania. Where I can upgrade my telphone? In general, how mutch is the cost ($) ? :)

Thank's in advance,

  • gimi

For jordan:

You must have the photo in the tel,not in memory card!

And for me: :))
I need a driver for USBcable!

  • Elamukil

Anyone please send me the firmware upgrade (with itunes) to (i need english version). Also tell me how to upgrade the firmware by myself (i have the usb connectivity cable)

Thanks in advance

  • jordan

how to operate photo call..can help me..?

  • mhykl

it has unlimited video recorder in 79r monsterpack...

  • pretty

you just have to appreciate it..
i bought mine for a really cheap price here in the philippines..
i dont have problems, because it was made like that if it has no video or wat! dont ask for m0re! just change the unit..

  • mhykl

i have mod firmware for e398

airplane mode
flashlight(type ##) in main screen

ill send you just e-mail me.(philippines only)

  • mhykl

this fone is the best!!!e-mail me how to mod e398...

  • ramdhan

to pretty, yes.. u can use mp3 file for u'r ringtones or other alerts, but first u must put u'r mp3 file to phone memory (not in trans memory) use move option..

  • genesis

i had this kind of fone since last year but it has no video recording until i read DZHUL opinion, can you pls. help me how can i upgrade my cellphone system...
a lot of thanks....